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One Of Hillary's Most Foolish,
Asinine Statements Yet

By Patricia Doyle


Hello Jeff - I heard part of Hillary's interview on a local radio station and the host and Hillary were talking about terrorism, specifically NYC and Las Vegas.  Hillary made one of her most foolish and asinine statements yet.

Hillary:  "Americans must come together and show the terrorists."   By Americans, she meant both Muslims and Americans but we both know that the refugees aka Muslims are NOT AMERICANS AND NEVER WANT TO BE EVEN CALLED 'AMERICAN', let alone embrace and respect our culture.  

Her solution would be to take in MORE 'refugees.'   I do not understand why the public cannot see that these 'refugees' are not here for American values.  NO, they are here as part of a jihad, a war, to take over America and create a western Caliphate.  The African blacks and Muslims want no part of a better life for themselves they want stone age living and warlords.  How can anyone who practices cannibalism understand and appreciate America and Americans?

We do not need to 'come together' with the Third World African and muslim 'refugees', we need them gone, GONE HOME.  We need to get out of their countries and they out of ours.

My blood boils when I hear stupid and asinine statements.

The Jews are behind bringing this Third World rapist filth into the West.  They have corrupted our media and TV and movies…and by inarguable extension, the minds and hearts of countless millions of young Americans.  

Now the Jews are not even hiding their plans for a Greater Israel.  I had the map of Israel sent to me via International fellowship of Christians and Jews. They are moving the trouble-making Muslims and blacks out of the Middle East and Africa.  Note in that map they already include the Golan Heights and Gaza and into parts of Saudi Arabia.  Trump's effeminate son-in-law, Jared Kushner, just made a clandestine trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia.  My guess is that it was about Israel making Jerusalem the capital of Israel and, eventually, GREATER Israel.  The map also shows a Jewish Jerusalem and the West Bank.

We must fight for our very survival and that means all refugees must go. At the very least all Muslim and African refugees from 2010 and onward to the present must go.  NO MORE (economic NOT political) 'REFUGEES' FROM AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST.  in fact, no more refugees at ALL.

As the Muslim refugees grow, terrorism does not abate, it gets worse.  Look at Europe.  As their numbers increase the terror events increase.  NOW is enough.  Americans will not tolerate America becoming a stone age caliphate.

We gave them a chance and now it must end.  No more foreign school visas either to Muslims and Africans.  America first.  Too bad Donald Trump forgot his promise to keep America First.  Donald Trump is a man on an ever-shortening leash.

Political correctness ends now.

Why must it always be the Americans and Europeans, in other words, why must it always be the WHITES who must reach out to the Africans and Muslims?  That insanity must end…NOW.

The black African negroes and Mideast dregs and their mutilated woman, NEVER reach out to Christian American or European whites, so why must we have to reach out to the very people who want to kill us?

They came here for money, food, medical care and free housing and cars.   And THAT is IT.  Why are these Muslim rapist, terrorist, economic refugees allowed to rent vehicles or get driver's licenses? Or to VOTE?   Why are they allowed to walk freely around our cities and towns, attack our people and rape, urinate and defecate in our streets?   Have we gone MAD?   

Other countries do not allow immigrants to drive cars, rent trucks and vehicles.  If we immigrate to Israel, for example, as a Christian American, we would NOT be given driver's licenses, or rental vehicles or be able to go anywhere we wish.  Mexico will not allow foreigners to own sea coast land and homes.  We can buy them but we must choose a Mexican born citizen to own the property we bought.

Refugees are GIVEN all rights of American-born citizens, and this is, of course, is the very definition of national insanity.  They can go anywhere they like in our Country.  We allow them to walk around our reservoirs and enter military properties and massive public works and infrastructure facilities.  My guess is, if I put on a burka, I would be able to get into walk where I please, even into areas many American citizens cannot go.  I can always yell the government is prejudiced against Muslims or yell 'racist.'  Covered head to toe they would have no idea if I were black, so I can yell any kind of hatred I might want.

I bet I could even get into Camp Hero and jump the fence by the radar tower under which are tunnels leading where the Montauk project was carried out.  

We must stop taking these deadly enemies of America and freedom into the US.  We must deport the Muslims and black Somalis and other sub-Saharan Africans.

We now have an airborne form of plague spreading from Madagascar to East Africa.  It has also spread to the Seychelles and Mauritius by those running away from Madagascar.  Mark my words, by 2018 we will see this black death reach Italy, and onto Europe then from the UK it will head to the US and North America.

IF we do not implement the EXISTING CDC health laws governing immigration, we will see a Black Death the likes of which will make the Middle Ages black death seem like a tea party in May.

Traditionally,  we have seen in Africa that when outbreaks like Ebola occur, the black people run away from quarantine areas and bring the diseases with them to new countries.  We have seen people dress up corpses of relatives and take them on buses to be buried by African ritual burial.  That is one of the many ways ignorant, brain-challenged Africans spread Ebola quickly and efficiently

As long as these refugees do not care if they bring diseases to their supposed new, adopted countries - and they don't and never will - we have to protect our own and make sure that no refugees are brought to our shores while any such a deadly disease is spreading. The CDC laws governing immigration were implemented for a protect Americans from exotic disease outbreaks, pandemics and death.

As the Italians will tell you, a majority of the refugees from Africa, Syria and Pakistan are MENTALLY ILL.  Italy is struggling with mentally ill refugees.  How can anyone not understand African and Middle Eastern Islamic countries are deliberately sending their mentally ill to the West?  Castro sent his incarcerated, dangerous prisoners and sex offenders, as well as arsonists, to the US during the Mariel boat lift.  He opened the doors on the cells of the Mental institutions and sent his mentally defectives and criminals to the US.

One result was the arson of the Happy Land Dance club and the deaths of over 80 young people.  Also American tax payers had to pay for the incarceration of Castro's mentally ill and criminals many still locked up in American jails...instead of Cuban jails and insane asylums.

Europe is dying at the hands of criminally insane Black Africans and Muslims.  They are on the streets of Europe menacing, beating, gang-raping and killing European whites.

Time to end the insanity.  It's NOW of NEVER.  These criminals and criminally insane must be forcibly deported from what's left of Europe, and the US which still has a chance.  We must tell the UN to keep their refugees...and if the UN doesn't like it they can leave NY and set up in Africa.  In fact, it is decades past the time for the US to quit the UN and eject it from our nation.   The UN is nothing less than a zionist, globalist tool and implementor of the New World Order.  What is it about those words you don't understand?  

I repeat…it's NOW or NEVER.  The clock clearly reads 11:59…and the final 60 seconds are counting down.  Our magnificent heritage, our culture and our Founding Fathers are counting on us to prove them correct and to acknowledge and honor their enormous sacrifices so that we may continue to have and to enjoy life and citizenship in the greatest nation in perhaps all of recorded history.  We simply must not fail them.