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There's Only One Way Out


By Jim Kirwan


The problems we are facing have only one solution.

We must wipe-out the parasite at the core, that has stolen the world

And virtually everything of any value, anywhere in the world.

For the last ten days many have been pounding away at the core issues that have divided us all for the last 103 years: But the only thing the public has elected to “do”, about any of those facts has been stone-cold silence—as if by remaining silent the public can somehow survive whatever's coming next.

Apparently people prefer to ignore the truth about their so-called 'president' as if none of the facts about his communistic, socialist agenda, or his obsessive embrace of the criminally corrupt Muslim views that he's not only supported, but the facts behind his personal embrace of Sharia Law along with the law-less invasion of Europe & the U.S. by literally millions that are hell-bent on the total destruction of any and all forms of life that have not accepted their version of barbarism that's demanding the end of any and all other 'belief systems' ­ everywhere in the world today.

Many people apparently are not choosing to follow

current events when it comes to the level of abject lawlessness,

That has become the “new normal' in the USSA,

Especially over the last ten days.

The documents that clearly label both Obama & Michael as actively pro- Communists, who advocated the same policies that are literally designed to totally destroy both the EU and America, have not been hidden: This information and a great deal more has been exposed ­ yet few have chosen to demand any answers for the reasons that none of this information was ever revealed or debated before Obama was allowed to run for office the first time—or at any time thereafter.

Beyond that this 'nation' has been enslaved since 1913, when the nation accepted the theft of the country by the privately-owned Rothschilds' Banks and their various corporate entities. The open attacks upon the U.S. Constitution can all be traced directly back to Jeckel Island and to the theft of the the constitutional United States.

None of this was was secret, but it rapidly became the only answer to every question about how this nation developed further, to enslave the public day, after day for all that time. In the mid nineteen-sixties I researched these questions and much more, in the days before computers: In answer to the one question that I kept asking:

Why does America Not Have a Public Complaint Department.”

The government's answer was that “that was why we had elections”

because according to officials, elections could fix everything

that had 'gone wrong' within the American government,

Yet since 1913, none of that was ever done.

My answer was to draw my questions that have still not been answered.

See the index in the center

It's easy to see why no one wants to admit that there are real problems

But remaining SILENT only makes everything worse.

And this is what is clearly front and center today and actually has been since almost the very beginning of this place. It all comes back to the U.S. Constitution

that has not been followed in any area of government procedures anywhere today. This is what was at issue on the Bundy Ranch and in the current case of the Hammond Ranch—these confrontations were never about those ranchers: The issue was always about the law-less nature and the behavior of the federal government ­ because the Constitution disallows the government from owning any lands beyond a few government needs and ten square miles in D.C.—none of which is at issue in these two cases of Ranchers that have had their lands stolen and their rights infringed upon by the entire U.S. Government.

The unconstitutional description for the violations of the Constitution are available in these nine-plus minutes of video: If you have any doubts.

What's Really Going on in Oregon


The truth about Obama and his outlaws is in the article

'Dreams from my father' in the link below:

The Truth is Rising

Unless and until the public faces the criminality, the public treason and the war-crimes that this government continues to practice each and everyday: nothing will ever change.

That's why the farce in Oregon, and in Nevada, South Dakota, Idaho and Texas, was all allowed to happen: Because Americans lack the guts to call their government to heel, followed by the total dissolution of all their entirely criminal polices—because only that could take us all back to the the days when we had a viable and functioning Republic and the Constitution.

'Freedom” is not free, and that will be clear when the public decides to face this massive treason, head-on: The people of the old United States have lost every shred of 'legitimacy' that we might have ever had before 1913, but if we don't fix this now, millions of us will die just because of our collective refusal to act.

That is what is at issue today in Oregon. It's not about individuals, it's about the screaming-need for Americans to cut to the chase and get to the point by disbanding the federal government along with all their totally illegal fiefdoms, from the BLM to IRS, and on and on and on. Every branch of law-enforcement is armed and they are pointed directly at the people of this nation. Our military has deserted the people. Our so-called law enforcement has begun to murder over a hundred citizens a month ­ and our courts, the congress and the Tarnished House are all under the total control of Israel: And let's not forget the criminal U.N. that was created by USI & Israel to take away our guns and all our natural resources, by fiat.

We have reached the end of the road Ladies and Gentlemen, because the next invasion is here and is about ready to begin: That's the same invasion here that they've already launched in the 28 nations of the EU.

If you want to stop this then we must collectively demand an end to this government and to all of its criminal enterprises ­ because nothing less will do anything, except to just slow them down a bit. These publicly declared Outlaws must be consigned to prison for life, at the very least: And none of them should ever be allowed to see the light of day, ever again: Unlike Johnathon Pollard which Israel managed to get released, for being the most effective spy for that foreign nest of scorpions who call themselves 'Israel”.

This overview of a number of high-profile events gives us a glimpse of just how messed up everything in the United States had become by the time of the Kennedy years and beyond. That was about half-way into the continuing global-crime wave that United States Inc. had become ­ and this is barely the tip of the iceberg that this nation had already struck, not unlike the real political-Titanic that had already begun to sink us all, well before we got to the 1960's...

Jeff Rense & Robert Morningstar ­ History Repeats Itself

And all this needs to be done ASAP,

If we want to have any chance to survive the rest of 2016.



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