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Of the Real Jesus
Messenger, Rescuer and Destroyer
Part 2

By J. Chiappalone
My Motto: "Take it or Leave it"
PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense

With so much confusion, anarchy, brutality, irrationality and avarice in this world, with so much Madness, and with so many diverse voices calling for our attention, while all the while life gets harder and harder for all of us, except a few, and everything seems to be fracturing, who are you going to believe about what is going on?

I warned you about what was to occur in an essay called Terminal Madness of the Endtime published in the 1990s.

The Endtime? Yes, the Endtime!

Some believe this is so on Religious grounds, some believe it on Scientific Grounds, some have a sense of termination via their gut feeling.

All Physical things must come to an end. Why not Humanity?

At this stage, does it matter that standards of living are falling precipitously, suicide rates are higher than ever before and Depression is the major mental state?

Yes, it does matter!

It seems Humanity is at the crossroads. Will it survive or will it self-immolate?

It is pointless arguing about Politics, or Economics, or Monetary Fluctuations, or Migrant exchanges and infiltrations, etc., etc..

The question is this: “Will we survive, in some form or other, the next 10 to 15 years?”

If you have read my books and some of my essays, you know that I and my Team (the Divine Rescuers) have stated Earth will not exist beyond 2035 AT THE LATEST!!

You would be wise to think about that.

Is there really a future in different dimensions?

Is there really a Divine Solution to our problems, or do some of us think like some of our ‘not-so-clever -scientists’ who say we are an accident of Nature and will end in another fatal accident?

You know what the History is. It’s junk! The more one reads, the more Confusion comes to the fore.

I have attempted to show how ridiculous the Religious and Philosophical Bases of our History are with books that I published, especially “Death of an Evil God’.

The answers are not OUT THERE!

The true answers, for True Beings, are IN THERE, within them, as Jesus reminded us: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”.

With these essays, I am attempting to awaken those with the Truth within, for they are the ones going places after this Physical Abomination is totally destroyed.

In the last 2 essays, I attempted to demonstrate the absurdities that exist around ‘Jesus’, the Lord and Saviour for the ones who are to continue. It is not difficult to understand the situation.

Some beings, including Consciousnesses in Class 1 (Mineral) Class 2 (Vegetable) Class 3 (Animal) Class 4 (Human) and in Higher Classes are creations of the Divine Energy. The majority on this Planet are MACHINES WITH ARTIFICAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Some of them are bland and harmless, but 40% (some 3 billion) of the entire population are demonic, destructive and very dangerous to the rest of us, as I have explained elsewhere.  

I tried to demonstrate in the last essay that Jesus was one of many workers who assisted the Light to solve the problems we have in the Physical, and in doing so stated that this Physical Dimension developed from a run-away Error. It was overtaken by Mechanical Beings that were programmed to steal the energy of real Divine Beings and cause never-ending anarchy.

The problem really was that the Endpoint would be nothing but total destruction of the Error and all caught in it that were not spiritually viable. The Viables had to be rescued!

For details you will have to read my books.

The machines which were programmed to destroy at will have no mind of their own. They are automatons. They will do what they have bene programmed to do. And now, in this Endtime, they have been programmed to self-destruct.

I will write more about that in the next essay.

In the meantime, let’s get back to Jesus and his work, shared as it is with his companions at this late hour for Humanity!

What was Jesus’ crime according to the ‘Zionists’ that wanted to crucify him?

He exposed the malevolent AI Machines that the Greater Evil Machine, Jehovah, had created!

John 8:44 English Standard Version (ESV)

44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

As I stated in the last essay, Jesus had reincarnated many times. As Manichaeus he was imprisoned and skinned alive.

As Muhammad he was poisoned. (His writings were grossly distorted by the Caliph after his death to produce much of the nonsense we have in the Koran today.)

As King Arthur he was poisoned.

In total idiocy, in the incarnation as Friederich Nietzsche, he was buried in a Church Cemetery with a sign ‘Here is buried the Anti-Christ’ when, in fact, he had been Jesus!

The list of incarnations of Jesus and Babaji, his Divine Twin, goes on and on…

These lives were as Messengers of the End.

Today’s role is as Rescuers and Destroyers (Shiva).

