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Overt Stupidity, Covert Evil
The Bible
Part One

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

We, as Humans have been abused in many ways. There are many other levels of Beings and Consciousness apart from Humanity.

As we shall see, the BS that programs us (mixed into what should have been the Normality) appears to be never-ending.

Unfortunately, the majority of Humanity is Moronic. Thus, it is easy not only to fool the Morons but also to program them to act in idiotic ways. 92% of the present Human Population consists of A.I. Robots or Demons (Robots with a programming of utter malice).

This suits the ruling (Evil) Archons well, for then the Human masses become easier to control and exploit.

I have given many examples in the past of how History, Religion, Science and Philosophy have been used, via distortion, to obfuscate Truth and harness the mentality of Morons to thus become even dumber than they should be.

Thus, what passes for Normal on this level of Awareness is anything but normal.

(Let me give you a quick and very specific example of what I am talking about. In the early 1980s I contacted a Higher Level of Consciousness as I was meant to do, for that was the main reason why I incarnated into this life.

Apart from more esoteric work, one of my functions was to announce the END of this planet and its inhabitants. Later I expanded to explain the annihilation of the entire Physical Universe and why that was to be so.

But, let’s start slowly.

I did what I came down onto this primitive level to do, and what I was supposed to do.

I wrote many books explaining the status quo and then began lecturing publically. As soon as I did that I was inundated with offers to talk to the Mass Media.

From my perspective, the interviews were a massive disaster. Apart from one Journalist who flew from Sydney to interview me (I was in Melbourne) and who appreciated what I had to say, most interviews were a disaster. The Sydney journalist immediately understood what I was saying but then clearly stated that knowing the stage at which the Media found itself, I would either be ignored or be relentlessly attacked for what I had to say. Needless to say, he was correct.

My first on-camera TV interview, which never got to be aired, as far as I recall, ended up with the media calling me a ‘Russian Spy’ who was out to overthrow the Australian Government. Can you believe that?

The crew members were so flustered by the fact that I mentioned Aliens and UFOs as being part of our existence that they literally flipped into a state of hyper-stupidity. I had not really expected to see such pronounced ignorance in educated people in the 1980s. At least I thought I was dealing with open-minded people in a very open society as I thought Australia was. How wrong can one be!! I soon learned the Media, in general, was a bastion to uphold stupidity and stifle knowledge and reality.

I was a Medical Doctor. I knew no Russian person. I did not speak Russian, I had never been there, but that is the best the TV interviewer could make of my information that the Earth was condemned and was to be totally destroyed by 2035, the latest, and much earlier, if possible. I mentioned the pollution of the planet and the greater pollution to come, but that made no difference.

As things have turned out, termination is now closer to 2023 than 2035. I have given details elsewhere.

But, let me get to the gist of this short essay about Overt Stupidity and Occult Evil!

Humanity is programmed by purposely distorted History, Science, Religion and Philosophy to keep it locked in a cocoon of ‘Imbecility’ wherein, and by which, some of its energized members can be exploited of energy. Alas, the majority of Humans are useless Robots and Demons of A.I. origin as I have explained often.

Do you think that is impossible?

Watch this from

If we awoke at all to the Truth and its Greater Reality, we would revolt and be freed from the overt Stupidity that plagues us now.

I will give 2 brief examples in this essay of that Stupidity, manipulation and evil.

BTW, we had been warned long ago that this debasement of our intellect and knowledge had occurred and I point to 2 passages in the very book, the Bible, which I will also use to demonstrate the stupidity and Evil used against us.

The 2 references, which I have given often, are these:

John 8:44 which shows the origin of those that control us (Evil Demons) and said to have been spoken to us and for us by none other than Jesus of Nazareth.

Luke 11:52 which describes how Lawyers and Learned ones (actually the Evil Archons and Demons that control Humanity) have hidden true knowledge so that we, as Humans, will remain as moronic as possible!

Let me broaden the subject.

Humanity is just another (bad, failed) experiment in this experimental Universe.

I’ve written elsewhere about how this experiment came about, why it went bad and is now in the process of being terminated.

Do you really think a Supreme Divine Mind could create such a Hell as this in which we live, and in which most suffer inexorably?

Do you not think that more likely something went wrong in the process of Evolution that we can see and that needs urgent correction?

If you can’t see such a thing, you are still a Moron and will probably remain that way until you are totally annihilated.

