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"The Pathway To Hell"
For All Americans

By Jim Kirwan

While the traitors on the right were busy dragging the US into a false-flag war against a bunch of people in caves, just to cover-up our own mass-murders on 911—the filth that called themselves “the left” were already hard at work to capture this nation, from the inside-out-forever: With their classic “We know-better than you-do” mantra.

Bush tried to distract the public from his dictatorship by telling us all to “Just Go Shopping”. That worked! It also vastly increased Corporate Welfare that has always slipped by unnoticed. Meanwhile, the cynical left began to intensify their self-appointed-campaign to “correct” the private-lives of every American who were not living in ways that conformed to the abject-slavery which the left has accepted as

The Only Way to Live!”

Today this piece of treachery is reaching its peak in Obama’s “Pathway to Citizenship”, which he’s introduced to celebrate his victory over the people during the last three weeks of false-flag dancing. The charade did not fool the wider world, because we’ve been doing the same things every year since 2008. This time was different only because world finally said “NO! Pay your bills or face the consequences America”. But again we ducked and that was the worst decision we could have made. The next few weeks will prove it.

This debt-ceiling deal puts no-limit on the amount of money that can be spent. Between now and when we look at this again in February… It’s even more disgusting than it seems on the surface, because in February we will no longer have a debt-ceiling-debate and a vote to increase the Debt-Ceiling. That’s how it works now as a congressional-check on the debt limit…

Mitch McConnell had another great idea in 2011, which is called ‘Flipping the Script’ on the way the law is written. So instead of congress having to approve a debt-ceiling increase ­ now they’re going to have to ‘not-allow’ a debt-ceiling increase: Or it will be automatic. So what does this mean? Well next time this subject comes about congress is going to get a vote on ‘do they want to raise the debt-ceiling or not. If they say ‘no’ the president has the power to veto it. Then it’s going to take a two-thirds majority in order to override that veto.

What does it mean? You can forget about a debt-ceiling debate again! This will be counted as a victory ­ since we don’t have to look at this anymore. But you can forget about this legal restriction on the amount of debt that can be taken on in our name. Now they are going to do it perpetuity… another ‘Flip the Script’ piece of legislation that screws the American people…” (1)

This was why the world reacted immediately to our failure to act responsibly throughout the last three weeks. That happened because we refused to become responsible, in any way, for our profligate way of failing to manage our own economy. Nor did we defend ourselves in the global financial markets in any way that offers any real changes in all our failed U.S. polices.

That major political-masquerade basically ended any role the U.S. public might ever have played in any so-called national-policy that this country chooses to embrace. Now Obama is holding his gun to the heads of the House, to force that star-crossed-body to give him everything he’s demanding—again! It matters not that the entire premise for this piece of treason was built on criminally-induced actions that overrode U.S. Immigration polices for the last 33 years.

Suddenly “our” new one-world-government wants to make an adjustment to legalize their former massive border-crimes by flooding the nation with aliens that have no right at all to be here!

In every case this public dropped the ball throughout the whole charade.

First we failed to question 911. Finally we, as the public of the United States, ended by not questioning anything at all! That act of treason-by-neglect became the permanent ‘Green-light’ which began our slide into this rapidly approaching permanent oblivion.

When we failed to question the U.S. Declaration of War we made against the rest of the planet and allowed congress to give-away their solemn-responsibility over when and how Americans could be sent into wars—much less to even mention this ever-expanding global-war that the VP said would be “unending”! We succeeded in creating our own demise. Now of course, with the utterly-obvious failure of our global-policies and the colossal failures of our monetary policies that have lost trillions since the Bushwhacker began to play at being Dictator - has only intensified the fact that we are no longer qualified to be a global-power in any real sense of that now hypothetical position.

Here’s the way Obama put it to the House yesterday. He‘s pedestrian. It’s trite. In it he violates the U.S. Constitution, the basic laws of the Republic and the Union and his “Path to Citizenship” will end any pretense that anyone might still have that the United States belongs to its’ people. By forcing the House to approve Obama’s ever-deepening crime-wave against America, he’s begging for impeachment or death—yet he proudly proclaims this as something that we-the-public must all get behind ~ in the grand-tradition he launched just yesterday, as seen below. (2)

There really was a nation here once, but that was a very long time ago. That was long before we became of the awkward nation of

We know Better Than You Do” about how your life should and MUST be lived! To prove it - now we kill people that refuse to join the new cowards who applaud everything this crowd above approves of.

That nation was once proud to live and to take care of itself. I commented to someone earlier today about some of that. Here’s part of that rant.

Smoking is not good for people, but you know the way this was

Treated, by the nanny-state is still far more offensive than almost anything else they ever did.

I say that because where I live the diesel trucks that prowl the streets both here and elsewhere deliver tens of thousands of times the "smoke" that tobacco could ever hope to infect the public with: You know what all those tiny-minded-morons that scream about tobacco, never seem to notice, is the billions of tons of chemicals, as in all the other carcinogens like Chemtrails, that are literally drowning the planet in contamination - but the "good people" those very special-people refuse to notice anything but their own little pet-peeves which have never been treated as alcohol was treated.

