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On Soros Putting Half A Billion
Into The Muslim Invasion Of EU

By Patricia Doyle

Soros is a liar.  Why?  First of all, the 'refugee movement' does NOT include White people and only a handful of Christians.   Would Soros move White people displaced by Volcanoes in Iceland, for example, to America or Europe?  Hell, no.  They are White Christians.   So let's call his plan what it is…a massive, planned invasion of Third World dirt into the First World with the OBVIOUS goal of making the entire Western World a Third World cesspool.    

The so-called 'refugees' he is investing in are incapable of assimilation. Their 'religion' doesn't permit it.   Consider how many years Africans have been in America and quite a few still live like primitive Africans, looting, rioting and burning down their own neighborhoods, and crying discrimination.

The refugees Soros is forcing on Europe are living in the 7th century. They are not skilled, do not want to be educated and despise white Europeans and Americans.  

On the other hand look at the progress White Europeans have made.  What significant inventions came out of Africa?  None.   In 200 hundred years, Americans went to the moon. In 2,000  years, Africans are still urinating in their own drinking water.   If you want to invest in the future, Soros, why not invest in the people most likely to succeed...White Europeans? Think of what man has and could accomplish if we harness the best and brightest of America and Europe.   But that's not the plan, is it, Soros.  You want to homogenize and blend the brilliance of European culture with pure human sewage.  That is a factual and fair comparison.  It's the truth.  Left to their own devices, Africans never constructed their own two-story buildings.  Facts are facts.  If it weren't for European colonialism, Africa would have NO modern cities.

The 'refugees' (they are NOT refugees) coming in have ruined their own countries and leave behind vast wreckage and decay.  They have fought their own civil wars, violence and human butchery beyond belief.  

Now, look at the barbaric Sharia law.   Sharia law is why there are so many in Muslim countries who have no arms, hands, legs or other body parts. They live in a 'society' that accepts beheading, genital mutilation and 'honor' killing of their own family members. People who live under such violence are going to be violent no matter where you put them.  The world does not need more barbaric civilizations but that is what Soros and his globalist butchers want.  They want a plantation planet with them sitting on the porch, drinking mint juleps, and watching the massive mulatto-ized populace living in socio-political and economic bondage.

If Soros wanted to make a difference, which his satanic mind won't permit, he would see to it that the refugees were all sterilized at a minimum. Their children suffer untold violence. They see essentially nothing but violence their entire lives while they are being taught to hate and to be the eternal victim class.  They are a society that rewards violence and terror.  Parents are proud if their children strap on an explosive belt and blow themselves and the unbelievers to kingdom come.

NO, Europe and North America do not need any of these savages.  They will not become educated, they will not obtain skills needed to hold down a job and they will become a permanent burden on the working, creative class called 'taxpayers.'  All one has to do is look at the North Carolina riots to see how far many inner city blacks have 'advanced' in the HUNDREDS of years they have been here and lived in North America.   And don't for a moment pretend they have been denied opportunity…especially educational.  How many African-Americans have been admitted to colleges and universities and have never paid a dime?  MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.

If Mr. Soros has so much money for his evil political agenda of bringing in millions and millions of unskilled, uneducated and illiterate savages to the West, then I suggest he purchase a large island somewhere and take his army of 'refugee' thugs and terrorists with him.  He can build his own plantation society there.  The Island of Dr. Moreau.  it would be an hilarious project to observe…his island would devolve into chaos, raping and murder in no time at all.  When his welfare money runs dry, his plantation would come for him and give him the same hideous end that was given to the extraordinary Muammar Gaddafi and his once gorgeous nation of Libya.  (His execution ordered and laughed at by Queen Hillary the Hun)  Soros Island will become hell on earth…just like he is trying to do to Europe and America.

Here is the story, in case you missed it.   Soros Putting Half A Billion Into EU Muslims - Click Here

Europe is already essentially gone. So, let's take all muslim 'refugees' that Soros-Obama-Hillary have forced into the US and deport them to Europe.  In return, we should bring all European Whites who want to leave the feces-infested streets of Paris, for example, over here to America…let's get them out of Europe.   Europe is already headed to a Third World Hell, so what's a few more million 'refugees'?  As I mentioned, look at Paris, if you can stomach it.  Notice that the city is not even cleaning up the defecation in the gutters.  Can you imagine the Third World diseases in the streets of Paris?  

Polio has broken out in Nigeria and Leishmasniasis in Sudan  What if Ebola breaks out in Africa again?  This time Europe will not escape a major outbreak   Somali people are not accustomed to bathrooms…African houses don't have toilets.  In Liberia, as we saw during Ebola, the people just went to the beach to relieve themselves.  They pay boys to go to the beach and cover the filth with sand.    These 'refugees' are what Soros is spending half a billion dollars on.  He is as crazy as Hillary.

Maybe Soros is the antichrist.  The stupid Pope in Rome is also a fool by taking these savages in.  And they want to kill the Pope!  Notice how you don't hear the head of the Russian Eastern Orthodox Church calling for taking in muslim 'refugees.'  He knows just what these Muslims are capable of doing.

Look throughout Africa and the MidEast at how Christians are being massacred.  Here, in 'America', notice how Christian Holidays and any mention of Christ are being quickly banned so as not to 'offend' the sensitivities of the muslims.  However, Islam is taught in schools now, and it is fine to celebrate Islamic holidays and also the absurd Kwanza nonsense, made up by a black liberation murderer Stokley Carmichael.  You can face serious trouble for simply saying 'Merry Christmas' now.

I should add another dynamic here.  The must cut-throat, rapist savages of all the 'refugees' are the Somalis, most of whom are faux muslims.  You won't see any prayer rugs on the sidewalks of Paris where thousands of these devils live and sleep.  They are virtually ALL men of military age.  What does that tell you?  Pass out the AK-47s and you will have war INSIDE France instantly.   Back in Somalia, there is a civil war going on between War Lords that has lasted for countless centuries.  It's an extremely primitive tribal 'culture' which has no future whatsoever.  

So, why now are we allowing these savages into America?  Why are we 'accidentally' giving them and other savages citizenship? Accident my foot. Obama knows Trump is going to send these devils back, so he, Obama, makes an mistake and accidentally grants citizenship to nearly 1,000 of these creatures.  Oops.  It is possible that Obama will accidentally give full citizenship to all illegals.  Why can't  the citizenship granted be instantly canceled?  Of course, it CAN but that's not the agenda, now is it?   We have to take the citizenship back.   858 savages who are on FBI watch lists and who have manipulated their papers, removed finger print files and all sorts of evil crooked maneuvers that show Obama's communist hatred of the US, for Americans and for our Constitution.  Obama is a criminal of the first magnitude. This is just another example of how he and Hillary are in a joint venture to loot and destroy America.  Anyone who votes for Hillary and the democrats after seeing 858 terrorists given full citizenship by (oops) accident is an America-hater and should leave America as should Hillary and Obama and their ilk.





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