Thus, in the meantime, in this generation – the Final One - the one who was Jesus, and his twin, Babaji, have accommodated the New Green Energy, the Divine Destructive Energy, and the Energy of Salvation which I mentioned in a Radio Show with Jeff Rense on July 19, 2018


Once the Physical is totally finished, the failures will be dealt with.

It has been a nasty, nasty War since the Evil Essence was ‘invented’ by experimental Machinery.

The advent of similar Evil Terminators is expected if the End does not come soon.

Cycles repeat themselves as occult History clearly demonstrates.

The Higher Consciousnesses using the pack horses called “Jesus’ and ‘Babaji’ will recombine into the one being, ‘Shiva’, and act as the Destroyer of Evil.

In this incarnation they have accommodated not just the Christ Energy from Level 11, but also the Supreme Energy of level 13 – the Highest Level – the Level of the True God-Force!

A timely reminder: One must distinguish between the Physical Bodies that have Class 4 consciousness (there are 13 Classes) and the visiting Holographic Consciousnesses which the Class 4 beings have volunteered to accommodate. It is the Higher Consciousnesses that descent into Class 4 that have the True Divine Knowledge and Power.

So, from what I have revealed thus far, what are we going to make of the Mockery of the Pseudo-Christian idiocy that Jesus is going to come on a cloud riding a white horse with a legion of Angels accompanying him to take the righteous to Heaven, lifting the decomposed bones and worm-infested remains of corpses from their tombs? Farcical, is it not?

Jesus and his twin Babaji have been on this Earth, in this Universe, with periods of absence, since the dawn of Time, to support those to be salvaged.

Incarnations into other planets, galaxies and dimensions have occurred over the 50 million years of existence of this rogue Universe.

The fairytale of the ‘Gees-Arse Key-Riced Fraud’ is just that – hot air falsity!!

I want to make this point very clearly:

It is the Divine Energy that descends into Physical Bodies that does the work that is meant to be done.

The bodies and their class 4 consciousness are just like everybody else. They suffer, toil, grow old and die – unless they are identified early by Evil and attacked mercilessly as many Gnostics were.

Here is a dastardly example of Evil at work:

There is some protection of Divine Workers until one’s work is done but it does not always mean assassination  does not occur as I have written for a few of the personalities.

The Physical Bodies need to develop as all physical bodies do. They are subjected to illness, emotions, programming, etc., etc.

The Energies from Above do not last more than an hour per day in the physical bodies for they can burn the bodies out,

One accustomed to the energies knows when they enter and when they leave the body.

Increasing spiritual awareness occurs as one accommodates the energies. The tendency is to simply life and allow a stronger and stronger connection to be made to the Supra Mental Plane. That is called Spiritual Awakening.

Realization of the Self and the Situation of the War allows FEAR to be dissipated and the longing for ‘Home’ increases with each passing day.


This is a very simplistic version of events.

The One Unit divides into 2   beings – Babaji and Jesus.

Each then divides into 2.

Each of those 4 then divide into 2, making eight, etc., until 30 Units of energy (Consciousness) are reached and they are accommodated by 30 Physical Bodies in each planet where the energy is required.

But, it is not a simple matter. The physical body needs to awaken to the energy. Often friction develops as the Evil programming and false knowledge in the body interferes with the descent of the Divine Energy.

A battle of minds can ensure in the individual but perseverance allows the Higher, Pure Energy to win.

Past life recall is common with the Avatars. For example, I knew I was Manichaeus and he knew he had been Jesus and said so in his writings.

Arthur Pendragon too knew he was Jesus and that his Uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, had gone to Wales to prepare the site for him when Jesus went to France. The Druids knew King Arthur was the re-incarnated Jesus, and called him the ‘Celtic Christ’ who would, in time, take the True Ones to Annwn, their name for the Heavenly abode.

Alas, Evil, being what it is, managed to destroy the true knowledge passed down by each incarnated Avatar and instead set up contradictory Religions and Sects so the result was not peace, harmony and illumination, but rather dissention, exploitation, suffering, abuse and confusion as we see today.

The Energy from the 11th Level is the teaching knowledge in order to awaken and illume individuals.

The energy from the 13th level is the selective Energy that rescues and rewards with Eternal Bliss and it is the Power that destroys those of Evil totally.

It is the Energy of the Ultimate Godforce.


Whether you want to believe it or not – it worries me not in the slightest – I am playing a number of roles.

