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The Only UN Speech Trump Should Have Given

By Patricia Doyle

Dear UN Assembly...

I have found that this organization and the Great United States of America no longer share the same goals and world vision, and it is time for a parting of the ways.

I am therefore removing the United States of America from the United Nations as of this moment forward.  
Furthermore, I believe the UN would feel more comfortable in Africa or the Middle East. and I am ordering the United Nations to leave NY City, and the US, as soon as humanly possible (like yesterday).  I am hereby giving the UN 30 days to vacate its offices and leave.

Moreover, I am immediately withdrawing the United States of America from the UN 'refugee' relocation program.  This ruse is nothing less than the wholesale invasion of America with people sworn to its destruction.  Furthermore, I am ordering the permanent cessation of ALL financial and ANY other aid and assistance to these invaders.  I am ordering the deportation of ALL said 'refugees' back to their countries of origin…which shall all be billed for the costs involved.  If they refuse to pay, I will levy sanctions on them and all nations doing business with them.

The United Nations did not and does not fully vet these so-called 'refugees' and no serious health screening was ever performed on them.   Consequently, diseases like TB, Measles, Mumps Chagas Disease and all other once-eradicated diseases are coming back to the US.  I am directing the CDC to mount an immediate and thorough effort to seek out and treat all Americans who may have been infected by these 'refugees'.

Thank you, and Good Night.  


It is time for the UN to take its Globalist 'refugees' and leave America forever.

Patty Doyle