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Perversion & Subversion

By Jim Kirwan


During the White Night Riots of 1979, many communities in San Francisco became physically divided:

White Night Riots

In the early years of 1981, when the American public first became aware of HIV-AIDS: The public response to the threat to the public was totally different than anything that we've seen when it comes to the global-threat from the Muslim death cult that has demanded the global slaughter of anyone who refuses to bow-down to Shariah Law.

In those first few months of 1981 I lost more than 70 friends to AIDs or to the threat of HIV. The public devastation caused by the very public warnings from the CDC had a massive response in the San Francisco community which then began to absorb all the money that had always before gone to the whole community ­ when that “help” was suddenly converted to AIDS related victims ­ the total conversion of San Francisco to this “cause” was what led the way to LBGTQ's total dominance over this city.

Just before the announcement of the predominately-gay disease, the largest community of small businesses in San Francisco were about to be formerly-threatneded by the Gay Community with the expulsion of any and all businesses in this city, that were not openly “GAY”. This was accompanied with the growing hostility that is now being seen in anti-Trump demonstrations. Once the announcement of AIDS hit—huge numbers of gay business owners in the Polk Street Merchants Association left the city, in panic, or to go back home to die.

Everyone here at the time, for the most part suspended their revulsion, with the Gay-communities attempt to outlaw the straight community and to block most heterosexual businesses in San Francisco, from the locations that had been straight and freely run since before the Constitution was signed in the Eastern U.S.

Given all of this: WHY have American women, or the women in Europe not risen to fight for their own lives, whether in the dead USA or in the EU: Where Rape, Torture and murder have replaced human rights, values and culture, for all women everywhere?

The Truth About Sweden

12min 34 sec VIDEO

In the thirty-four years since LBGTQ began their war on human-culture

the planet has undergone an obscene transformation that

must be removed from the face of the earth.


In San Francisco, & in LA before then, the arts were devastated so that by the early 1990's the takeover described below was nearly complete.

There are film clips, in the link, from many early efforts to warn us about the totality that we've always been facing

From films like “Network” (1976) to “The Prisoner”(1967)

the public was clearly being warned,

But who listened?

The Truth About Popular Culture

16min 52sec VIDEO


People ask me from time to time why I'm not still painting, Drawing or Writing about anything outside of political topics? The above video explains why millions of us have been completely sidelined by the takeover of the arts, which was marked by the total TAKEOVER, by the pedophile-obsessed gay community.

In my case, the arts went from being 70% gay to over 90%. And with all my professions having been killed or obliterated ­ the only thing left for 'most of us to do' was to comment from time to time ­ without compensation for anything. This is not just my problem, it's what happened to everything that was working to improve life, joy or human experience...

RAPE ­ A Crime of Violence”

Kirwan (c)1978

Now the most horrendous attack of all upon the human race is being aimed directly against the women of the world ­ which incidentally make up over half the human race. Almost no one has decided to come to the aid of real women everywhere ­ especially those women that are “so worried” about language, yet they don't make a sound about the Muslim Barbarians. the Ashkenazi Jews or the pedophilia-obsessed Catholic Church: All of which have been torturing, raping and subjecting the women of the world to so many crimes, wherever they can get hold of them.

It is the responsibility of everyone of us to put a permanent end to