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"On US Soil"

By Jim Kirwan


The people of the United States have been undergoing several massive crime waves since the beginning of the Bill & Hillary regime. What we have been experiencing now is nothing less that a full scale war upon every man woman and child in this country ­ the only thing absent has been a full-on military assault upon the nation by the criminally controlled feral government, masquerading as the legitimate armed forces of the country.

What we have been able to see is the nearly completed shell, above, that is meant to turn our cities into prisons, while they continue to cut us off from the natural world and from the real life that most of us once enjoyed...

The last 'selection' was meant to complete the above lockdown ­ but Hillary lost, and along with that massive failure, the nation seemed to have a real opportunity to finally turn everything around. Listen to this interview conducted just three days before the selection ­ because this includes most of what Trump promised he was going to directly address ­ not “maybe-sometime-later”: But these crimes were to be Trump's first consideration—which was why he won.

Jeff Rense & James Fetzer - Hillary, Huma, Sex Scandals & More

21min 55sec VIDEO

What Americans seem to have forgotten is that most of these crimes originated “On U.S. Soil” - which makes them not only crimes but crimes against the Constitution and the Republic, because those doing these crimes have already sworn allegiance to foreign powers, over their supposed oath, to protecting and serving the United States of America.

The public already has all the information, no further “investigations” need to be opened ­ all we need to do is act on what we already know.

In the case of Obama, both he and Michael should be arrested on January 20th at 12:01 pm for Grand-theft and Fraud by U.S, Marshall's, as he and his male-partner, who's pretending to be a woman, attempt to leave the podium. Their basic crime was impersonating normal people, with a family when the kids they have were rented, and are not their flesh & blood ­ which makes the billions that have been spent on the Obama's as a family a massive fraud upon the taxpayers that paid out all that money to maintain the fake leadership of the United States of America.

Everything else which includes being a global-war-criminal, a lying con artist, a Muslim instead of a Christian, and a communist just the prologue to the tens of thousands that have died on his 'watch'. Not to mention all the thousands of fake laws he's written ­ or the fact that his entire career had only one purpose throughout - which was and still is the absolute desecration of the people of the United States.

At the same time, Attorney General Lynch should also be arrested for the coverup and complicity with Hillary Clinton Chelsea Hubble and Bill Clinton for their complicity in major crimes committed by the totally illegal Clinton Foundation ­ that must be seized and their officers arrested and held for treason against the United States—while all the assets of the Clinton Cash Machine must be seized under RICO while the prosecution moves forward.

The child pornography, the sex trafficking, and all the key players in the Pizzagate, together with the Podesta Brothers, along with Huma Abadein and the key players from that side of the massive blackmail and sexual perversions, as well the blatantly criminal elements within the Democrat and Republican party's and their privately controlled assassins; the records of which, already exist. There are over thirty years of filth and crime that remain unpunished ­ which Trump initially promised to act upon before he was elected: However within 48 hours,, after he clearly had the nomination ­ Donald Trump began to systematically deny that he was actually planning to do any of the things described above ­ which has been what is altering the public view of “the man” who has suddenly reverted to being just another corporate shill...

'Here are TWO hugely important articles that underscore some of the major discrepancies behind both the current TRUMP positions and any successful way forward - This should begin by putting the rolly-polly Loretta Lynch on the front lines in North Dakota - on the side of the protesters so she can face the mace, the water-cannons, the grenades and the rubber bullets and then she can tell us all about the basic laws that rule in this complete cluster-fuck - which her department started when they rode roughshod over all the legal-treaties that the US signed with the native-people - not to mention the RIGHT TO CLEAN WATER THAT WAS SUPPOSEDLY GUARANTEED TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES - IN THE US CONSTITUTION - WHICH HERE UNDER LYNCH, WITH HER IN-HOUSE CRIMINALS HAVE DECIDED TO OVERRIDE ­ JUST TO MAKE A FEW BUCKS FOR 37 PEOPLE WHOSE JOBS ARE THE ONLY ONES AT STAKE IF THIS DEAL FINALLY GETS STOPPED!'

U.S. Attorney General Tries To Defuse Tensions Over Dakota Access Pipeline

Sarah Palin Slams Donald Trump’s Carrier Deal as ‘Crony Capitalism’

Sometime over this weekend the situation at Standing Rock

will become much clearer ­ but whatever it is it won't be pretty

Because the Feds want WAR

Last Chance: Dakota Pipeline Protesters Call on Obama to Halt Construction

Somewhere in the next three days the situation in Standing Rock

will probably be decided.



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