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Oklahoma & Outlaw Territories

By Jim Kirwan


Belle Star

Oklahoma was the Forty-Seventh State to be admitted to the Union. At the time it was known mostly as 'Outlaw Territory' and it lived up to it's name for many years after admission. For one thing it was also the end of the Trail of Tears, of Indian fame, and it was actually proud of the vast number of people that were less than civilized and proud of their lawless ways.

As such this gave me a great deal of real-time background for my own early years of life. As I moved into my teenage years Oklahoma was just barely becoming civilized when measured against other states.

Because of personal reverses I had the opportunity to live in the dark underbelly of the beast, in the years from 13 to 17. I ended up having one foot in the privileged class at an excellent highschool and the other in The Black Belt ­ the entirely separate city, on the edge of Oakie City, that was almost unknown to Oklahoma City proper. That proved to be one hell of an education.

At the time, Oklahoma was still a dry-state along with a “Right-to-Work” state that meant that Unions were illegal ­ and politics was as primitive as they had been in “Deadwood”.

This gave rise to bootleggers, pornography, prostitution and a strong streak of Elmer Gantry's and revivalist preachers, mixed with Holy-Rollers, and politicians that would have made 'Deadwood' South Dakota' blush. Violence was easy, sure and swift, whenever any blatant-scam was uncovered. It was in that melting pot that I had to maneuver through these minefield's that were my lot, as a 15 year old that had had his majority declared very early in life.

Consequently I worked long hours in addition to school & athletics, to make my way through the Oklahoma version of the Labyrinth of crime and politics that composed everyday life for me. Crooked lawyers, politicians, prostitutes, pornographers, judges, cops and con artists composed the bulk of everyday life ­ contrasted with a 'catholic-education' on the fringes of a society that wanted to convince younger talent to join their political and criminal schemes ­ apparently I was someone they wanted to add to their ranks. I passed on that.

To understand just how backward Oklahoma was then, you have to go back to when television made its debut. Oakies noticed immediately that their fashions were a full thirty years behind the rest of the nation. And because their social norms were also still stuck behind the national-curve, their views of society were also basically flawed.

When Oklahoma finally escaped the chains of being a Dry-State, Oklahoma being one of the few holdouts that refused to accept the fact that Prohibition had been outlawed by the United States. This brought wave after wave of criminals into the political equations of the forty-seventh state. Bootlegging flourished, along with prostitution and all the double-standards that we see in Political-Correctness today. The cops, hugely overweight, rode three to the car in Oklahoma City, whose patrol cars flew black flags from their cars, and routinely beat anyone they chose, during the hippie rebellion of the 1960's. I qualified as an artist with facial hair ­ and was left on more than one occasion for dead, in out of the way places.

I worked until 2am at a bowling alley, at 16. To get home I had to run the gauntlet through the police that were convinced that no while kids could actually live in the black-belt. But I had developed some powerful friends in the alternate world ­ specifically in a restaurant called the Villa Capri, where rebels from all walks of life gathered nightly. These were the people that were not living by Oklahoma's primitive PC rules. The cops that had beaten me to the point of death were found and after they were fired - they disappeared. That was when I began to study politics and survival in the lawless state. This is when I began to understand Sun Tsu and Asymmetrical Warfare as a way of life.

Oklahoma City was run entirely by one man, who also owned the largest bank, the real estate agencies, the newspapers and virtually everything else in the town and much of what was in the State. On one occasion I was chosen to do a portrait of John Wayne by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, for the grand opening of the then new Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center. I agreed to do it for the publicity.

Scroll Down to John Wayne:

The Oklahoma City Times took the pictures of the presentation, and then refused to print them ­ which started my affiliation with the newspaper, after meeting with my lawyers. The publisher refused to change his mind, but they did run a partial political-series on The State of the Nation 1966, with comment about the images by Mr. Cohen, an international lawyer at the time who took an interest my work. About the time of the publication of the fifth image, the originals began to disappear, which brought an uncompensated end to that effort.

The State of the Nation 1966

Throughout my political-artistic career Oklahoma and its backward ways continued to play a part in why I needed to leave that place in 1967.

Early on I did an entire exhibition, in a one-man show in Yukon, Oklahoma titled: “To Oklahoma With Love” - this was based on the work of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath”. On opening day a two-bit Hollywood actor arrived to publicly purchase the leading image for the show ­ which he proceeded to shred before the overflow crowd ­ to show his disgust with the work. I congratulated him for “trying to kill an idea by destroying a drawing” which simply proved the point that it was he who was wrong, and not John Steinbeck or me. The audience agreed with me and he left in a furious mood.

As proof that Oklahoma and their petty habits had not diminished over the years when I created 96 images for 'Black Lizard Books” twenty years after “To Oklahoma With Love” - Oklahoma upon leaning of my success promptly BANNED the books from being sold in Oklahoma ­ which brought a smile from me - because I had thought that by that time they might have abandoned their pathetic and illegal-censorship ­ but of course I was wrong. Oklahoma would never abandon the totally iron clad censorship of Hollywood ­ when it came to pointing out the sins of the early 40's and 50's which the work claimed credit for.

Most people have forgotten the national-censorship and the totally fake-ratings system that precludes anything that might ever feature any reality where the good-guys were shown to lose ­ which is of course the exact opposite of real life.

All of this while simultaneously being eyeball deep in the filth, the rape and murderous practices that are only just now coming to light in the soon to be 10 part Pizzagate ­ that is about to tear the fake-world of completely twisted values apart, when it comes to morals or RESPONSIBILTY of any kind, anywhere in the world of now.

Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu - Pizzagate Cover-Up Continues

Trump is the first person to take on these deranged and deluded Satanists since I began to criticize and clarify what's always been the total sellout of everything that America once supposedly stood for. Clapper recently claimed to have been officially involved, in a paid for capacity, for many years. I've been at this same obscenity for longer than he has ­ as just another American trying to tell the truth while it was happening from 1964 forward...

In the early 1970's here below

is how far they managed to get by forty years ago.

It could be that when the public finally reads this series

from Yoichi Shimatsu, above

Which is part of

''The Biggest Story Never Told”

Then this story can finally be understood


Print it out and look carefully at just how many areas of life are shown.

Then add in what you already know has been added to this.



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