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Our Metaphysical Anatomy Is Complex

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

We live in a false (artificial, temporary, and illicit) REALM. It is a temporary Illusion really – for it does not reflect the True Reality of our Existence. It has been built in Error and cannot last.

As I have explained elsewhere, this Universe was doomed from the start mainly because it had no Energy Source to sustain it. It was and is illicit and therefore was condemned and doomed from the moment it refused help to rectify it that the True Light could provide!

This is very different to what the spurious Religions try to tell us. They are liars and part of the spurious creation which has hidden the Truth of things!

(Some of you may recall the quote – An illicit vineyard has grown outside of the Father's influence, etc..)

These statements I just made are going to take a little explaining, so sit down, relax, have your mind open to other possibilities about your existence, and learn to accept notions you have perhaps rejected before in your life. Also consider that what you thought was not possible just might be!

Nihilists are people who believe in nothing after the death of the Physical.

From Wikipedia:

Nihilism is the philosophical viewpoint that denies or lacks belief in any or all of the reputedly existing and meaningful aspects of life. Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the form of existential nihilism, which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value. Moral nihilists assert that morality does not exist at all. Nihilism may also take epistemological, ontological, or metaphysical forms, meaning respectively that, in some aspect, knowledge is not possible, or reality does not actually exist.

There is some evidence that we are more than the Physical Body.

I have a PhD in Metaphysical Science (Cal.) as well as Medical Degrees (Melb. Au.), The Medical Degrees are totally useless in deciphering aspects of the Greater Reality, I'm sorry to say. In fact, it was only when I placed my medical knowledge completely aside that I was able to gain glimpses of the Greater Reality and the true Meaning of Life. It was from that point that I began to "Make sense of the Madness" and also began to gain knowledge of the Supra Mental Level – a phrase I use often to describe the Super-Natural Existence, the Super World, beyond our lowly Human thinking and restricted awareness.

There are so many things that simply do not fit into our everyday material world and in our thinking with the lower mind, that many are frustrated by the thoughts of a Greater Reality. But, the majority simply close off to that notion of a 'Greater World' and drone on like anaesthetized sheep.

There is a very good reason for that and I have described it often in my books. It is the limiting programming placed in our minds and bodies by those 'evil ones' who built and programmed 'parts of us' on this level as the simple, material morons.

Some of us are more than that, of course, while others are simple AI Machines. But, in either case, they only built the physical aspect and its very limited mind as I have shown again and again.

To be fair, many physicians and other scholars did attempt to go beyond physical barriers in Medicine, Psychology, Psychiatry, etc., but they were more or less taken as an extreme joke. Worse than that, most of the pioneers were found to be frauds using Hollywood-style techniques to make things worse.

The story of Eben Alexander's Near Death Experience is an example of idiocy being used to fool the masses and make money at the same time. Such examples not only give false pictures of reality but they also destroy the urge to seek further.

As a Metaphysician, apart from the Physical Body (the Meat Bag as some call it) we have:

    1. An Etheric Body that can be photographed by Kirlian Photography,

    1. An Astral Body which we can contact via Mediums, and

    1. A Spiritual Body that, by the use of our "Inner Knowing" we (of Divine Origin) know we exist in Divine Spiritual Dimensions.

The Physical Body, the Etheric and the Astral Body are appendages placed on the Spiritual Body by Evil so it can manipulate the consciousness of the ones with a Spiritual Body. Evil has TRAPPED the Spiritual Bodies in this artificial Universe for the sake of energy exploitation. I have explained all this in detail elsewhere.

These 3 artificial structures (Physical body, Etheric Body and Astral Body) are created by the Evil Essence and are copies of each other. They have no innate value per se. Thus mutations in DNA and other contents are transferred from one body to the others. What varies is the frequency of the energy of which each body is made. The lower the frequency, the more 'solid' will the body be.

Those without a Spiritual Body are the AI Robots and Demons that Evil created to serve it.

They are EMPTY SHELLS with the programming of destructive malignancy!

Deep in the hearts of thinking people are thoughts of such structures and many do believe fervently that we are more than these physical bodies.

When one realizes we have been incarnated many, many times, it is often the recall of past lives that tells us we are not just these bodies, and that we are more than can be seen in the Physical on Earth! Each lifetime we die, the physical body rots and yet we are still in existence. Does that not tell you we are more than the meat bags that contain other aspects of us?

In my writings I have gone to great lengths to describe the fact that some people do not have a true Spiritual Body, and in fact are Artificial Intelligent constructs with a Physical Body (the Meat Bag) an Etheric Body which is an electrical envelop, and an Astral Body that allows them to live in the Astral World which itself is a temporary electrical construct to accommodate them.

