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"Peace & Security" For Who?

By Jim Kirwan


He who controls the past controls the future…

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”

George Orwell from his novel “1984”

The creatures that have sought to control the future have always been those who have advocated a ‘one world order’. Given that the universal world is a massively complex place, filled with opportunities resources and such a wide variety of life and human endeavors that all of us literally depend upon the differences which have always added strength through every aspect of our energies and interests: How could anyone or anything demand that ‘all differences’ between us must be eliminated—forever? That “demand” was issued by madmen hell-bent on eliminating over seven-eighths of the global-population. Because only in that way could these global-criminals supposedly remake the world into what they believe they can successfully dominate. That’s what creating a one-world-order is really all about.

When Bush senior made his speech to the congress in 1991, he said:

What is at stake is more than one small country. It is a big idea!

A new world order where diverse nations are drawn together

in common-cause, to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind. Peace and Security and the Rule of Law: Such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children’s future.” (1)

What Bush was referring to when he mentioned “Peace and Security” was not about creating either peace or security for the world: It was instead - about creating those conditions to protect themselves, and the New World Order, from all the rest of us…

The plans of this criminal-organization have been growing in the dark for centuries now. And because they believe that they are irresistible they enjoy taunting us with proofs of their powers which they telegraph to the rest of us in things like connected dates, as well as endless symbols of their superiority at every turn. September eleventh is one such hallmark. If we fail to remember what that date signifies beyond when it was used during 9-11-2001 then we shall become trapped in their idea of the future for the rest of our lives. Here’s a comparison.

On September 11, 1973

The elected president of Chile was assassinated, and a barbarian took over the country, for the NWO. The coup was carried out by the US State Department, the CIA and Henry Kissinger for USI plus a reluctant Nixon who was terrified that the coup would be thwarted and he might be implicated…

On September 11, 2001, the son of the leading Chilean-general who was fighting the coup when he was assassinated, filed a lawsuit against the US government—but the attack of 911 was committed on the same day (28 years to the day) from when his father was murdered. The attack destroyed court documents and it has not resurfaced since.

Given that an Iranian citizen is now filing suit against the USA for the violent overthrow of Iran back in 1953, when the CIA replaced the democratically elected leader of Iran—maybe it’s time for Chile and the son of the murdered Chilean General to file that lawsuit again, charging Henry Kissinger, the State Department and the US government for the overthrow of the Chilean government? (2)

If this could happen almost immediately there would be two outstanding lawsuits against the US government for their past crimes, then possibly the impending disaster surrounding Syria might be averted? Libya could certainly have followed this course except that their people were either slaughtered or banished as displaced people, in that crime of blood-lust by the UN and NATO - led by USI.

September 11, 1991

Bush senior claimed credit for destabilizing the former state of Yugoslavia. He did what later became the Bosnia War, beginning in 1991, by seeing to it that the US instantly broke the united-state of Yugoslavia, under Tito, back into separate nation-states. Bush and the US Dept. of State then pitted them one against the other to produce years of bloodshed, slavery, rape and slaughter to advance the cause of the New World Order. If any of those former nations were strong enough to bring a lawsuit for what happened to them and to the former Yugoslavia, which would add greatly to the global-disapproval of the outlaw-UN and rogue-USI?

September 10, 2013

Sent to ESL Federal Credit Union members on 8-27-13

We know that banking with ESL Internet Banking in an easy and convenient way is important to you. That is why we want to be sure you are well informed before changes take place to insure that your online banking experience remains easy, convenient and always secure.” (3)

Ask yourself WHY your access to your INTERNET BANKING SERVICES is being reset one day before September 11, 2013?

Could it be because by the eleventh of September your access will have changed? Not everyone uses Internet Banking Services ­ but the fact that changes are being made one day before 9-11-13 is not something that many can afford to take lightly—given the NWO preferences for using that day to create changes which can be devastating for the world at large…

The United States and Israel have been outlaws states for a very long time. If that is to ever change they must be confronted. WAR is not the only way to depose those governments—worldwide legal actions could easily distort and possibly even interrupt the threatened global-war that is moving way too fast and is still in the hands of proven war-criminals who want nothing less than an unwinnable thermonuclear global-war in which these suicidal maniacs can go out in flames.

People the world over need to get CREATIVE and counter the blackmail and the threats with solid legal actions that could disrupt this impending slaughter.

The United Nations is totally controlled and internationally known for the crimes of their criminal-forces the world over. It would not be beyond the pale for the world that has been ignored by the UN since they first came to life under Harry S. Truman, in 1945. The “Security Council” was supposed to guarantee that the world would be represented on every important war-making decision—yet this has been by-passed by USI & Israel on virtually every important decision, since the inception of the United Nations.

In a perfect world the UN would have been dissolved over any number of global-warfare decisions, yet they remain. The lawsuit to force American war-criminals to face court decisions’ over what they did when they attacked Iraq, might be the beginning of a much broader series of global reactions ­ that just might force an end to the current plans to attack Syria, Iran and Lebanon by Israel & the outlaw nation of US Incorporated. Think about it and push for something more, to begin before the end of this month ­ if you give a damn!

1) George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech September 11, 1991 - 1 min 52 sec VIDEO

2) The Gangster State

3) Unreachable: from my end, but

This comes from ESL Federal Credit Union, and can be found…



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