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Oregon Fails Her People

By Jim Kirwan


Governor Kate Brown

She sold out the people of Oregon to USI

She and her like-minded AG ought to be impeached for cause.

The Attorney General of Oregon

This is an except with Amon Bundy in conversation with the FBI yesterday

About 35min into the video-loop: “We're just asking for this to get back into the people's hands, and for the federal government to get back into their cage, so that what has happened to the Hammonds does not keep happening over and over again. The Federal government has grossly overstepped their bounds, it appears that it considers the people as a nuisance almost...

I have some other questions based upon the Constitution: Are you guys (FBI) under the authority of the Sheriff? you do not have the people's authority to be here do you? You don't have constitutional rights to be setting up a facility of what appears to be law-enforcement, and tactical efforts here in this airport: Because as you may or may not know and I encourage you find out: The Sheriff is the one who has the policing power in this area and you either need to go get that or you continue on because I don't think the American people are going to be very happy about that...”

Apparently the gutless Sheriff,Ward who has been rumored to be related to the criminal judge Grasty, by marriage, did actually call in the FBI

... You can bring the Hammonds home to their families. They do not deserve to be there, The federal government abused the constitution or abused the system, even their own (political) system in order to put them there. And that is pretty much a consensus. You can bet the American people across this country know that what happened to the Hammonds was unjust. As you people as 'representatives of 'us', the people ­ you need to listen to us on this one and you need to get the Hammonds back to their families, back to their lives and back to their homes. That needs to happen. That is a must.”

To petition the president to do that? It was the president that put them there and the president is not going to take them out. The Judicial System, the U.S. Attorney's Office ­ they put them there.”

kirwan: Along with the Governor of the State of Oregon and the AG of Oregon, who were the next legal line above 'local power' - who should have rectified this blatant act of double jeopardy as magnified by FBI, BLM and the Forestry Service, long before this issue became what it is today.

This 'problem' is and has always been an issue for the State, in this case Oregon to solve: But the president has ordered the fake-governor of Oregon not to act, or even to comment on this “problem”. The difficulty with that is that no governor should be forced to adhere to the dictates of D.C. - because the states are sovereign over the federal government in this and in every other situation like this, anywhere inside the U.S.

If the FEDS loose this battle then the entire house of totally treasonous cards will fall, because that would open the door to the constitutional destruction of all the already stolen lands, approximately one third of all the land in the U.S. - that would then revert back to the people who actually own all the lands in this nation, except for the minute amount to which the so-called government is legally entitled...

Some of the questions unresolved in Burns are: The illegal charging of the Hammonds in the first instance, which was staged by the BLM yet they were prosecuted by an illegally seated “judge” who is currently still there, even though he's a County Judge (Judicial branch) and simultaneously a member of the County Planning Commission (legislative branch), which violates the separation of powers act in the U.S. Constitution. Then the same genius was then instrumental in getting a second sentencing of the Hammonds, for 'a crime' that was not a crime, because there was no “INTENT” behind any supposed arson the first place. But the real crime was in the additional sentence, after they'd already served jail time and completed that ­ which makes the additional sentencing into double jeopardy which is totally illegal under US law.

Then there was the $400,000 fine, meant to block the Hammonds from being able to hold onto their land; along with provisions that would only let the Hammonds sell their land to the government, if they ever wanted to sell ­ not only illegal ­ that's extortion. Remember that all of this is being backed by a government that's not legal, and hasn't been since 1913.

Command Headquarters, The War on Men 1966

Back to the Interview with the FBI

They need to work their magic like they do in so many other cases against the people. They need to work their magic in this case. You and I both know the president is not going to get them out...

We need to move forward to make sure that this case does not set a precedent. Like I said these things take a little time but that's what needs to happen to assure that we as a people can move forward without this happening again... to make sure that the Hammonds get back to their ranches and back to their families and also to make sure that the people are free and not afraid to use the land as they have rights to do ­ that'll make a lot of things right. That'll turn a lot of things around including the economy, if the people have access to their land and resources, the way that it was intended by our founders; the economy would be able to turn itself around and then we can start working on this debt problem we have with the rest of the world... This has to happen in order to for people to get back on their feet.

The time for talking and just stomping our feet is over, it's time to make this right and it happens on the people's level not on congress's level - the people need to take their claim back on their land and begin using it as their forefathers established ­ they came out - their forefather's established these rights and began using it. It wasn't clear until 1946, the Bureau of Land Management was 'organized' and then they said they were 'managers'. It was actually the late 80's, early 90's when they started actually saying that “now it's ours', rather than the ranchers. And ­ the people at some point have to push back and say “You know look ­ we can't do this anymore” you can't keep taking and taking and taking, because of what it's doing to us. This is a peaceful effort that we can get these things right, but until we have that well on our way, and we're talking practically, in the people's hands, then there's really no way for us to leave the refuge...

...Like I said earlier, the only one's that are going to make this

a non-peaceful event will be you guys.

I want to make sure that the resolution is the Constitution of the United States, now how we get there,,, but I realize we've compromised that Supreme Law long enough; but this resolution must end on the Constitution and its supremacy to all of this.”

The Watchman News 01-21-2016 Repeating loop of Amon Bundy And the FBI

The people of Oregon have a right to expect the officers of their state government to act responsibly for the people of that state, from the Sheriff of Burns to the county judges, the prosecutors, and the Attorney General, all the way through the Governor's office: And to this moment Oregon has massively failed to represent the people of Oregon or the United States because they have allowed their state officials to flee from this problem like a bunch of rabid jack-rabbits on steroids.

It appears that there is clearly NO LAW in this country anywhere anymore. There are only illegally constructed presidential executive orders that are executed mostly by privately created and funded Communist CZARS which are continually flowing from the Tarnished House that used to belong to the people of the United States. - and that totally illegal practice must end with the impeachment of the entire administration that's still trying desperately to finish stealing all the land in these once United States.

'Burns, Oregon' is just the most recent treason to surface: But how this ends will determine the fate of every man woman and child in this place ­ that is why the FEDS cannot let this end as they did at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada; where the feds fled with their broken tails between their crooked legs ­ leaving all their government gear behind them.

That's what makes this issue so damned important, not only for Oregon, but to the future of the USA, if there is to be anything after Burns, Oregon.



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