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Pieces Of Dreams

By Jim Kirwan

When we think about the world, we tend to think of it as a unified image, but since what has happened to the planet since 1994, we might be able to see more if we deconstruct what we think of as the world ­ to see more about what we’ve become. In this image the entire ‘world’ is undersea.

When you see the world underwater from San Francisco & New York all the way down to the Sidney Opera House, which includes the Great Wall of China, the ruins of the Anasazi, the People of the Rock;

The Aztecs, over to Norte Dame, and the French castles of power left over from WWI and above with the Red Square in Moscow and a column from St Peter’s basilica made from the melted bronze of the Pagan era, holding up one side of Hagia Sophia the Catholic church that became a Mosque after the Crusades ­ and on to DC. And the Parthenon, the relics of Western power which had already fallen just like all the rest once we surrendered to the greed & fake-power that for the last 250 years that’s been controlling all the major banks and the militaries of the world: The latest flash points of that collapse having been Libya and now Syria.

Reluctant Coalition

Scott Richard’s comments in particular!

The apologists for USI & Israel are claiming that we were misled and we failed to pay attention for the last 6 weeks to what was transpiring throughout the Middle East. Normally when such a massive military failure takes place an immediate resignation is called for across the board: But in this case, instead of taking responsibility “the pretend leadership” is now calling for 7 years of war, to address their unaccountably huge mistake.

We’ve already wasted nearly 7 trillion on just two of our seven wars ­ and now we are expected to send hundreds of thousands more bodies into this international meat grinder that we’re trying to dignify by calling this a series of “new-wars”?

There’s nothing new about any of this as it goes all the way back to ancient Greece when wars were created by the few to feed their coffers while the troops were used to fuel tyranny’s that failed. The difference now with the instantly available news cycles should be that the public should act against this obscenity immediately—yet here we sit, still waiting, to watch the entire planet head straight into oblivion.

The heads of all the global banks and their military mercenaries must be arrested at the top or we will indeed face ruination of the planet—and there won’t be anything recognizable if these crimes against humanity continue: Look at what was done to Eastern Ukraine in just 6 weeks of blood-drenched war that has still not been formally stopped. Out sold-out military leaders are now talking of seven years of war to “fix” what they and their owners have caused, and we’re only at the beginning. There is no future, so no one can speak about the next SEVEN YEARS with any confidence whatsoever. Hell we don’t even have seven months ­ unless people begin to open their eyes and start forcing the arrests of these war-criminals world wide.

A week or so ago someone asked me what I thought about the situation. This is part of what I said then:

Hi Jim, I have been reading your articles on Rense for years.

But there is one aspect I cannot understand, the Russian government must have all the true data about Kennedy, 9/11, the Middle East et al but they don’t release it even covertly.


1. Is the current anti Soviet stuff all just another false controlled opposition BS op?

k - Anything "could be happening" but I sincerely doubt that Russia would bother playing the childish games that America & Israel indulge in every day Given that when Putin left the FSB, and what he sought to achieve politically I doubt that he would have immersed himself in that dark veil, except as it was necessary to protect Russia's long range interests.

Moreover, if you go back in time Russia blocks more of our moves that almost anyone else. They intervened in the USS Liberty attack, from afar, but close enough to scare them off. The same thing in Egypt, with the Israeli attack on the Egyptian Air Force, and countless other times, whenever real issues were on the line the shadow of the Bear tends to appear to block the crossroads, and that has changed much of the history to this point. Part of Russia's strength comes from not becoming publicly involved - but behind the scenes they've moved mountains on occasion. They're still there behind Syria, to frustrate that ruin from becoming a rerun of Libya - and the same thing is true about Iran, because of the global nature of what's at stake right now. For a nation with as much as Russia has, to come down to interfere with the obvious crimes like 911 (which they just did when they published the whole thing), while leaving the soap opera around LBJ, CIA, Cuba and the mob alone over the death of Kennedy - probably had more to do with not being believed than it does with being concerned about getting into America's murky past - just my view.

2. Are they themselves so loaded with hidden crimes that they cannot speak out?

No. Not that Russia or the Russian mob are not massively criminal in their own areas, Putin admits that, but he's dedicated to cleaning it up, somewhat - only because he's not naive enough to believe that Russia, or any huge country, could actually eliminate criminality - successfully. I don't think Russians tend to worry about the same kinds of things that too many Amerikans tend to try and unravel. If a nation is focused on improving their own future for the people as well as for their government, then their agenda's tend to be much different that ours which tends to focus on one-upsmanship, petty competition to the detriment of the end result and on and on...

3. Is the might of the Zio pact so great that even a huge military and social force that is Russia is cowed into silence?

The Zio pact is a paper tiger - it's always been bullshit since before they were created. They're cowards, thieves and bandits with a massive streak of sadism, topped off by hate, greed and perversion in all its forms. Of course I can't speak for Russia - but I think Russia knows the truth behind the shitty little country intimately and just refuses to waste time on what it is today: When the time comes Russia could end them in a heartbeat, and may before this is over.

4. Is there another aspect I’m not aware of?

Maybe. Russia and the forces that are working to bring the planet up out of the primordial-ooze that the Zionist's are determined to force the rest of the planet into, could perhaps be thought of as a different kind of world from the chaos that the West has created and spread throughout what used to be the world...

The West corrupted the entire planet as one huge corporate venture and none of it is worth anything for very long. The problems in this fake-world are that we don't have any values, very little self-worth is self-evident, and as people most of "us" simply have never really existed: Whereas those of us who have lived a little - very soon stand out like flaming rainbows in the dead of night, which is why very few of us tend to live too long these days...

Very interested in your thoughts...

Thanks for asking Ken.

I don't pretend to be an expert on much of anything - about all I can offer has to do with having lived a number of lives and various careers, in that self-taught way that comes to those who are attend the University of the Streets - from which no one ever really graduates - because their courses never stop teaching those who come to learn.


Since I began to write people have been asking about how they could buy some of my images ­ there are none for sale. Is the piece above something you might like to see marketed as an 8 x 10 Image?



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