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The Trump Sellout - Step By Step To Total Collapse
One Down 321,999 to Go

By Jim Kirwan


Billionaire banker David Rockefeller dies aged 101

With the first of these global-outlaws now finally dead, the entire panoply of treasonous obscenities has altered the mix of the blatant enemies of America, at the top of their org-chart: Instead of just The Clinton's the Bushes and the Obama clan, we can now add the entire Swamp, lead by the Trump Clan if the public is to get a grasp on the scale of what we've always been up against.

Here's the core of their legacy

that began with a the original Snake Oil Salesman

Anonymous: US Citizens, This Is What They Don't Want You To Know

One Hour 10min 39 sec VIDEO

When you listen carefully to who exactly has been brought into the government officially, it is impossible

not to understand just how totally the United States has

already been captured.


Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

Had the public known about the more than 70 major banks that Trump is over the top with: That information could have been easily seen in his taxes, but none of that was ever revealed to the public.

Because of his colossal business failures, the only way out from under Trumps debts, was to sell-out his family and himself to Israel. With this in mind it's clear why Trump has done what he continues to do against the people of the United States and for the Criminal State of Israel. Trump is a traitor not a patriot.

24min 03sec. VIDEO

"Trump was chosen by FREEMASONS ILLUMINATI & JEWS ZIONISTS Has their third option to deceive people

This video above is about the direct influence of

the Council on Foreign Relations,

The Rockefeller's and the UN.


We are very near the end of this chapter in human history,

because we are clearly racing backward to the Seventh century,

while we continue to deny everything that originally led us

from that barbaric point all the way to the so-called Twenty-first Century.