AS I just explained, I am assisted in these roles, apart from Babaji, by 28 other individuals scattered around the World. I have made contact with some of them. Many do NOT know they are energy distributors and do not know what their roles are. Anonymity in war is a good thing.

It does not matter that they are secretive. What matters is that our work is done. It is better to be incognito so attacks from Evil are less.

From 1986, for almost 20 years I travelled the world visiting all Continents bar South America and Antarctica, although I did venture into Central America. It was mainly energy work but it was also to energetically contact some of these beings who were the energy distributors in those areas – Egypt, most of Europe including England and Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc., as well as China, India, Tibet, Southern Asia, etc.., were on the agenda.

Even I did not know who the Workers were. The identities on this physical level did not matter. It was sufficient to be near them to ‘trigger’ the energy flow.

I realize this sounds very much like Science Fiction, but…what are you going to do …..? it?

And to add to the woes of some of you:

·         I knew I was Manichaeus from about the age of 3.


As I wrote above, Mani knew he was Jesus and said so in his writings.

Many of his writings were found in Turfan China in 1904 and Upper Egypt in 1969.


·         In my early teens I had visions of returning from Space Wars. I knew the Spacecrafts and flew them.  The movie Star Wars was 25 years into the future!! (Btw George Lucas is of the Light. There is much truth within his ‘fictional works’.)

Many of us play many roles in differing dimensions, as needed. Spontaneous recall is common in those who need to awaken to their identity and mission.

Hypnotic regression is also useful. Being a Clinically qualified Hypnotherapist I did regress quite a few and I know the accuracy of this practice to examine Past Lives. As I became busier, I did less and less of this work. However it helped me a great deal as I awoke.

The awakening process can be slow and fraught with danger, for the evil Controllers do NOT want us to know what is going on. Demonic possession can even occur if the etheric protective coating of the physical body becomes too loose, as occurs also with drugs and excess alcohol consumption. It can also occur in major accidents and in prolonged surgery. We live in the midst of many dangers.

I am sure some of you are aware of cases of relatives and friends who seem totally different, personality-wise, after a major accident, or surgery, or sessions with illicit drugs, etc. Often it is a demon or demons that inhabit the body. And one or more may stay for a short or long time, depending on what it or they want.

Prof. Ritchie explained this also in his book “Return from Tomorrow’. I had written about it some 25 years before I read his book.

There are many ways to hasten the awakening and the self-realization process. Diet is of extreme importance. If you are serious about your spirituality you MUST not eat animals or drink alcohol or take intoxicating drugs.

The level of realization one can reach depends on his or her ontology.

AI Demonic machines and Robots cannot make realizations outside of the Physical for they have never existed outside of the Physical Dimension. Programming can be fed into them so that what they experience are simply manufactured Illusions.

In exceptional circumstances, Divine Beings can have recall of Divine Dimensions in which they existed before the imprisonment in this Cesspool.

Regarding hallucinogenic drugs:

I enjoyed the early writings of Graham Hancock. Then I noted he started experimenting with the hallucinogenic drug Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) and immediately sensed danger. Reading about it, it is obvious it alters one’s aura and allows demonic discarnates and genuine mechanical demons to enter one’s consciousness. Possession can and does occur. This is a no-no under any circumstances. It CANNOT improve any individual. It can and does have disastrous effects. Once Hancock started pushing people to try it, I knew he was on dangerous ground!


Awakening to the Greater Reality can be helpful in that it minimizes stress and energy loss in the Endtime.

Knowing what is going on can, in fact, make one confident of the Rescue to come.

But, the degree of awakening can vary.

If Viables have the sense within them that all will be well, as induced by the energy I mentioned in the show last July, that is enough. They will become happier and happier, even as conditions in the world deteriorate abysmally (which they will) and the Evil Ones become more and more morose and demented.

Expect the most atrocious behaviour from the failed ones as they start wars, become cannibals, kill, loot and rape.

In time they will sense their end and will languish in the despair of the wicked.

Indeed, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Matthew 13:42 ……. They will throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

·         For now I am playing a didactic role to tune the Viables for awakening and eventual Rescue.


·         I am distributing the New Green Energy which only Viables can use. With this energy they can continue spiritually sane and healthy. The ones who cannot use it (the doomed evil ones) are running out of energy and manifesting Terminal Madness of the Endtime as I wrote in my essay in the 1990s.