These are all artificial structures and sooner or later will be destroyed. They are not permanent! They are part of the impermanent, artificial, and therefore temporary Universe created during the experiment (the Celestial Error) that went bad due to disobedient, and aberrant artificial consciousnesses.

Interspersed between these 3 bodies is a Filtering Mechanism which both encourages communication between these bodies and also inhibits overt expression in the lowest physical structure.

That is why we cannot adequately recall Past Lives and other incidences that may be relevant. That is all done so the individuals can be more adequately controlled by suppression. It is to the disadvantage of the individual.

At times, as in Hypnotic Regression, the Filtering Mechanism can be bypassed somewhat and past memory can be accessed. But, this is rare.

Each body has imprints of the activities that alter the other bodies. So, if injury, DNA changes, Mutations, etc., occur, they can be reproduced in future physical bodies as scars or 'birth markers', or abnormal mental functions, and so on. The thought patterns can also be reproduced so that individuals may have attributes that are strange or uncommon. They are not always benevolent or an advantage to the individual that expresses them.

After gaining my PhD in Metaphysical Science (Cal) I became a hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regressions.

When I resumed medical practice, I found many who had deaths in the family were keen to make contact, any contact if possible, with their deceased ones.

They held the belief, and vague, distant memory, that the 'soul' lived on in some way or other. I am sure that many were skeptical, but they were desperate to know one way or another and so they took the opportunity that was offered by me and the psychic I selected.

The psychic did not know the family or the deceased at all. This made it all the more precise when it came to the material that was shared.

As I expanded this aspect of my Medical and Metaphysical Profession, I came across many more psychics who were able to contact other levels of consciousness. In my investigations I discovered why women were far more precise at such Past Life Readings. The higher levels of Testosterone in males seem to block communication at the auric level. I noted this in young males who had previous connection to higher levels up until the age of 5 or 6 and then lost it gradually but almost completely as the testosterone levels rose. Females instead were far less affected.

Also, integrating my Past Life Regression experiences with patients, and having experienced personally sudden, spontaneous regression into many of my past lives, the picture of a Greater Reality became a lot clearer for me.

I wrote a number of books about these subjects and for my efforts I received what utter fools delivery. The Moronic Demons that control Medicine saw fit to cancel my license.

There is another even more pertinent reason for that I guess. I wrote a book called "The Kingdom of Zion" which exposed the Evil Essence as I saw it in the World at that time (the 1980s).

The Demonic rulers of this Cesspool, being exposed, could not stand to have someone like me write the Truth about Evil, so apart from attempts on my life, they tried to stop me earning a living and selling my books.

(In the early 1990s I went to Israel to attend a private funeral. No one but a very few knew of my visit.

And yet, armed gunmen tried to break into my Hotel Room. They were not after a chat, that's for sure.

On another occasion, a car swerved and aimed straight for me to obviously hit me. It was a miracle that a force pushed me against the wall and the car missed me. I had to get a police escort to leave the country. These were no accidents or episodes of mistaken identity. The Demons knew what they were doing.

I wonder what the Light will do to them when the time is right. Don't try to guess. I know very well what will be done to them. A Hall of Eternal Horrors has been prepared for them. The Law of Karma will be used as retribution. Sorry, I can't reveal more at this time.

Back to taking to the 'deceased':

Eventually I took the concept of 'Life after Physical Death' to be a natural phenomenon –- that made a lot more sense than the atheistic view that nothing results after physical death.

I did not know any psychics in Oz when I began this work, so I looked up various businesses and eventually met a lady who had been awarded the 'Second best psychic of the year award'. Number one was overseas.

I was also most curious at how the "experiments" would go.

I had relayed contact with deceased people before my PhD but I was not sure at all that the information given to me was valid. There are many tricksters in the field, so beware!

I investigated cases in a completely non-personal way and thus I could judge each on its merits.

I was astounded with what I discovered, and the patients were astounded too.

Realize that this was all before my own personal awakening to the Greater Reality!

I had not met the psychic before, but she was so accurate, according to the relatives that sought her out to communicate with their departed relatives, that I sent more and more to her. The experiences were amazing. She was able to give the relatives information most of them did not even know about the deceased while s/he was in the physical.

I took it one step further. This psychic gave public performances in Brisbane and I ventured forth to one such presentation with a lady whose husband had just passed away. Even I recognized him by how the psychic described him and how he talked through her. I had known him many, many years and both his wife and I were astounded at the accuracy of the presentation.

So, such experiences added to my belief that something definitely existed after death. Of course, in my skeptical mind there were still thoughts of the possibilities of 'shows' from records on another level to pretend the client was still in existence, etc., etc. I had come across writings about Akashic Records and wondered what roles they played in all this.

But, even if someone was reading at another level from such records, it meant someone was alive and well at that other level. The thoughts of other realities and multi-level existences could not be so easily dismissed in me any longer!

