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Phase Two - Obliterating Gaza!

By Jim Kirwan

Throughout the entire ‘occupation’ of Gaza, Israel has been

Murdering children

For throwing small rocks at fully armed tanks like these!

Of course there’s no excuse for any of those murders, or for the slaughter of whole families from which the children came. But none of that matters because Israel sees everything even the smallest rock as a THREAT to Israel: Israeli’s are afraid of everyone and of anything that might in any way directly affect their ability to enjoy all of their stolen way of life.

A spokesperson today, for Israel, tried to justify the slaughter of the Palestinians as something required because the Israeli’s, in their sumptuous living might have some of their precious sleep disturbed; just by knowing there were people out there throwing firecrackers at them, no matter how harmless those tiny missiles actually are.

Mindless Netanyahu and his personal Frankenstein, Liebermann-the-Terrible, have decided that Palestine must be forced out or murdered; as the only way to “get some sleep” in the black-heart of their stolen Palestinian lands.

Israeli tanks entered Gaza on Thursday night after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered a ground invasion, a major escalation in a 10-day offensive that has already killed more than 230 Palestinians.

Witnesses in Gaza reported heavy bombing from jets, warships and artillery stationed along the border, with much of the firing directed at northern Gaza. The electricity was cut off across a large swath of the strip, though it was unclear why.

A statement from Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon described the invasion as a “limited action” to destroy tunnels connecting Gaza to Israel. A group of gunmen tried to enter southern Israel through a tunnel from Gaza on Thursday morning; the army said eight of the 13 attackers were killed, and
Hamas claimed responsibility for the operation. It was the second such incident in the past 10 days.

The escalation came not long after a five-hour “humanitarian cease-fire” requested by the United Nations, which gave residents a brief chance to venture outside before the bombardment resumed. Both sides largely stopped firing, and people went to markets, barbers and banks, which opened for the first time in more than a week.

At least 231
Palestinians have been killed so far, including 39 children, and more than 1,700 injured. One Israeli has been killed by rocket fire from Gaza.”

Israel is the source of all the wars and regional conflicts, that have been declared anywhere after WWII.

Many times Israel has tried many different lies to justify their insanity, and one by one each and every “fantasy” has been shredded by the wider world that has done the work of chasing down the truth behind the deceptions, which Israel is so proud of creating at every level and in every circumstance.

There is only one place that has made double-speak and treason into national-policy since they began to claim that Israel is a state. Genocide is their major weapon and always has been. The forefathers of that parasitical swamp they call Israel began all of this with “terrorism” and they have not deviated from that course for even a single minute from the days when they began their onslaught against the world.

In life people tend to rapidly learn not to trust others when those “others” lie cheat and steal, as well as torture, rape and murder those that they are supposedly trying to communicate with. When a person or a corporation does this then it’s fairly easy to see and once-upon-a-time it was even possible to blacklist that person, corporation or nation state: Today that no longer seems possible! The other course of action that was once used to stop this was to charge them with their crimes, but the laws no longer exist to ever prosecute creature states like Israel.

Since no ‘laws’ exist to deal with a state on this level of criminal and gangster type behavior, something far more is required, if there is to be a world for anyone to live in any longer.

The world must take the actions that will bring the violence back into Israel if any of this is to ever be ended. The rational that only Israel has any right to defend herself, while no other nation has any right to self-defense when the attacker is Israel and its criminal collaborators: The same is true of “the right of return” which Israel denies to Palestine, while at the same time Israel is claiming their own “right of return” after thousands of years of absence from the global scene.

Israel has tried to criminalize anyone who attempts to investigate the historical record of just who and what Israel actually is: While at the same time Israel is working 28 hours a day to erase the entire history of all who are on their ever-expanding list of Enemies. Israel is using the International Laws of War that were established after WWII to somehow justify their current and on-going genocide of 95% of the existing people of the world which still exist ­ no thanks to USI & Israel!

Israel has never kept her word about anything that she has ever entered into. When she first became a fledging state she claimed to be “a Democracy”. Today Israel has become a law unto herself and is making it up as she goes along. Israel is an Apartheid Fascist State that shuns Christians, Muslims, and every other people except for those aligned with Zionism and their War on the World.

Some leaders of the world want to end the current violence by negotiating a peaceful conclusion to these continuing wars by Israel.

But that can never be successful as long as Israel is part of them: Because nothing Israel says or ever does can be taken for granted. In fact any negotiation with that global-criminal empire, should include any meeting held with Israel to begin by the publicly held strip searching each Israeli because they cannot be trusted, to not murder the so-called representatives of any other nation, which they might have been invited to meet with.

Israel’s Embassies should be forcefully closed. Their personnel should be evicted, from any Embassy or a “mission” that exists today. That should be step one. And anyone here that resists this action needs to be deported immediately directly back to Israel with only the clothes on their backs…

Step two should be an enforced Israel no-fly-zone and a physical barrier that totally surrounds Israel and turns that hole into the same kind of prison which Israel has tried to create, for the rest of us to live in ­ worldwide.

Another 'something' that will undoubtedly become part of the continuing history of Israel's obscenities that seemingly have no end... Gruesome images of Malaysia MH17 plane crash in east Ukraine appear online



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