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One Packet Of Aspartame
Killed Me 3 Times In 24 Hours

By Reigh Parker-Burch


This part of my learning about Aspartame was very unexpected and shocking. I had only been married two months, to my wonderful husband Bill. With some business complications going on in my life, plus the new marriage and other assorted situations, I was at a fairly high level of stress. The good news of this story, is that I had just had my hair done. My husband, Bill, suggested we go to the new restaurant that just opened in Kingman, Arizona. It was supposed to have very good meals with a touch of organic foods thrown in.

 We reached the restaurant at a fairly busy noon hour, and we were courteously shown to our booth. I decided to have a light meal which was a small dinner salad and a glass of iced tea. To this day I recall picking up a packet of Aspartame. I also had one or two bites of my salad. Remember I was a Nutritionist and had just fallen in love with my “junk food junky”. So I picked up the packet and Bill said, “I just heard that stuff is dangerous, and can kill a rat or mouse, what do you think?” I quipped back, “Well, I’m certainly bigger than a rat.” Those are almost the last words I could recall for the next 24 hours.

    The next light memory was that I was on the floor of the restaurant. The cook had swiped my mouth clean and had determined that I had choked on my salad. He felt the Heimlich maneuver would clear the problem. In truth I had been placed on the floor because I had a seizure at the table. It was a Jacksonian seizure, Note: I had never had any major seizure problems, other than Petit Mal as a child through 21 years of age. I was told I had turned blue and gray and they discovered it was only a bite of salad. Because he did the maneuver, I had started a series of Grand Mal seizures.

 Finally, someone called for an ambulance to take me to the hospital because I was not coming around. I thought maybe I was dying. I had flat lined on the floor of the restaurant. I was put into the ambulance and I flat lined again. The next thing I remembered is the ambulance person accidentally bumping the door of the ER with the stretcher. I was suddenly awake for a short period of time, and then I had a light seizure. I was placed in a small room in the ER to be monitored. I partially rested.  

 I was exhausted. Heavy seizing that I just experienced, made me feel like that I had been in a football game or wrestling match because I hurt all over. I was in and out of consciousness and when I was aware I started seizing again on and off for six hours. I was extremely thirsty and I heard a nurse say, “You don’t want to give her water,” however, somebody decided that maybe I could have a little sip. My next recollection was that I was on a table surrounded by Dr.s and nurses who were saying, “Code Blue, and that they were losing me.”

 I had a slight recall of them tearing my brand new outfit open to get at my chest to do compressions. The pain was excruciating. Yet this next part is the most unbelievable thing I've experienced.  As I suddenly felt my whole being gently ascending upwards towards the ceiling. There was a flash of a happy feeling that overcame me and I experienced zero pain after hours of not being aware of what was happening to me. I glanced at the positioning of everyone around the table and what they were wearing. I then saw the monitor and it showed I had flat lined yet again. I was technically dead.

 Just at the entrance of the light from above, I suddenly heard my husband crying and in a flash I thought, “Well, I might as well go back.” So I did. BOOM! I was back to the horrific pain and suffering and feeling terrible. For some wonderful reason, my heart started beating at a more normal rate. The next memory I have is of a very friendly Dr. looking at me and saying, “You have had quite a day.” I asked if I could go home and he of course said no that I needed to stay there and he was going to have a Neurologist come and see if he could figure out what had happened to me.  I was taken to the ICU, and they sent Bill home so I could rest. They sedated me enough so I was semi-comfortable. This started my nine day stay over one packet of Aspartame!!!

    I had awakened the next morning and there was a native lady in the ICU with me as a patient. I asked her why I was here. She told me she wasn't sure and that she was there to control her blood pressure. My IV was my “food source”, along with the liquid medications. The friendly Dr. came in and said to me that two Neurologist’s were flying in from Phoenix. They were to determine what in the world could have created such a drastic seizing when I was not on any medication for it. They were also to determine what medication I needed to be on to not have a reoccurrence of another seizure.