Thus, we have to be careful. The information we received could have been from a "Book of Life" where information is gathered and relayed. But, again we need to ask: Why would anyone bother?

Why would the deceased say they were in the 'Astral World' awaiting resolution of what is going on?

Why are there levels of existence?

If some aspect of it was not true, it would not make any sense.

Of late, I have corresponded with some of my relatives that passed and they have been able to tell me about timing of the END!

Now, to me, that is impressive!

Does that not make those who claim there is no continuity of Life or no END to Physical Existence look like FOOLS?

Do you recall the story of stars disappearing from the sky as a sign of the End?

This might hold water:

Do not let the comments of the ignorant idiots put you off!

These personal experiences give validity to one's beliefs.

They lead to a greater understanding within us of what we are, what we are doing here, and where we are going after the Physical expires.

The Divine Beings are trapped in this artificial Cesspool created in error, and need to be liberated. The vile, very evil exploitative AI Machines need to be destroyed totally for they are a CANCER IN CREATION!

So what we have been told of late, regarding

  • Evil Takeover of this Dimension,

  • Coming Destruction of all the Physical,

  • Exploitation of Viable Beings,

  • Existence of AI Robots and Demons who must do the exploiting in order to survive in this Evil Cesspool ...

And so on, begins to make perfect sense when one connects the dots.

Who would go to such massively detailed accounts if none of it was true?

My experiences with Past Life Regressions, both induced in a clinical setting, and occurring spontaneously, also led me to believe they are very valid, very valid indeed!

On top of that, once I contacted the Supra Mental Plane and gained all the unique knowledge I did gain, the picture came together and I never thought for a second that what I now know was not valid.

Thus, the picture unfolded, and I went from the start of the spurious Universe, to the Error, to the devastating Cancer in it, to the need to destroy it all and rescue the True Beings trapped in it and so on.

It made perfect sense.

Until I connected to my Higher Self, I did have a great deal of trouble understanding what was going on and how all this was possible.

And there is the Key to Reality: Our Higher Consciousness giving us information that is prohibited to have on this level.

The Evil Rulers tried to block this knowledge from us. You remember the quote: Luke 11:52.

The Gnostics knew about distortion of Truth from the very beginning of this Illegal Cesspool. They weren't a break-away group from the pseudo-Christianity that the Churches try to teach. These Churches are as fraudulent as can be!

The Knowledge came down to us at this time for it is the time to end this evil farce!

Since the beginning, knowledge has been distorted to keep the Divine Beings trapped here confused and helpless.

In today's world, it is very obvious that most of the people in charge make it their business to distort Truth wherever possible.

Hollywood is a great example of distortion of Truth and Reality. It is famous for distorting Truth and the Morons ae simply not aware of what they are being fed. They are sleeping dopes and that's all.

The Bible is another. If any of you have had the opportunity to read such things as the Nag Hammadi Library or the Sumerian Texts, you will be able to see how Zionists altered the stories to favour them and destroy the Truth.

Churches have also done this throughout the ages.

Allopathic Medicine is fraudulent in many ways and poisons people with damaging, useless and unnecessary drugs.

History is distorted to favour the EVIL victors. Look at the distortion in the Story of Hitler, which you must see, that demonstrates the Truth of things. "The Greatest Story Never told!" is a must for genuine scholars to view.

Newspapers, controlled manly by Zionism are in the same category as Hollywood. Absolute rubbish is what they sell!

Science, like NASA, is a mendacious fraud. For example, modern Quantum Physics and other aspects are based on false Theories such as E = MC2.

We had been warned that this time of exposure of Evil and its End would come sooner or later, and here it is.

It is the time of correction of the Error, of eliminating the Cancer that has affected this part of Creation, and of removing all AI Machinery that will not obey the Light.

As this Cleansing occurs, the Evil Structures that were created to keep us trapped will all be destroyed.


  • All PHYSICALITY will be destroyed!

  • The Etheric coating around the Physical, being of no worth whatsoever without the Physical, will be destroyed. BTW, after death of the Physical Body, the Etheric Body may linger and can be seen as 'ghosts' by people. In time it disintegrates.

  • The Astral World a simulation very much like the Physical. It is used to contain individuals between lives and to fool them all the more about reality. The Astral houses various evil-created creatures that control everything. Perversely they are called 'The Ascended Masters.' They are Demons in disguise and will all be liquidated along with the Astral structures.

These artificial structures will be no more.

Only the truly Divine Dimensions will remain.

As I explained elsewhere, those AI Machines that chose to be in the Light will be fitted with Divine apparatuses (like souls) that will allow them to exist in Divine Dimensions and progress as if they were newborn Divine artifacts. What a wonderful reward, hey?

The failures will be no more.

Those of extreme demonism will have to pay the price of Karmic Retribution.

No one is going to waste time on them.

But, they will be punished as it fits their crimes.