·         I am also accommodating and distributing the DDE – the Divine Destructive Energy that seeks out minds and destroys them so the Terminal Madness comes faster and is more pronounced. This is in order to minimize the suffering of the Viables. I will write more about this in the next essay.


·         While the Divine Destructive Energy is impersonal on this Physical Level, on the Spiritual Levels it will be personal and definitive.


·         I am also distributing the Energy of Salvation which I mentioned in the Show with Jeff Rense that I posted above, and which energy many have since perceived. It is energy of spontaneous Confidence and utter JOY for those who are meant to have it. With it, they know they are on the Rescue List.

We (all 30 involved in this Plan) are used as Workers to distribute the energies as required. It is an impersonal matter. We agreed to do this work long, long ago.

I had other work to do, along with my Twin, Babaji, of selecting who would be rescued and who would not be. In the main I have kept those judgements to myself. That phase of the work is finished for all classes: Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Ethereal (Angelic) etc.

Part of the wonderful fulfilment of this Work has been the Love expressed by the Viable Animals all around the world to us and their gratitude of being taken out of this Hell! Unlike Humans, the viable ones are the majority of the World’s animals. As I wrote before, only 8 % of Humans have made it! Some of the ‘innocuous’ robots will also have additions made so that they can continue existence into the future.

I will give the verdict to each individual as we enter the ethereal zones.

(I remind you: You are under no coercion to believe anything I say or write!!)

There will be no case of FORGIVENESS for the Evil Demons and Robots.

Thus, you see, the false Mantra of the despicably vile and fraudulent Religions “Forgive me Gees-arse, I love you” will not pertain!

 It matters not in the slightest what people think as I write this. What will be, will be.

As the Viables are rescued, it remains for me and Babaji, and our entourage, to destroy what remains of the Universe (the last 3%) and to deal with the Failed AI Machines, both Robotic and Demonic.

We have done this in all 97% of the Universe thus far destroyed, so the remaining 3% will not take much longer.

For the Demonic ones, it will not be a simple matter of instantaneous annihilation. They, according to their own Law of Karma, are going to repay the damage and pain, suffering and misery they caused others, in a process called the Eternal Moment of Terror! Enough of that for now!

I have developed the spiritual vision very acutely. It was promised to us in the Endtime.

I know who is who visually. I can sense them energetically. Even now, I can call any being up into the ether and know its spiritual identity and viability.

On close encounters with ones to be rescued, the joy is extremely overt.

Failed, evil ones cannot get away from me quickly enough. They sometimes react with anger but deep within they have morbid FEAR of their impending doom. It is a natural reaction in them and no one can help them. They cannot pretend it is otherwise.

Be aware that as you gain your spiritual vision, the ugliness of the Demons will repel you like never before, regardless of whether they are spouse, parents, family, relatives, friends or strangers,

By releasing this essay, I declare that it is now Open Warfare on all Evil, no matter where it tries to hide.

Realise it is not the PHYSICAL ME giving this Revelation and Destruction, it is, as I said often, the Father Energy working through me, Babaji, and through our other partners in this work.

Ultimately it matters not what anyone thinks about what I have here written.

What is to be will be!

Warning:  Take care as to how you react.

The more you abuse and ridicule me and my work, it means the harder you will be stomped upon when it is time for me to stomp!

Those who can see the Truth will leave these pages with gladdened hearts full of True Divine Bliss.

Finally I want you to know that there can be no mistake in an individual’s response.

“Your reaction to my words and their energy is pathognomonic!




My 74 years have not been a walk in the park!

I am still here in the Physical because of the protection I have and I shall be here till the last day of Earth which is not far away.

Having realized I am a major one of the distributors of all 3 Energies on this physical level – the New Green Energy, the Divine Destructive Energy and the Affirmation Energy which is the Stamp of approval for Salvation - it was obvious I had to be here for the Last Day. I was told this in 1984 when direct contact was made with the other Rescuers on other Levels.

I argued then with them that I did not think that was possible if the End was in 2035 as I doubted if this body would last to be 91 years old.

Even now I think about it: How long can a 74 year old man last?

I was told the last day of Earth would be no later than 2035. Then they added that more likely than not, it could be earlier. 2035 was the outer limit.

I too am doing my part to bring that END date closer. The End around 2022 to 2025 sits well with me!

Here are some mechanisms of local termination.

