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Once There Was A Constitution


By Jim Kirwan


And Then There Was None


“Charges” were finally announced Wednesday ­ in this totally bogus case that has dragged on for weeks without even so much as a hint concerning who was being charged with what crimes in particular.

Meanwhile American citizens were ambushed and fired upon, two were hit, eight were kidnapped, one was assassinated and yet no charges have been brought against any of the still unnamed uniformed-personnel that committed real crimes, against American Citizens, and their property!

“In the courtroom, five of the 26 defendants charged with conspiracy to keep federal employees from doing their jobs during the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge groped their way through objections to U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown's description of their rights..

“You are presumed innocent,” Brown said at the arraignment hearing on Wednesday. “That can only change in one of two ways. Either the government can prove you are guilty of a crime or you can voluntarily and knowingly give up that presumption of innocence by pleading guilty. But I don't expect any of you to choose the second option,”

One by one, Brown asked all of the defendants how they answered the charges against them and whether they understood their rights. They all pleaded not guilty and most answered Brown's questions with either a curt “yes ma'am” or a nod of their heads.

But five defendants ­ Aamon Bundy, his brother Ryan, David Fry, Ryan Payne and Jason Patrick ­ took issue with the fact that, despite Brown's assertion that they are innocent until proven guilty, they're locked up.

Montana electrician and militia member Ryan Payne was the first to speak on that point. “It's difficult to understand the presumption of innocence when I've spent the last month in jail, led around in chains.” Payne told the Judge.

I understand your point.” Brown said “Thank you.” Next up was Ryan Bundy. “We are being treated as guilty, so I don't understand the presumption of innocence,” he said. Jason Patrick was more pointed in his criticism. “I understand I have no rights at all because the federal government can do whatever it wants.” Patrick said to a smattering of applause.

Final Malheur Refuge holdout David Fry echoed the other defendants' concerns. “I understand my rights.” Fry said. It's just weird to be presumed innocent while I'm shackled up...”

The current charges carry a maximum of six years in prison and a $250,000 fine. But U.S. Attorney's Ethan Knight and Geoffrey Barrow said Wednesday that more charges were on the way now that the FBI has wrapped up its processing of the crime scene at the refuge...”

In every other case I've ever followed, the charges always came first, followed by arrests of those who were charged and were either then held or released pending the formal charges against them. In this show-trial, everything began by attacking people, that had not been charged with anything—yet: Followed by detention, in Solitary Confinement without charges, until the clearly-criminal government could put together some kind of federal case that has never made any sense at all to anyone except to those who have always had an agenda about these people since 2014 ­ which is one hell of along time for the government to hold a grudge, when and if any crimes had been committed in Nevada, those people who the government has now arrested should have been charged and arrested then ­ not now!

All of that happened because the people they wanted to arrest at gunpoint in 2014, were met in Nevada by legally-armed people who were unwilling to just surrender, because they were armed and the feds ran away once they discovered that their criminal actions against those lawfully-living and working ranchers was all just pure bullshit!.

That outcome led directly to this entirely false version of what the people who went to Oregon to try to aide the Hammond Family, in retaining the rights to their own lands and property—because the Hammons' were victimized by Double-Jeopardy charges that ended with the Hammonds going back to jail a second time, for something which they had already served time and paid a $400,000 fine for - even though that too had been an illegal charge.

The “aid” the Bundy's and protesters brought into Oregon was education based knowledge about the fully-legal-rights of all Americans, when confronting this gang of outlaws that are still calling themselves “the government.”

There was no “takeover” whatsoever. There was a peaceful gathering at a government refuge, which the government never did physically dispute, much less threaten to arrest anyone for—until the government took over Burns Oregon with troops and pretended 'protester's that were actually FBI, BLM, IMF agents who followed and shadowed the people of Burns, claiming to be the same few people that were waiting at the Refuge to talk with anyone that wanted to see for themselves what and who those people were and are that came to Oregon to talk..

Every peaceful effort to meet with the people in Oregon was sabotaged by the government. Then the thug cops and the Oregon State Police began pointing guns at people and demanding to see I.D. from residents, while blaming their own behavior on “the threat” that never existed at the Refuge, or anywhere else - despite the fact that the few that were there had done nothing illegal.

The “OCCUPIERS” did not draw their weapons or point a weapon at anyone—yet they are the one's being charged while the assassin's and the terrorists go free. This trial is a travesty in and of itself, and should be stopped: Those arrested should be “free-to-go” while their accuser's should all be arrested and held in Solitary Confinement until the public can decide what to do with them.

Moreover those that were treated like criminals should be compensated by at least a million dollars apiece ­ so that events such as this one will never be repeated again—apologies from the courts or the government no longer have any meaning to the public they've been torturing, tasering, raping and killing by well over a hundred people a month now. It's that or this situation will begin to spread like wildfire over the wider nation—because none of us is allowed to get away with MURDER ONE, yet every cop, every politician and especially every traitor to this country gets away with this or some variation of this, each and every day...

“[T]his is just a continuation of government trying to protect its own power, government taking land that does not belong to them from the people,” Bundy’s statement read. “This is a continuation of them overreaching—going far beyond their constitutional bounds and showing that they are willing to use the court system to prosecute people that were defending their rights; defending their property. And don’t forget what happened at the Bundy Ranch: that they killed cattle, that they Tased people, that they threw women on the ground, that they sicced their dogs on pregnant women, that they gang-beat men to the ground for filming them with their iPad. And that they set up a First Amendment right area and saying that you cannot protest outside those corrals. Don’t forget what happened at the Bundy Ranch and how important this is that we make a stand.”

Santilli, the controversial renegade broadcaster, plans to fight the federal charges, arguing his activities are protected under the First Amendment. The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon even came to Santilli’s defense recently in a published letter from its director, although they are not officially representing the outspoken media personality.

“This is a 50-year-old guy with no history of any violence,” Thomas Coan, an attorney representing Santilli, recently told reporters. “Everything the government is claiming against him is based upon either his speech or his using speech to assemble people.”

From all indications, the Bundys also plan on fighting the federal charges currently pending against them. AFP will continue to follow this developing story."



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