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The Patsy File….Oscar Morel
The Alleged Shooter Of Muslim Preacher In NYC

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
Permission To Repost With Full Credit



Oscar Morel, under arrest, is wearing a telltale sign of MK-ULTRA mind control. 


Cognitive Dissonance (in a case of mistaken identity): “A potential witness to the execution of a Queens imam and his friend picked someone who wasn’t the suspect out of a police lineup, a prosecutor announced at a Aug. 18 court appearance. Assistant District Attorney Peter McCormack said in court that the cops got a ‘mis-hit’ in a lineup when a potential witness selected someone who had been placed in the lineup instead of suspect Oscar Morel. Asked if this was a setback in the case, The Queens DA’s office declined comment.” (NY Daily News)

Crime: Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and his aide Thara Uddin, 64.were shot in the back of the head Saturday afternoon, Aug.14, as they walked in traditional Muslim garb at the corner of Liberty Avenue and 79th Street in Ozone Park, after leaving prayer services at the al-Furqan Jame Masjid mosque.

Fingered: In a press conference on Aug. 15 (a day after the killings), the New York Police Department announced the arrest in the shooting deaths. Later, in the evening, police led Oscar Morel outside on a “perp walk” past a phalanx of reporters. (That’s “perpetrator”, an implication of guilt.) Note: The cops found a gun of same caliber and similar clothes as the killer inside “a hole in the wall” of Morel’s apartment when he was away at work.

Showtime: (On that same day, Aug.14, the NY Daily News reported) “At the funeral of the imam and his assistant, the divisive nature of the presidential race and GOP candidate Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigrants was on the minds of many. ‘We‘re not going to listen to those voices who try to divide us. We will stand up to them each and every time,’ New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told the large crowd at the funeral. “We will make sure that whoever did this is brought to justice, I can guarantee you that.” De Blasio described Akonjee and Uddin as “examples of goodness and righteousness. They were examples of peace and understanding.” (Democrat de Blasio was New York State chairman of Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign and headed Hillary Clinton’s Senate race.)

Bait and Switch: Surveillance video captured the moment that the imam and his assistant were gunned down, although the images are far away and grainy. A sketch artist drew the suspect based on eyewitness description. (The drawing shows a man close in appearance to Morel but with key differences: almond eyes, hexagonal eyeglasses, a thicker beard and narrower lips, that is, eastern Mediterranean (possibly in the vicinity of Tel Aviv) rather than Catholic Afro Puerto Rican facial features and Nuyorican choice of eyeglasses.

Telltale Shirt: On this arrest, Oscar Morel was wearing a beige work shirt embroidered with his name and “New School of Social Research.” He was employed as a night janitor at the New School and also works in a “warehouse”.

Mind Control: The psychology faculty at the New School has been the center for mind-control techniques developed under the cognitive dissonance theory of Leon Festinger on contract with the Rockefeller Foundation (on behalf of the CIA) in the 1950s, which were a key part in the MK-ULTRA program. His New School colleagues Max Wertheimer and Freudian Ernst Kris (a Tavistock-MI6 psyops operative in WWII) were major influences on Kurt Lewin, whose group dynamics theory led to the CIA-promoted Transactional Analysis project starting in the late 1960s.

Politics by Murder: The hit on the imam was another politically inspired assassination to fix the presidential race for cognitive dissonant Hillary Clinton.

Cognitive Dissonance: the difference between who you think you are and who you really are.

I am forensic journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, or at least I think I am.


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