If you can see the flaws of our existence and the harrowing Evil that besets us, you are well on your way to awakening to the fact that something is terribly, terribly wrong and correction must be applied.

Well, TOTAL CORRECTION is being applied to our lives.

This horrible, horrible abomination is being totally eliminated from existence so that those of us who seek love, serenity, peace and kindness (which is our true nature) can go back to being in such Peace, Felicity and Love.

Is that too much to ask for?

Of course not!

We were never meant to be immersed in this smelly putridness in which we find ourselves today.

Look around you. Look at the World. It’s a mess for sure.

Evil, Evil, Evil and all its destructiveness is everywhere. One cannot escape it!

Either the Creator of all this is very Evil and very Insane, or else something has gone very, very wrong.

In fact, we are caught in an experimental ERROR that has gone very, very wrong and is now being terminated with harrowing results for those who thrive on, and in, the apparently never-ending Malice of this Evil Error.


All Creation is ONE.

Within it, all existence is experimental.

There are many, many Universes within Creation. All of them are experiments of sorts out of which living Consciousnesses graduate to proceed to Greater Existence. This may be a little difficult for us Humans to understand and acknowledge, and that is partly due to the problems with which we have been abused and programmed by, via those who want us to remain stupid and exploitable maximally.

Part of what developed in this Physical Experiment wanted to dominate to the disadvantage of the others in the experiment.

When there is Normality, individual beings are expressed at a certain level of Consciousness. They then progress and when the experiment that includes them is finished, they return to a general pool of consciousness.

Nothing is ever wasted. Nothing is ever destroyed. Everything is of some value for each action allows the Creative Cycles to learn more and more.

This is good to know. It is also good to know that, generally speaking, nothing injurious or punitive is allowed to rule or control or exploit under normal circumstances. Such a thing which we could easily call EVIL is modified to be inert under normal circumstances. That then is fair to all, and all can progress.

But, in this Universe, ‘Evil’ (the obnoxious experimental aberration) took more control than it should have been given before the Neutralization Process was employed!

Everything in our lives is experimental.

You know that by the many twists and turns your life takes.

As we have developed, some things are good, some not so good and some are absolutely, ridiculously evil.

History and the Bible are two examples of where the ridiculous seems to have been masterly developed by those who do NOT have our best interests at heart.

I will illustrate this with one example today from the Old Testament although there are many, many more examples to be found if you read it in detail.

So, the (stupid and spurious) story goes like this:

God created Earth, and Man, and eventually found Man to be wanting.

He, in fact, according to the false story, created a Monstrosity that he wanted to erase.

Man had become devious, destructive and Evil!

(Question: How could idiotic Man create Evil?)

So, what did ‘god’ do?

He (the god of this story) demonstrated his own Evil.

He decided to destroy Mankind, according to what we read. (Remember I have classed this as smelly BS!)

But, he wanted his experiment with these loonies called Humans to continue. Why? From the perspective of this smelly bible book, we don’t know why.

So he chose Noah, a Jew, a Hebrew and a Zionist, and his wife, and their 3 sons and their wives to survive a murderous flood with which ‘he’ planned (according to the tale) to kill everyone else. Remember, this is according to the HOT, HOT, BS of the Old Testament!

Noah was to prepare a boat and take 2 of every species in order to re-create Earth’s Biological Kingdoms. Big, big chance of that, hey? Remember, that was in the days when even 20/20 vision was almost unattainable!?

Of course, knowing what we know today, he had no chance at all of doing what he was ordered to do. But, the story is fictional comedy at best, (and malicious and very evil programming in actuality), so let’s continue.

At this very point, of gathering viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that Noah would have known nothing about, readers should have started laughing. But you would be surprised how many did not. They were told to gasp at the wonder of this ‘god’ and his deluded No-ha ha!

Let’s continue:

These obviously aged but also fertile and fecund seafarers survived the deluge as did their cargo and they, according to the overt stupidity of this story, repopulated the Earth.

The ‘god’ of this overt stupidity must have been very happy!

So, what can we make of this?

We know it is utter BS because no ‘god’ has ever spoken to a man in this way.

We know it is inaccurate for over 200 tribes, civilizations, races and groups wrote about the Great Flood of that time and how they survived it. So, the Noah Family members were NOT the only survivors!