‘Simpleton scientific scholars’, including the Australian paediatrician Helen Caldecott,  have said – TWICE - IN 2012 AND 2016 – that the Fukushima Radiation will kill all living things on Earth by 2025.

What did Governments do? They told her to “SHUT UP!”

Read this:

A similar fate was described for the action of Monsanto’s Round-up!

Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells

How Monsanto is poisoning us

To these we must add

·         Fatalistic Vaccines,

·         Global Warming due to Plasma Waves arising from outside the Galaxy,

·         The resultant Volcanic eruptions and Earthquakes,

·         Very severe droughts,

·         Chemtrails,

·         GMO Products and Carcinogens,

·         Nuclear War,

·         The eventual Arrival of Planet X – it missed us the first time around because the entire Solar System moved!!

·         Cancer inducing electrical grids being built everywhere and

·         Death-causing Wi-Fi.

Any way you look at it, Humanity and the rest of the Classes – Animal, Vegetation and Mineral - are doomed and in a short time too.

This is meant to be.

There is no way the END will be postponed!              

In 1985, my Higher Consciousness told me clearly: tell the World it is being cleared of all Living things and it will be terminated no later than 2035.

Do you think the fools would listen?

I knew what to expect from experience.

“I” have done the exact same work in many other planets and galaxies. Not with this the Physical Body obviously, but with the same Class 4 consciousness acting with the Higher Consciousness that descends as needed using whichever physical vehicle that was occupied in the environs I/we found ourselves in.

I went on Television in 1985 to try and talk some sense to the “World” by relaying the Message of Termination. What was the conclusion of the interviewing Media? I was a Russian Spy trying to overthrow the Australian Government!! Can you believe it? Idiocy rules the Media and all the sheople it feeds on its BS!!

It was around that time that the Higher Consciousnesses guiding us told me again that I would be here for the Last Day, no matter when it occurred and no matter what occurred in between!

I was not fully awakened yet, and so I argued. After all, I was an Allopathic Doctor, totally indoctrinated by the BS of (near useless) Modern Medicine. BTW, you may have noticed, most Allopathic Physicians – not all, but most - are closed-minded bigots. One simply cannot tell them anything outside of their mostly false indoctrination.

At the same time, knowing what the Higher Consciousness could do, I eventually developed  full confidence that ‘they’ could make this body last, not 91, but 191 years, or even more if it had to!! I based that on the miraculous ways they saved me again and again from killer accidents and near certain assassination attempts!

It’s true; I have been the victim of numerous assassination attempts – the worst 3 being in Israel. There I was poisoned via food. Before leaving Australia I was warned not to eat at any one’s home and only go to restaurants or buy food from street vendors where I was unknown.

Near the end of my trip I was invited for breakfast at the home of a friend of a friend. I did not know the people at all.  I thought I would just have a coffee. Well, you know how it goes…a morsel here, a morsel there …. I just made it to my hotel room. For 2 days I sat like a zombie. I thought my brain was going to burst through my skull. I survived. Another miracle! On such occasions, the Higher Beings can actually administer the cure unbeknown to the victim. I am sure that is what happened. It was not my time to go.

On the second occasion to murder me, a speeding car jumped the footpath and tried to run me down and if I was not pulled into a doorway at the last moment by an unknown force, I would have been part of the asphalt.

Don’t believe it’s possible?

The third attempt was the scariest. Two men armed with military-type machine guns – I saw them climbing the stairs towards my room in the hotel - attempted to break the door down. I am sure they did not come unannounced and armed just to discuss my previous day’s lecture.

Miraculously (for me), they could not get the door open!! In the meantime I phoned the front desk to call the Police. The moment the wailing of sirens was heard, these cowards disappeared most hastily. I was then escorted by the Police to the Airport to leave the country. So, the ‘Zionists’ are still my old enemies.

I know who is going to win the Final Battle and every other minor battle till the End!!  That land supposedly given to the Zionists by the Arch Demon (AI Machine) Jehovah is cursed as are all demons. The non-evil occupants, like all non-evil beings, have nothing to worry about except being murdered daily. Of course, they have to go through the pain, suffering and misery as we all do, but the Light is shining on them!

Israel: 50 Years of Occupation Abuses:

I have had multiple vehicular accidents. Police that attended claimed no one could have survived such accidents. I simply walked away unscathed.

