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Paris is Burning - Another Twin Towers
Goes Down In Jihadist Flames

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The hardball question that firefighers worldwide and insurance assessors need to ask of the gut-wrenching ruins of the Notre Dame Cathedral is: How can a structure of hewn stone and glass cause those soaring flames when the only flammables were the pews and altar at ground level and the massive oak-beam high up in the roof ?

The Macron government has attributed the fire to an electrical power short during interior renovations, but the total absence of metal supports in the fine old craftwork means that welding was not part of any repair job. Unlike an attic in an old-style mansion, the church's wooden attic was not stuffed with dusty hampers of old clothes or cardboard boxes of frayed curtains. There was no tinder in the church's roof beams, just open space.

Another troubling question: How is it that its grand wooden spire lined with lead sheeting torched from inside without emitting much smoke until just before it collapsed, and then only pure white smoke. The black plumes appeared only later when the wooden attic burned down to ashes, and after the firefighters hosed water and fire suppressants onto the flames.

Deliberate Accident

The French government was much too quick to declare prior to any investigation, that this shocking scene was "accidental", while refusing to link the fire to the 2016 arrest of female recuits of ISIS who had attempted to transport large cylinders of propane near Ile de lat Cite, the location of the world-famous cathedral on the River Seine. Propane in large quantity is the most straightforward explanation of the intensity and speed in the present case, indicating an act of arson for some purpose or cause.

Before examining this curious case in the heart of the French capital, the cultural value of the famous Parisian cathedral needs to be put into perspective. From the standpoint of medieval architecture, the Chartres cathedral is the finest masterpiece...and in the history of the ancient regime, another Notre Dame, in the city of Reims, was the traditional site of coronation of French monarchs. The only major figure honored there, quite dubiously, was Napoleon Bonaparte who traded-in the popular democracy of the French Revolution to be crowned Emperor. Notre Dame de Paris has been, frankly speaking, run-of-the-mill Gothic scenery for river cruises for low-end tour groups eager for a sighting of the hunchback Quasimodo....the bug-eyed Marty Feldman version.

Loss of Traditional Craftsmanship

That noted, the Rothschild banker-turned-president Emmanuel Macron revealed his blatant ignorance of history and architecture in promising to quickly rebuild the cathedral when France no longer has any master carpenters experienced at crafting oaken beams. The enormous harvest of French oak for wine barrels over the centuries also limits the supply of large timbers for the roof, which will likely be replaced by composite lumber glued together. Heat damage to the limestone columns, walls and flying buttresses is likely to be hushed up under official orders (limestone under heat is reduced to powdery quicklime), resulting in future structural threats. Perhaps Macron means that his Rothschild group's chemical giant Rhone-Poulenc can create a near-identical full-scale copy out of resin polymer with an extra-large 3D printer... La Notre Dame de Plastique.

The cause of fire was quickly attributed to an electrical short in the power supply, most unlikely in the cool fair weather of April in Paris. Oak does not burn readily but instead smolders, thereby triggering fire alarms and acrid smoke, easily detected by a people who sniff great wines and greater perfume. Perhaps the power supply for the smoke detectors was cut and their back-up batteries removed physically.

Mad Monks and Arsonists

The absence of a major conflagration in its 850-year history despite extensive indoors use of candles and torches by brandy-soaked stumbling monks, including the mad hunchback bell-ringer, shows the improbability of an accidental fire in the cathedral, which gives some credence to the suspicion that the Parisian church was the target of arsonists. Just a month earlier, March 16, the nearby church of Saint Suplice suffered fire damage to some of its chapels and walls in a case of arson, according to Paris police.

Indeed over the past two years, dozens of Catholic churches and holy sites have been damaged in acts of desecration, including cemetary cross smashings, defacing of statues and urination or leaving excrement on the sacred premises. The "usual suspects" in this sort of sacrilege include Satanists, Antifa (anti-fascists), Jews who hate Christians, and disgrunted church members denied a divorce or too ashamed of their perversions to face the confession booth. May these garden-variety sinners be forgiven their senseless and futile outrages. I should mention in passing that Buddhist sites across Asia have been likewise destroyed over the centuries by various bands of intolerant heathens and iconoclastic Muslim fanatics, and it certainly gets tiresome for those in need of spiritual uplift to put up with this sort of infantile criminality.

French Female Jihadists

More disturbing, perhaps, is the case of a 6-member female cell of ISIS jihadists, especially the pair who were arrested in 2016 delivering large cylinders of propane gas to Ile de la Cite, the island location of Notre Dame on the River Seine. The ringleader was an online recuit to ISIS, the then 17-year-old South Asian-French woman Ines Madani with co-conspirator Ornella Gilligmann, 29, a French national who converted to marry an Arab. After loading a car with propane cylinders to be detonated with diesel fuel, the pair dropped their original scheme to target the Eiffel Tower, switching to the more easily targeted tourist spot at Rue de Bucherie near Notre Dame de Paris.

All along, the hapless Gilligmann believed the online dialogue was with the macho Arab lover "Abu Omar", a virtual persona projected from the lesbian fantasy of Ms. Madani, in a case of porn meets terrorism. This fantasy realm ensnared other French Muslim women in quest for romance and a splendid death for the jihad, which might be ridiculous if not so dangerous to unsuspecting bystander victims.

The Madani trial has been scheduled for September, indicating that the Islamic terror network redoubled their effort to assault the dominant Christian community in France to make her into their jihadist icon Joan of Arc or, if the new black is ISIS black, Yanna D'ark. Their online instigator, the ISIS propagandist Rachid Kassim (who wanted to shame cowardly Arab men by enlisting female suicide fighters, was killed in mid-2017, meaning that his replacement has orchestrated this new attack against the greatest symbol of Christianity in the French Capital: Notre Dame de Paris.

CNN and the Neo-Lib Deniers

The knee-jerk downplaying by the neoliberal media allies of Rothschild puppet Macron insists that the cathedral fire was an "accident" despite mounting evidence to the contrary. For instance, CNN's Shep Smith cut off neoconservative French media critic Phillippe Karsenty when he stated the Notre Dame fire might be "a French 911".

Smith responded: "No, sir, we're not doing that, not now on my watch." As pertaining to a military guard: "my watch".

Remember 911, as the neoliberals try to rally a shocked French public around themes of "forgiveness and healing", Paris is burning, and the only firefighters who can quell the flames are the Yellow Jackets.

So play it again, Sam. You know the tune so hum along to Le Marseillaise:

What! Foreign cohorts
Would make the law in our homes!
What! These mercenary phalanxes
Would strike down our proud warriors!
Great God! By chained hands
Our brows would yield under the yoke!
Vile despots would themselves become
The masters of our destinies!
To arms, citizens, to arms!

Tremble, tyrants and you traitors
The shame of all parties,
Tremble! Your parricidal schemes
Will finally receive their prize!
Everyone is a soldier to combat you,
If they fall, our young heroes,
Will be produced anew from the ground,
Ready to fight against you!
To arms, citizens, to arms!