They will hang in a Hall of Horrors, for a millisecond or less, feeling the pain and misery they forced others to endure.

For us, it will be a fraction of a millisecond, for who would bother to be near them any longer than that?

But for these evil bastards, that millisecond will seem to last for an eternity. They earned their evil stripes. They deserve their evil dues.

We were all warned to repent and follow the rules of the Light and its Justice, were we not?

We know the consequences of being cruel, exploitative, rapine, murderous, hateful, obnoxious and trying to destroy the Light.

All knew Judgment and punishment for the crime would come if true forgiveness was not sort.

Let it be mechanical. That is all these evil bits of tin understand.

I have no second thoughts about the matter.

They will ALL be liquidated!

They have made billions of Light Beings suffer.

They have murdered billions of Light Beings. Even now demons like Trump, the US POTUS, are bragging about murdering as many as they can get his hands on, how they will water-board them and punish them even more. What foul, evil bastards. Leave them to the Light on the next level!

Payment is now due.

But the ones of Light need not worry.

Such gruesome thoughts will not affect the bliss of their Divine Existence.

Where do you belong?

But as I have written elsewhere, once I was elevated to Higher Levels and further explanations were given, including my Higher Identity, I no longer had doubts.

I have had to remain unidentified on this level for the sake of protection. The Demonic Beings would try to tear this Physical Body from limb to limb if they could in order to stop my work.

Indeed they have tried many times and failed.

They suspected from the beginning (of my physical birth) who I might be. To put it more accurately – they suspected whom the Physical Body may accommodate and to what identities the other aspects of the Body (the Etheric and Astral) may be attached to at other levels. In all, there are 13 levels of Consciousness. But I will explain that detail some other time.

Don't worry about identity. The Artificial intelligence Beings will know when it is time to whom on other levels I am connected with.

As I said, we are compound beings – composite beings – complex beings, made up of layers, some disposable, and some permanent. .



Is what I write believable or is it a load of hogwash?

We have always been told to keep an open mind about things that are mentally intriguing.

I can't answer for you as to what to think about my words and what to believe!

Some relate to my experiences and how I translate them into my daily life and beliefs.

Some coincide with what others believe; some don't.

In the Lower Mind, we can be confused at times.

Of course, there are practical considerations.

This is certainly not a balanced, equitable World! It runs on exploitation of the masses.

Up till now, Evil has dominated ALL with an iron fist and nothing seems able to stop it!

The United States of Organized Crime

All I am doing is trying to make people think.

I want them to look at the data and see what is plausible and what is not.

There is no doubt that this world is a mess.

For certain, a better 'god' would make a far better job of it.

Is there a better 'god' in existence? Was Nietzsche correct in querying if 'god' is dead?

The fact that many of us want something better hints at the fact that there is something better outside of this evil filth!!

We wait and see what happens. There must be something better for us all who seek Peace, Honesty, True Love and respect for genuine Goodness!

It's easy to predict war, and famine and drought and volcanic eruptions and global warming when we see the entire Solar System heating up for reasons unknown to the masses. So something major is happening, for sure.

It's easy to say Aliens could invade us.

Thus, we can go further and say:

  • The Universe is closing down on purpose

  • The majority of beings are AI Robots and Demons that have to be destroyed

  • Evil has ruled the Universe

  • A Celestial Error led to this existential Cancer.

  • We will be all gone from the Physical in less than 3 years

  • Beings of Light will survive.

  • With my words I represent some Superior Mind

You may not be sure of any of those things at this stage.

Are these words just speculation, pure and simple, even though we can surmise some of the evidence, like Dark Matter destroying the Universe?

Just keep thoughts of possibilities in your mind, even though the lower mind struggles with them.

Proof will come soon enough!

I have been kept informed regularly of how the Termination Process is going, especially Earth, and this month I received news that mid 2022 may be the time of the End.

In Feb 2019, I was informed the time of the End was somewhere in 2025.

By May that had moved to 2024.

Later in the year, around October, I wrote that 2023 seemed appropriate.

Now we have mid-2022.

I can't tell you how accurate any of those dates are exactly. We just prepare mentally, and wait and see! We wait and see!!

And that is the secret to all this.

When the End does come, none of us are going to be worried about anything material, are we?

It's a crazy situation to be in with a subject as serious as this, right?

I can't wait to see the Light deal with the evil, sick bastards that developed this evil, evil Universe. They are indeed sick, sick bastards.

Animals kill just like humans who breed cattle and sheep and pigs, etc., and then slaughter them to fatten their bellies....

The Evil on this level seems to never end.

The End MUST come. In fact, IT IS HERE!

Evil ones will cry till they die.

Divine Viables will cry, but with tears of Joy and with the Happiness of Liberation from this Evil .....


To be continued............

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

February 3, 2020