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Olympics Theme Should Be
Black Lives Superior To White


From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  The news media has latched onto the 2 million dollar 'Refugee Team' and reporting on it ad nauseam.  Sickening.   

I also notice that a majority of US athletes seem to be black.  They keep publicizing the star American gymnast …who is black.   If she were white, she would never be allowed to compete at her size.  So, the push is on to give blacks Olympic gold.  Can you imagine if someone held up a placard that reads 'All Lives Matter'?  How long do you think it would take for that person to be arrested and made to vanish.

Jeff, looks like Whitey is the fading, forgotten race. It will probably be the black voters who put Hillary into the White House.

Our mistake was not making birth control a major issue by writing into social service law that anyone who gets on welfare and while on welfare has more children, loses Welfare benefits.  That was the big mistake.  While the
Middle Class whites were working to pay taxes, the blacks and Hispanics on welfare were busy having 10 or more children with 10 or more different men.  Now we have not only a 'minority' baby boom but also the blacks and Hispanic are coming here, illegally, at record numbers.  We doomed ourselves.

And the Olympic stadium full of imbeciles went wild clapping for the Somali 'refugees' as they marched into the Rio arena.  If Hillary gets in, and she may win by vote fraud landslide, the only thing left to do is leave.  If she thinks she can win a nuclear war against Russia, who has already teamed up with Iran and China in major joint military maneuvers, then she is Satanically ill, for sure.  



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