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Only The Lies Are True

By Jim Kirwan


The last few weeks have been just another series of re-runs for every lie we’ve ever told the rest of the world, about what our intentions have been, everywhere that the US War Department has decided to take us to.

The current pretense began as a re-run of the five day war in Ossetia, where the US Puppet in 2008 tried to do exactly what the current coup leader, an international banker in Kiev who stole the nation of Ukraine, is now planning to drag the world into this variation on full-spectrum dominance, beneath a nuclear umbrella, which promises to ignite the planet unless the world surrenders to our collective madness!

International diplomacy can only function if it’s believable. And if the last twenty-five years are any indication: The US and its associated criminals have never told the truth about either our intentions or our actions anywhere on this planet. The position of our targets have varied on this path, but the outcomes have always ended in tragedy for the people of the world. Witness the over twenty years of war in Iraq, compounded by Afghanistan, the total obliteration of Libya, the repeated attacks upon Lebanon, Syria and now Ukraine and those are only the high points. Meanwhile the Palestinians have continued to suffer the illegal-occupation of their nation while the world suffers from Israel’s takeover of the formerly international city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was open to all religions until Israel conquered it and turned it into an Apartheid city and the capital of Israel, in direct contravention of the United Nations and all international laws.

Throughout each of our aggressions; no one could ever believe anything said by the so-called Western Powers: Yet that position continues right up to the present moment; despite the facts that always surfaced after each of the slaughters which proved that we lied.

Here’s the map of the places inside Ukraine that are about to be hit, (On the map to the right) note how close all of this is to Moscow and remember how we reacted when Russia armed Cuba, with nuclear missiles under Kennedy?



Google erased the words and the distances, but on the left the clear dot top-right is Moscow and the lower dot is Kiev. On the right are three of the cities about to come under attack: The lowest one of the three is on the Black Sea, Kiev is to the far left on the river. The point is that this is far more serious for Russia today than the Russia invasion of Cuba was to the U.S. in 1962; when compared with this direct threat to Russia in 2014.

The western media is an entirely criminal consortium and should be charged with massive war crimes for their role in everything that began with Clinton’s slaughter’s throughout the former Yugoslavia and Hillary’s blood-lust that left her with the blood of dozens of women and children on her hands: When Hillary gave the green-light to murder everyone in the Waco Massacre. (Janet Reno the LBGT AG had fallen apart and would not “ok” that Amerikan war-crime).

Russia is not a copy of the old USSR. Russia today has been revitalized and the Russian Bear is not only militarily vigorous and agile: Her economy, contrary to popular belief, is currently about to offer the world the only way out of the impending global collapse. Here’s Russia’s coming of the woman in gold ­ real gold in this otherwise fake world.

In life, about the only thing anyone can really ever trust is the reputation and proven experience of those we live with or do business with. This government can’t ever be trusted again, in any area, as they’ve clearly become the enemy of everything and everyone who stands for anything that involves honor or trust to any degree. The U.S. Inc and the private corporations they serve are collectively the dedicated enemies’ of the free world. They have clearly targeted everyone that’s not part of their global conspiracy so we must remove them, or they will kill us all.

As this weekend begins we are at a standstill with the BLM, the BATF. The BIA and the FBI, whether at home in the West or in Texas: Where the outlaws in US uniforms are set to create another Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee where FBI agents were killed and the native population was routinely murdered for target practice 24-7.

Or lest we forget Hillary’s favorite, in Waco, with her murder of the Branch Davidians in Texas. These attacks and the current attack on the Bundy Ranch must be monitored intently because this fake government is the enemy here as well as the international outlaw that the entire world has come to know and resist.

And of course because the war over Ukraine is about to become the latest military confrontation, we allowed to be created, to try again to punish and encircle Russia with US nuclear weapons: We must watch and resist the crimes that are about to be carried out there as well. This time we used NATO to justify putting US missiles into Poland, on Russia’s doorstep, supposedly to guard against an Iranian missile strike on Poland, another utterly ridiculous lie—those missiles are aimed at Moscow and nowhere else.

The border between Russia and Ukraine will become a white-hot nuclear war, this weekend, unless the people of the world defuse this latest series of U.S. lies that has brought us all to this deadly point in time.

Americans need to take to the streets and demand that we back down, not because we fear Russia, but because we should fear the completely criminal-intent of our Israeli-controlled government that is now demanding that we (you and I) start WWIII. The velvet-gloves were thrown away when we allowed Israel and USI to commit the false-flag attacks on 911. Since that crime, we have not spoken loudly enough to stop anything they’ve been doing to us in every aspect of our lives. The time to resist these deluded-outlaws is now!

Good Luck America, we’re going to need it!


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