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By Jim Kirwan

The raging fury at the moment, in the world, is coming directly from the social and political lies that are demanding that the planet simply acquiesce to whatever the Oligarch’s decide they want from the slaves that we’ve become.

Their mantra all along has been that everyone, except them, is required to have “PERMISSION” (from them) before thinking or doing anything, anywhere in the world. This is where the real friction between nations and people around the world was born. Apparently the global-Oligarch’s are unaware that people everywhere were all born free. No one needs to have “permission” to do anything, so long as whatever is chosen is not threatening to the life or limbs of other people.

There was a movement that began between the two world wars that attempted to make all decisions by private individuals subject to the imagined “concerns” for the helpless few. It was called Political Correctness and it has almost completely killed the individually derived decisions which most people used to make; concerning how they choose to live their lives.

Since that beginning the recycled Communist party working in unison with Israel and USI has tried to take children away from their parents, by deifying the State over the family; while at the same time forcing people to become slaves to soulless labors that are their only source of income now. All private habits of individuals must now pass through a social analysis that is run by the Police-State and the nanny-state to eliminate individual traits and choices, throughout the entire society. All of this can be summed up in the new requirements that have been stipulated by the artificial need for “permission” regardless of whatever activity is being questioned, first by the nanny-state and then by the Police State: No quarter is given and no exceptions are tolerated—and that is where we are today.

Consequently any appeal to Humanitarian survival is automatically denied, by the automatic-classification that disqualifies individuals from ever being able to make any decisions for themselves. Asking questions, or refusing to follow the illegally crafted “laws” to obtain, is sufficient to ostracize any individual because the State cannot ever be questioned on any subject, any longer. That same rule which once applied to questioning all authority, especially during “a time of war” has been converted into the automatic branding of any person who questions as “an enemy of the state”.

All of this was created by those elites at the top to enhance their obscene-gluttony whenever “illegal profits are even mentioned”.

But today this philosophy has taken everything to a whole new level of tyranny. In the war-torn world, no one is allowed to criticize national or international policies because any challenge could endanger the depths of the lies by which the world continues to befoul us all—in their race with themselves to destroy the planet completely.

A case in point comes with this encounter, over the U.S. State Departments’ version of events as they are now unfolding over the humanitarian-convoy that is trying to enter Ukraine from Russia.

The United States says Russia is preparing to attack Ukraine under the pretext of sending humanitarian aid to the country, according to an American official.

We are concerned that Russia could try to use a humanitarian or peacekeeping operation as a pretense for inserting elements of its military force into Ukraine,” the unnamed official told The Hill on Tuesday.

Nearly 300 Russian trucks have set off from Moscow, carrying 2,000 tons of aid, including medicine, food, sleeping bags and power generators. Ukraine, however, rejected the convoy.

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Danylo Lubkivsky said that there would be no need for humanitarian aid.

Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said on Tuesday, "If this is some sort of Trojan Horse, it would be illegal.”

During a press briefing on Tuesday, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf condemned Moscow’s aid move.

"Russia has no right to move into Ukraine unilaterally, whether under the guise of humanitarian convoys or any other pretext, without Kiev's permission," she said.

When asked whether the convoy was an invasion, she replied, “Well, we don't know.”

Russia’s Aid Convoy a pretense for invading Ukraine

Harf” is the spokesperson above who made this inane comment. Yet no reporter has ever questioned this child, who would be more comfortable flipping burgers at McDonald’s, than she is behind a U.S. official microphone which supposedly represents the foreign policy of the United States.

Why has no one asked this official camp-follower about her military experience or for that matter what her expertise has been in global politics on an international scale? She obviously knows nothing about anything at all. Whatever hired this creature should be publicly fired for gross incompetence.

If she went to college, which appears doubtful, she apparently missed the meaning behind the realities of using a Trojan Horse to invade an armed camp. I’d love to have a one-on-one with this mindless mouth on national television so that she could be fired - as she so richly deserves to be. She’s an insult to the public she’s supposed to report to. And beyond that she’s an affront to the global public that expects more cogent remarks from the fake government than this creature is capable of giving.

