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Once Upon A Time...

By Jim Kirwan


That time I’m referring to came after the Second World War and just before the Hippies fell apart. The actual trigger for this growth was fostered by the advent of the men in gray-flannel suits.

This marked the rise of America’s infant capitalistic-corporate-types, in lockstep, with their freshly-formed military-industrial complex that was just beginning to get its criminal-bearings upon what they saw as an entire world just waiting to be screwed and captured.

At that time most people were still real, because the addictions to unlimited power and the lust for dirty-money hadn’t yet seized the planet, as it has today. One consequence of that freedom was that there really was a very different kind of world here then: Those who lived that world did not look to “cults” to “ISM’S” or to “IST’S” to define the lives they were very busy living.

Instead many chose to try to move beyond our heritage of colonial-criminality into a world that could take a new kind of humanity to whole new world where talent, integrity and hard work could finally be the catalyst that would allow us all to breathe free again: As it supposedly had once been, during the much earlier Italian Renaissance.

Science & the Arts were again standing on the edge of real possibilities. All that was missing was the funding. Promises filled the air and American’s were anxious to leave the war-torn past behind, in favor of a real future, for most to share in, from the creating to the profits earned.

WWII” had torn away the sentimental and naïve blinders that had shielded millions from the reality behind how this nation came to be! Thanks to the G.I. Bill, millions of returning vet’s took advantage of the chance and went to colleges across the land. “Education” as a reality still existed then!

That unforeseen outcome quite literally enraged the Rockefeller’s because they had planned the Fall of American Education to happen long before now.

The WWII vet’s that chose that course were for the most part serious about the future, for themselves, their families and what they saw as possibly a rededicated-nation. A nation in which they could finally begin to live their formerly ‘impossible-dreams” to the hilt!

Not everyone here was enchanted by the possibilities. In the fifties there was “the Beat-Generation”. They were educated and very disappointed in how they saw the world, as they jumped-in to make their way in it. That deteriorated into drugs, sex and manifestos that faded quickly as the Hippies began to drown out the literate and academic writings of the Beats, amid their personal convictions which drifted off into distant longings…

In the same 1950’s the CIA undertook one of their few major success stories. They were charged with undercutting the traditional arts, worldwide. Using the power of Jewish money and their own clandestine influences, the so-called art-world disappeared into Abstractions and Deconstructions that severed the traditional-bonds that once connected people to their own private worlds. That was to be created thru images and sculpture that once rang with what the world had once looked-like to billions of people. That ended my career before it began, but it wasn’t personal, they did that to all of us that still wanted to keep “the arts” alive.

One little irony was personal. When I was noticed and my file with the FBI opened in 1964, there was a side-note to all of that. Whenever any of the early nanny-state-whackos reported me to the FBI or to any of the other agencies: What they did not know was that the first thing that always happens is that ‘the agency’ first opens a file on the person who turned me in to them. I took some pleasure from that fact; because it was a kind of perfect justice, for those who hated the very-idea that people like me could even exist!

The end of WWII also brought with it the determination of those ancient criminal-élites who believed it was finally time to murder this nation and convert our dreams to nightmares. Far from escaping the “wars”, the elites had decided they would turn our recently adopted passions for progress, into perpetual and unending global-wars that would put an end to “the global-folly of peace” for all time!

Then they would step in and harvest the bounty that these new-children had produced and turn their new-found “promise”, into total global-control that would crush the upstart-freedoms, like just another bunch of insects, to done away with on their road to finally becoming the promised “Chosen-People” which they’ve been seeking to be for thousands of years!

These clearly opposite visions clashed over the outburst of Baby-Boomers in their celebration of themselves as “The Flower Children”. The Hippies ironically were the vehicle that gave rise to all the same poisons that we’re still dealing with today. Almost no one at the time ever saw this one coming, including me: Such an outcome was just too fantastic to even-remotely be possible: “Not Here, not in America”, this had to be nothing but a wildly-twisted political-freak of nature—a pipedream for criminals that common-sense would put an end to—but it didn’t!

There was a third-wheel in this conflict between freedom & slavery. The baby-boomers were a global-fact-of-life that ran roughshod over every nation and almost over all established norms, left over in very distant places that had also hungered for the end of war and for the flowering of new ways to deal with the problems of the world. The hippies and their flower-children simply ended up masking the real threat that had come to kill us in our billions.

The 70’s picked up where the death of Hippies left off. By the time the 1980’s made their début a new course had been set by the disinterred Robber-Barons. These global-criminals had been globally-angry for just over 40 years. But with the shift they were finally beginning to rise from their collective graves—again!

The world did not track what was happening, because entire era’s had changed. This happens to every generation. The children of their parents tend to rebel, and so it goes; back & forth and back again but when that happened with the baby-boomers, they were totally different—because of both their size-as a change-factor and the global-connections, to them, which gave their continuous outrages the full heat of global-alterations even when they did the least important things…

Forty or fifty years are not a long time in human-history—but in the middle of a single lifetime that kind of time period can seem immense. Add to that the fact that this is no longer about regional wars—this is about a potentially nuclear war that if it begins could easily end the human race. That’s why this matters! It’s also why most of us must care and we must come together as ordinary people or we’ll all just be footnotes in the lives of global-criminals who will feast on what remains of us, as the road-kill, which they believe must be erased!

The Eighties marked the advent of the “Me, MY & MINE” generation when “Greed was always Good” and where only suckers ever played anything straight. Profits, the markets, insider-trading and corruption incorporated were all getting a whole new-start in a world where there were suddenly no limits on anything!

Everyone” seemingly thought that this must be the best of all worlds, because there were virtually “no-rules-anymore” for anyone, or so it seemed.

By the time Poppy took over from Reagan, everything that had been in dispute had already been hardened into blood-drenched-facts. Death-squads and smuggling had their own way of life along with guns and drugs, sex and the sale of illegal body-parts, not to mention pornography and the ever-expanding field of traitors everywhere.

But, thanks to the behind-the-scenes scrubbing, of global-solidarity and censorship that we’re dealing with now: Everything that had already happened has been very carefully secured for the criminals and in direct opposition to the public. This nation is locked-in to the current nightmare that Clinton was charged with setting-in-political-stone.

That’s the why and the how the line of semi-restrained “presidents” came to an end, with Clinton’s term. Bush junior then opened the way to total-dictatorship and “no one with a podium” has looked back on any of this, since the beginning of the “new millennium”!

It was not always this way. And no matter what happens, if there is anything left of the planet, there is no doubt that everything will change again—I just doubt that there’ll be much left to matter! (1)

1) The Backlash



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