If the Noah story was true, it would mean we would all be Jews, Hebrews and Zionists. But we aren’t are we?

If this story was true, we would all be the ‘Chosen Ones’. Is that not so? Then we would not be worthless Goyim (cattle) to be exploited murderously by the (cough, cough) Jewish Chosen Ones.

On a future occasion I will describe the Ontology of each of those words: Jew, Hebrew and Zionist.

The Jews, Hebrews and Zionists go to great lengths to point this out – that we are not part of them, the Chosen Ones. They call most of us Goyim – cattle – to be killed, raped, murdered, poisoned and exploited any way they dare!

They lie and abuse us relentlessly as I will show when I write about the fraudulence of the Holocaust of WW2.

The contradictions in their stories are massive.

So, we are not part of the Hebrew Chosen?

We would be, if the Noah Story was true. But, it’s not!

So, it is plainly obvious that these people (the Chosen Ones) that point to the Old Testament (for confirmation of their fabrications) contradict themselves repeatedly.

Thus, the story of Noah is utter BS, is it not?

So, they, the Chosen Ones, contradict themselves very overtly.

Besides, there is/was no time to develop the diverse biology of black, brown, yellow, olive, etc., ….. races from the 8 Jews. So, if you want to be fickle, where did the others come from?

Must have been a very myopic ‘god’ indeed that directed these Morons and their story!!

But, can’t you see? The story of Noah was to subjugate the rest of us into cattle – worthless, useless, cattle. But the story itself elevates us into the imbecility of the widespread BS, for if we come from the only survivors, we must be genetically, and divinely anointed, Chosen Ones. Oh, what a mess you have created in this false story, dear Morons of the Flood!

So, we can say, without fear of contradiction, that Evil is genetic Stupidity and the Old Testament, in this part at least, is hot, hot BS which has been very poorly thought through!!

Of cours, it’s possible that after this essay those in charge of the Old Testament are going to say the Noah Story is/was only a Myth. But, they did use it to subjugate and suppress us and abuse us and kill us and exploit us. Is that not so? So the Myth served them well for they took it as ‘god’s’ Truth, did they not? Can they have it both ways?

Evil is Evil is Evil, …… always!!

Hooray for common sense. And this is only the beginning of what we can decipher in this book for Chosen Ones.

I’ll describe their victory prize elsewhere. I warn you now, they won’t like it!

So in very brief terms, there you have it.

The story of Noah and the Great Flood as told in the Old Testament is super BS.

Of course a Great Flood did occur, many times in fact, due to cyclic visitations by Planet X. But that is another story and no one turned it into a story of God’s chosen ones charged with power to rule over cattle and maximizing abuse as we shall see, again and again!

So-called Modern Day scholars are a laughing joke as they seek to find the original BOAT that would prove the story of Noah.

There is no rest when it comes to Religious Comedy, no rest at all. The problem is that it turns to Evil Satire, as we see in the attempted murder of Jesus and many others.

Thus, it is easy to demonstrate that the New Testament is not much better, with ‘god’ copulating with the Virgin Mary to produce a son after 50 billion years of the Physical Creation while the Holy Spook looked on! Not telling her beforehand is really amounting to RAPE!

But really! Do you think ‘God”, the Almighty Being, which is an Essence that can manifest on any level of Consciousness, and not just as a copulating Man per se, would be low enough to form a physical body for himself, to have appendages with which to impregnate a Virgin without her knowledge and understanding?

Can you see how moronic that is?

The ones who start these stories think we are as moronic, if not more moronic, than they are.

Wasn’t the supposed ‘cleansing’ by Noah’s Flood enough for Humanity?

Did ‘god’ have to create a ‘Son’ after 50 billion years of this Universe’s existence, so he could be slaughtered to save the Morons that descended, mostly soulless, from Noah’s loins?

Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t we told we are the Children of ‘god’?

If so, why is Jesus now the ONLY Son of God?

The story of accepting the Christ Energy (the energy Jesus was imbued with, as were many others) in order to gain salvation for eternity is as bogus as the Noah Story.

It is a great FRAUD that gives false hope to the imbeciles. But, I will extrapolate on that topic soon.

For now, remind yourself, as this Earth nears its DOOM, that we are in a dimension of Overt Stupidity coming from not-so-Covert Evil!

Stay tuned. More to come……..

Copyright September 25, 2019.
Dr. J Chiappalone