    Now to talk about my nine day stay, of which mostly I was in the ICU. My new surroundings when I came to the hospital were hard to adjust to. Due to the extent of my multiple seizures, my memory and other ways were temporarily out of commission.

    A good example was when my husband sat by my bed. I kept asking for my real husband to be brought in. Bill became very shook at my words. I couldn’t seem to remember the call button; and because my heart was hooked up to a machine. I set off the alarm on the bed when I when I attempted to crawl over the railing to get to the bathroom. I was bewildered to see so many worried nurses and aides come running in.

    Another sad occurrence was that my previously thick textured hair began some heavy shedding. For a beauty shop addict, this was bad news!!!

   The strangest occurrences was when the second Neurologist decided to “test” me for the origin of the seizures. He had a mallet and a spike and proceeded to tap on my forehead and other parts of my head. He was trying to see what part of the brain that the seizing was coming from. He was determined to find the “hot spots”. Fortunately, my roommate screamed at him to stop! She pushed her call button to get help because she didn’t understand the experiment he was doing on me.

    As a finale on this neurological “healer”, he said that when I recouped some more, he wanted me to come into his office without sleep, Note: sleep deprival plays a big role in seizures. He actually said, “I would be tied to a chair for the experiment and there would be a lot of sharp sounds. Doing this triggers seizures. When I questioned him about such a drastic testing process, he said he would feel better if he could see it for himself how bad my seizures were. I never kept another appointment with him.

    Anyway, with all “tests” completed, it was determined that I have hypersensitivity to many chemicals and that Aspartame is the worst one of all. There had been two or three accidental bites of that dratted artificial sweetener; and the seizures have been extensive, threatening and hard to control.

   This testimony of the killer Aspartame is 100% true. Please don’t think I was just an isolated case. This trash substance is cumulative, addictive; and may do a slower death. Some partakers end up with that horrible disease, Lupus. Others might have serious sexual reactions. Over 72 known other reactions that may occur with this harmful “ingredient”. No one escapes this harmful poison. It will more than likely effect each individual who partakes of it.
    You can find extensive answers from that cute southern gal, Dr. Betty Martini, who runs that wonderful Mission Possible. She will open your mind to more truths. To find out more, go to

    I would like to ask you to read my newest book, “Conquering The Incurables”. This long awaited book is a sequel to Dr. H. G. Bieler, author of “Food Is Your Best Medicine”. The other half of the sequel should be coming out in early spring. That title is, “Bieler, Birch and Beyond”. Look for these titles in leading book outlets.

    I wish all of you reading this will carefully consider not only eating with care, but also learn all that you can about Aspartame.

    The reason I get so totally “worked up” about this mess is that I am an activist for children’s rights because they cannot speak for themselves, and they should be protected from this type of harm to their bodies.

    Thank you for your time,

 Reigh Parker-Birch.


 Reigh Parker Burch, Mission Possible Minnesota is a nutritionist  and journalist and works very hard to let the world know  aspartame is not only a sweetener it is a killer, a terrible chemical poison.  It may masquerade as a safe additive but in reality it is a poison.  Just read the titles of books on aspartame, "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills", "While Science Sleeps:  A Sweetener Kills", "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic".  It is a killer that has caused a global epidemic.  Technically it is an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic, genetically engineered drug. adjuvant, seizure triggering agent and teratogen.  Translation:  Poison!  Beware!  "Genocidal:  Keep out of reach of humans" should be the warning on the container.  Dr. M. Alemany who did the famous Trocho Study said aspartame will kill 200 million people.  Reigh Parker Burch continues to write books including the one she mentions just released.  Two more coming.  She has devoted her life to warning the world so others will not suffer what she has.  She recently was given aspartame in a nursing home and had another seizure.  She is fortunate to be alive.

 Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum, Founder
 Mission Possible Intl,,
 Aspartame Toxicity Center,



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