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Pence Must Go…NOW

By Jeff Rense

As we have said from the beginning… PENCE is a PHONY, a disloyal, back-stabbing GLOBALIST asset.

Pence betrayed Trump and stabbed him in the back by endorsing Rat Ryan and thereby the Rat's position on OPEN BORDERS and IMMIGRATION which are the OPPOSITE of Trump's.

The second INEXCUSABLE betrayal by Pence occurred in the debate when he completely contradicted Trump's position on seeking peace in the Mideast and working WITH Putin and Russia to accomplish it. Pence, instead, sounding like a think tank neocon hack, attacked Vladimir Putin and Russia's heroic and morally-correct role against  (US CREATED and FINANCED ISIS) terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Both of these transgressions were and are unforgivable for a Vice Presidential candidate to do to the man who put him on the ticket.  There is no going back.

And now, when the Clinton Crime Syndicate probably paid someone a fortune for an ancient 2005 dumb 'guy-talk' BS conversation that ANY normal male has heard for his entire adult life, Pence betrays Trump a third time and spews 'holier than thou' bullshit about how 'offended' he is and how his family is going to 'pray' for Trump. Makes you want to puke.

No, Pence, it doesn't work that way.  You are a fraud and a globalist shill who has no business on the same stage with the last man who can save America from being overrun by Hillary and Obama's illegal Muslim-Sharia Law KILLERS and by even MORE illegal hispanics. You are an IDIOT and it is time for YOU TO STEP ASIDE.  NOW.

PENCE MUST GO and Trump should install Ben Carson or someone who will stand with him…not take cheap sh*t shots at him behind his back.  Dr. Carson will bring in 50% of the African American vote.  And speaking of African Americans, I can guarantee you that Mr. Trump's locker room chatter of so long ago is something that black Americans hear EVERY DAY.  Have you LISTENED to the Rap 'music' lyrics that your children are growing up on?

Wake up.  The Clintons have killed at least a couple of million human souls in the Mideast en route to making themselves closet billionaires.  Bill Clinton didn't just jabber with a Hollywood fast-laner, he RAPED and sexually attacked and destroyed women.  This shouldn't even have to be said. Trump is a tenacious fighter and a brilliant businessman and leader.  He is everything the Clintons aren't.

Pence is FINISHED as a political plus for the Trump ticket.  He is deadwood from here on out.  He will only drag Donald Trump and his timeless message of restoring this nation's integrity and solvency.  Pence will be a millstone around Trump's campaign for the next month.  Pence's pin-headed ego is now believing some of the establishment political career scum who are saying that he, Pence, should head the ticket!  And how he is real 'presidential timber'. Wrong. Pence is a loser and a 5-star betrayer.  

Speaking of betrayal, it was rather amusing to see Sen John McCain pull his endorsement of Trump because of the old recording. Perhaps Arizona voters should all listen to the treasonous propaganda recordings Johnny made while a 'prisoner' of North Vietnam. And then they can read about more brutal McCain betrayal…just do a search for how the ex-presidential candidate ruthlessly dumped his faithful first wife, Carol, and married his current rich, blonde spouse a month later.  In fact, there are truly vile stories of betrayal all over the upper levels of the American political landscape that make Donald Trump's 2005 jabbering look like that of a Boy Scout.  As Bill Clinton said to Gennifer Flowers about his fiercely lesbian 'wife' Hillary, "Hell, she's eaten more pu**y than I have."  You don't suppose Saudi-raised Huma Abedin just might be a mossad, honey-trap, intel agent working Hillary, do you?

Yeah, let's put Pence in there and watch how fast his neocon blood causes US to shed OURS in a major regional war - or World War 3 (the END) - with Russia.  He and Hillary would make a FINE team…Pence  supporting Rat Ryan's illegal immigration death of America, and now proclaiming that arguably the world's premier statesman, Vladimir Putin, is a mortal enemy of the Pentagram and its suicidal NeoCon insanity.

Pence must GO and GO NOW.


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