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Oregon is Gone!



By Jim Kirwan


The “STATE” of Oregon has gone rogue,

The Republic of California & the State of Nevada are on the edge.

Officially now there are only 49 states left in the USA.


The Disunited States was made up of the fifty states: Each one of which was supposedly sovereign. But for the last two years Oregon has been 'going it alone' by taking the right to have water away from the people of Oregon, and now with the ambush of a dozen people and the cold-blooded murder of LaVoy Finicum ­ all pretense of being a part of the United States has disappeared.

The 'forces' used to effect this crime were assumed to be the FBI and or the Oregon State Police, along with the rogue Sheriff's department of Burns and Harney County ­ but the insignia worn by those who appeared to the public afterward, wore no official insignia at all ­ nothing that could identify those mercenaries as having any 'authority whatsoever' from any US or Oregon agency:

This is what happens whenever any city, county or state chooses to use rogue forces to do what no city, county, state or federal forces could ever legally do. The illegal and unconstitutional act committed on Jan 26 2016 officially severed the rights of the people of Oregon from the rest of the 49 states in the union.

Ironically what is at stake is not the sovereignty of the people of and in Oregon, but the elimination of the people of Oregon: Because the creation of the Monument called the Malheur Wildlife Refuge would return that entire area into a region without people (in red above) ­ which is the definition of the Wildlife Regions that have been created by the United Nations, using the BLM and the US Forest Service to wipe out the citizens in rural Oregon, in order to comply with the conditions shown above.

Given this radical alteration and what this means to the remaining states surrounding Oregon, it is clear that the city county and state officials in Oregon have not defended the people of Oregon from the so-called state & national forces that have invaded Oregon with no resistance from any of the elected or appointed officials, responsible for keeping Oregonians free and safe from the outlaws that are claiming rights that are in direct conflict with the U. S. Constitution and all the natural laws of nature.

Whenever a state refuses to protect its people from the feral government, which in this case is nothing but a private corporation (USI) ­ then the people of that state have both the right and the duty to rebel against these rogue forces to reclaim all their rights under the Constitution.

This is not just about Oregon which has already gone over to the Enemies of the United States ­ this is about every state that has been targeted for takeover as is shown in the map above of the currently targeted takeover that will end all the states and convert us into the eleven Roman Numerals ­ which the Hunger Games described for us, in part, in the Hollywood version of what our supposed “future” will soon consist of.

The map goes global, because it has already divided the entire world into this Roman Numeral series of divisions, that will make the entire planet into one very large and faceless 'territory' wherein no person will have any rights at all: This is what the new Global-Slavery will very soon look like, if Americans don't take the lead and crush this obscenity before it can complete their supposed victory over the entire human race.

The fault lies with the 'audience' that comes directly from national and international APATHY that's finally being challenged in Europe, very late in the game, but at least they're waking up: Unlike the docile and cowardly Americans that have refused to come to the aid of the Americans that stood up against this takeover, only to be left to die by all those who promised that they would be there 'when the time came' to fight these BLATANT Enemies of the United States.

Among those that have deserted us in our hour of need are the so-called militias, the PPN, the Oath Breakers, formerly known as the Oathkeepers, and the Idaho 3% none of whom stood up to the unidentified mercenaries that murdered LaVoy and who ambushed and then kidnapped a dozen others, who are in Solitary Confinement even before they have been “charged or tried” with anything real under the laws of the United States.

All the Oregon judges, the courts and law-enforcement types and the hanger's-on like the prosecutors, politicians at every level and especially the fake sheriff's that have not come to the aid of the real Americans that were victimized by the crimes that the media: Local, state national or international have all failed to cover in this illegal session by the officers of Oregon and their supposedly elected or appointed public officials...



LaVoy's Daughters Speak Out

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