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On The Right Side Of The Law

By Jim Kirwan


Why did police from seven different states invade Standing Rock?

The answer is because they're using mercenaries,

hired thugs that just work for a buck.


The people they're illegally attacking are there because they took an oath. The natives & the veterans are both there because they believe

in this country & in the U.S. Constitution.


We've been doing the same things to millions of people all around the globe, for the last fifty years and the only difference this time, is that the hired mercenaries are using American weapons to attack the people that paid for them and for their weapons ­ just to be murdered for a private and illegal corporation, that's violating the laws of the United States to steal oil and pollute the water of 17 million people downstream, from this dammed pipeline that will leak and will contaminate drinking water for millions.

The reality is that the reason this country cannot defeat Iraq, despite being there for 27 consecutive years and in Afghanistan for 15 years, without winning anything ­ is because our 'troops' are only there for the bucks while the people we're attacking are there because it's their land, their homes and their people that are being raped and murdered - it's no wonder we can't win ­ because we are the INVADERS just like these thugs on the hills of North Dakota have become.

The money that this government has wasted to supply these uniformed outlaws, was just expanded by another $7 million, to prosecute a totally illegal war they cannot win ­ because the thugs are not there out of any real-conviction, they're only there to make buck ­ and they're not prepared for the climate or the blow-back, from their criminal attacks upon innocent American citizens.

In what universe can this fake-country get away with using the tax money collected from us, to murder and steal from the same citizens and then call their illegal actions “legal activities”?

The Vets are not the old, the infirm or the helpless, they are trained in the various Arts of War that they have used to survive—ergo they are not going to North Dakota to provide live targets for thugs to use for target practice. They may not be armed when they arrive but if the promised confrontations' do take place, it is likely that at the end of the skirmishes the weapons will be in their hands - and no longer in the possession of these amateurs in rented uniforms.

And since the numbers of the Vets is continuing to grow, while the paid for mercenaries continue to fear what might very soon happen to them, as their numbers decline and their morale collapses, in the face of ever growing determined opposition.

Everyone at Standing Rock knows why they're there ­ and those that know they're in the right will win over the pathetically inserted thugs that in reality stand very little chance, even as they've put up a no-fly-zone in the wide-open middle of nowhere, and despite all their toys, the vets have used those same toys for years, and they know their weak points backwards and forwards ­ who would you bet on? The limited number of strangers to invade the area, or the seasoned veterans that have lived in confrontations just like this - throughout their entire military careers?

Today's latest from the government:

Hardly something of consequence considering what the government

& the pipeline owners have already done to the population...

But this development is not my call to make.

ND Police Will Move From Contested Bridge if Protesters Agree to Concessions

The above is happening because this is finally taking place:

Cannon Ball, ND — The much-anticipated arrival of veterans to Standing Rock has begun and it’s happening several days ahead of schedule. According to sources in Standing Rock, veterans began arriving last night and have already confronted police on scene.

As the Free Thought Project has reported, over 2,000 members of Veterans Stand for Standing Rock have planned to travel to the campsite near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, to create a human barrier between protesters and law enforcement this weekend. However, it appears they are a little earlier than expected.”

This confrontation with the fake-government has been coming for decades

so let's get on with it and put a permanent-ending to this illegal Empire

before the coming of the New Year!

After all, all that the water-protectors need to do is to outlast

the fake-troops until January 1, 2017.

Because if the pipeline is not completed by that day

the contract is null and void.



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