Permission on Two Fronts

Among the wider issues at stake now in America’s failed effort to “contain” Russia, as if that country was still the old Soviet Union, debt-ridden and isolated as they were when the old cold war ended: Given that this is the image of Russia that USI is pushing like the dead horse that it’s been since “The Wall” came down and the Cold War ended. Under these conditions then -

Containment” assumes a right-to-decide matters that do not exist.

Permission” at the moment should be at the heart of the discussion over who should have the right to decide who lives and who dies in both Gaza and Ukraine: However that topic has never come up.

On the issue of who should have the right to decide whether any government’s actions are humanitarian or fascist, is also not on any table anywhere. Ironically the only creatures who are claiming the right to decide everything are the Oligarch’s—who are the least qualified to judge anything because they’ve been controlling this shell game for centuries. However the elitists maintain that they and they alone are the only qualified voices in the world, as they are “the only adults” in the world capable of totally controlling the slaves they continue to employ. And any ripple in the status quo could bring these bastards down ­ which is of course why we have to challenge everything now.


What any country does or does not do to control its population; does not translate well into any policy, whenever a country tries to force the will of its fake leaders down the throats of angry citizens. The police-states of the world have dumped the laws of the world, but that cannot hold if the global public gets as mad, as the world is at the moment. The slaughter and continuing genocide in Gaza is being pumped up by the growing genocide in Ukraine and neither “country” has any right to do what they’re both doing to their own people.

It’s one thing for a nation to determine behavior internally within any country—but thanks to political-correctness worldwide: These two outlaw nations plus USI, have decided that “the State” can determine who shall live and who shall die, according to their own private code of “correct behavior”: Even if that means genociding any who refuse to sign on to the new version of ‘the only right way to live” in any state, country, town or village.

The outlaw Ukrainian fabrication wants to wipe all Russian speaking people off the map and replace them with new people of their own choosing. Ironically few will want to live in a place that has no economy, no jobs, is hated by the rest of the world, and which is not able to live in a world that rejects their polices outright: Ukraine never honors its contracts, always breaks their word and kills anyone that does not automatically agree with the Fascist State that they want to create. Their foreign policy at the moment is built on blackmail, threats and terrorism and their only friends in the world today are Israel and USI ­ both of which are at least as criminal as were the Pirates of Tripoli which the U.S. Marines were formed to destroy, in order to rid the world of piracy on the high seas, oh so long ago!

Existence ~ Life

Whenever any nation today goes rogue, it isn’t long until that place becomes what we now call “a failed state”. Our problem is that the United States, Israel and Ukraine are all three “failed states” by any real definition—yet the world refuses to grasp the reasons behind that truth.

This is why the world needs to evict these three rogue states from the over 200 nations in the Community of Nations.

Either there are laws, international laws, or we’re all going back to the Dark Ages at light speed with no way out. Our one option is that we take up the challenges to life and love and prosperity, wherever that is threatened in the wider world today?

The real “Reckless Endangerment” that is at the core of this worldwide fight, tends to create all its own conditions for existence. Yet it continues to answer to none of the realities abroad in the world of 2014. This must change, and it will: But the 64 Quadrillion Dollar question is: Will that change bring “Life” or Death?

We have been more than reluctant to engage with this Frankenstein monster that seemingly knows no boundaries—but then the world has faced similar terrors before: The problem this time is there will not be a second chance to get this right and like-it or not, no one will be allowed to abstain from this decision, because to remain silent now will mean instant and permanent death.

A great place to start should be with the Humanitarian relief on its way into Ukraine. But if this fails, or if it is attacked or prevented from providing the ‘relief’ its trying to get to the victims in the middle of the barbaric war which Kiev has promised not to pause: For “an unnecessary humanitarian relief column” from the world outside their genocide of their own people—then the effort to save people from certain death could become the trigger to a much more damning and possibly nuclear war between USI and Russia which has been the point of this useless slaughter all along!


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