When they first the banned booze, they were euphoric but then they had to back down. They had to because PROHIBITION didn’t work - and everyone knows this for the fact that it is. Today you can buy cigarettes, but you can’t legally smoke them (just so the city can still collect the taxes) So with cigarettes we have the technical legality in place, but side by side with the PROHIBITION which we will not recognize ­ because we’re too cowardly to go that final step and just OUTLAW smoking altogether!

Personally I disagree with the entire movement that tries to make personal decisions for all the rest of us - I always have. It feels like communism, but calls itself socialism, as if there is a difference. The gutless wonders want no one to ever be allowed to take any chances at all. Their disgustingly sterile-lives reflect that fallacy. The rest of us LIVE each and every day, and most of us do not succumb to even half the shit that's killing the “perfect-ones” every minute of every day!

This public has never figured out that today's medicine is not healthy it's DEATHCARE, NOT HEALTH-CARE, and has been for the last 40 plus years - which is when I walked away from all of it forever, more than forty years ago.

If people lived much more closely to the way the native-populations lived so long ago, using natural substances, herbs and foods to keep their lives in balance then none of this would be happening now. The medicinal purposes of so many of the natural plants and foods, have been totally overlooked - and now ­ just to make certain that we’ll fail: The global-killers of the planet have decided to put guns to the heads of anyone that won't play their stupid games. This is one ugly bastard who won’t go along, regardless of how they phrase what they now want to do to us all.

I've lived a great and exciting life, and I do not apologize for any of it. I was one of those people who worked 36 hour shifts at projects I designed, and often went broke in the process - but the "rushes" in that life did not depend upon artificial stimuli - or habits for success.

I miss the conversations with total strangers, the genuine laughter and the subtle smiles that seemed to linger everywhere regardless of the time or place. Today the monkey-chattering of children in their late-thirties and their techy stuff is boring beyond belief. Their incessant laughter, their blank and empty faces only mocks the pretence which they strive so hard to leave, with anyone they’ve ever encountered…

But then most do not chose to even taste how great it feels; to come to know how good that way of life can be! That’s probably also gone forever in this foreign-place where no one is who or what they say they are. We’re already living in the camps of Zionista-Israel; we just don’t call them that!

Maybe the only real regret I have, is that there are now far too many zombies in this world: They’re just there to fuck-up everybody else's life: Because they’re too afraid and far too fearful of virtually everything in their world. They’re terrified of taking chances. They will not take risks that are generally thought of as just "living your LIFE".

Upon reflection I remembered: There was a time when people asked other people to refrain from smoking, and most of us agreed wholeheartedly. It was common courtesy, and at least here that courtesy was largely observed. As time went by various bars, coffee shops and restaurants began to create no smoking sections to mitigate the problem. That wasn’t enough because the perfect people had tasted the blood of the ballot box and prohibition was in the air...

An election was held statewide, demanded by the nanny-state. The new laws were to affect the entire state, not just individual cities. The bumpkins in the burbs and the outlanders swung the fraudulent results and smoking was banned throughout the state. There were no options. There was no place that could still cater to their own clientele. The entire state based on one notoriously skewed “vote” was suddenly a non-smoking area. San Francisco that was 80% smokers suddenly became a NO SMOKING ZONE and the imperialists went wild. The smokers continued with their lives while the perfectionists got uglier by the day. That vane-bit of vanity has since expanded to include every street, sidewalk, public park and open space in the city ­ and for no real reason - because the pollutants in the city dwarf any cigarette smoke that can never survive the strong spontaneous winds of San Francisco.

From that day forward the dainty and idiotic took over what used to be a vibrantly alive city. The city that began life as ‘The Barbary Coast’ and which was a 24 hour place that was alive around the clock, became headquarters for LGBT activists, regulators of sidewalks and curbs and who thought of themselves as Tel-Aviv West. But as far as “cities” go, San Francisco is no different now than any of the other nameless empty strip-malls or gutted ordinary dumpy-towns that are dying all over the maps of every state…

The sidewalks in San Francisco have to be rolled up by 9 pm because there are no crowds to warrant longer hours. People didn’t change. The rules changed. Tolerance died, and the beginning of the new and perfect-creatures began to rule the city, because they’re the only ones with any money. Most of them are “privileged” you know? Their day is coming much sooner than most of them suspect!

What this new-vacuum left in its wake was a great animosity that has only deepened; such that, when and if this place explodes most of the lives of those who are here now won’t be worth a plug nickel because they have always been spiteful hate-filled creatures that have no friends to speak of.

Before this invasion of the yuppified - this place was a joy to be alive in. If we had not been so generous with the “There ought to be a Law” people, then this shutdown might have been avoided. Or maybe this had to happen just because things always change?

This year on January 1st California got 40,000 new laws to deal with ­ that’s just pure selfishness and hate in-action - for anyone who does not agree with the senseless pettiness that feels the need to regulate the behavior of all other people - to that insane degree.

But that’s all in the past. What’s been done will probably not be undone until we kick that vehemence out them, as we should have done so long ago.

As the quicksands get deeper I can find no-pity for all those who have made the habits and the lives of other people - their main concern! Those cowards deserve to die the extremely ugly death which is coming to them - head-on - and yes that is because they never lived the lives they demand that the rest of us must live - FOR THEM.

1) Is Open Revolt the Solution? 8min 06sec. VIDEO

2) Obama to House: Now Let's Negotiate Citizenship for Illegals





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