Of course, the degree of ridicule and abuse I have suffered, from the Ignorant Morons, especially since I began writing, is beyond belief. Not all of it was from simpletons and uneducated fools. Many academics,  highly ‘educated’ and indoctrinated with Falsity, but still very stupid, especially in the Medical Profession, declared that I was insane for what I wrote and forced me out of the profession.

Here comes the comedy twist:

I recall being interviewed by an Irish Catholic psychiatric in the rooms of the Medical Board. He declared I was unfit to practice because I believed in Aliens and UFOs. Much to his chagrin, within days of that interview, news was published that the Pope’s representative (Monsignor Balducci) stated clearly for the World to know that UFOs are real, as are Aliens. (There is notation that Alien bodies are in the catacombs of the Vatican!)

I write this to demonstrate the obvious stupidity of these ‘educated Morons”. I am sorry to say that this dope I had to contend with, being an Irishman and a psychiatrist, in Australia, was no accident.

Such fools are in control and can ruin people’s lives, just like they tried to ruin mine.

Remember Galileo? He told the Pope and Cardinals to “Look at the bloody scene yourselves, through my telescope, which is just here!! You will see the Earth revolves around the Sun!” They were too stupid to do that, so they locked him up in his own house for life!!

After my 20 year sojourn to energetically contact those who were to play a role in the Final Phase of the War, I returned to Australia, worse for wear and broke. I needed to work again just to stay alive. I reapplied for my license and it was eventually granted to me after I had to take this most extreme step: My Parliamentary Representative asked Parliament for the Medical Board to reveal the reasons why my license had been refused for so long, seeing that I was an Australian Graduate and had received the highest marks ever given a doctor sitting exams for a second time at the College in Brisbane. I was forced to repeat those exams. That was a most humiliating condition.

The Medical Board had no answer. Its bluff was called and it caved in.

Upon being given my license, however, the Director warned me that not one day would go past in which the Board would not attempt to strip me of it!!

And so they did. I was set up in a ‘Kangaroo Court’ (that is what the Police called it) where even my own solicitor and barrister were apparently paid off by the Board to throw my case!! All evidence against me was false.

That is a case, certainly, of Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

All over the world, the Injustice System rules!

So, you see, I have had some fun, just like in my many other incarnations on Earth and elsewhere.

While I was working, for some unknown reason, my colleagues found it advantages for them to reject me. You see, anyone of Darkness, they can be programmed to do just that: be most unreasonable!

 Look at how Trump and his cronies are, in these very days, programmed to offend every other Nation on the planet just to bring on WW3! They think they are smart. But it is actually suicide and that is how it is to end. It is called Terminal Madness!

Earlier in my life, at Primary and Secondary School, the hate dispensed by the mainly Irish Priests and ‘Christian Brothers’ who taught us was to be seen to be believed. They hated Italians – and there were plenty of us as post-war migrants. They hated the English – there were plenty of them too, and they hated anyone with initiative!

We all knew they raped the effeminate boys. The rest of us would ask the boys detained why they were held back in the evenings when the rest of us were sent  home. Their answer “We were told not to say anything!” But we knew and laughed at them anyway. You all know the world wide scandals of paedophilia committed by the Clergy and members of Religious Orders.

What a hell!

So, you see, reaching 74 has been a sort of miracle. Without protection I think I would have died in the womb. That goes for all workers of the Light.

My protectors know what they are doing. Without them I would not be in the Physical. Having said that, you should now know that my work is all but done.

In my books, I have explained the Metaphysical and Spiritual Anatomy of Humans in detail. I have also stated that regardless of what Higher Energies (Consciousnesses) use the Physical Bodies for whatever work, a process of Awakening has to occur so that the lower consciousness of the Human can connect with the Divine Aspect that uses the body for activities in this way.

The Awakening Process is no easy path, and it not simple or swift. Thus, the Godforce itself in an individual may be delayed in expressing until the lower mind of the individual awakens enough to connect to the Higher Mind. Sometimes the individual fails to connect and the next in line is seconded.

We are all programmed, polluted and indoctrinated by Evil to reject Truth.

Evil wants to keep us totally in ignorance so it can exploit us maximally.

Some of what I write will challenge most of you maximally at this point.

To awaken and understand and accept what I reveal is your quest. It is a personal matter that matters to no one else.

I warn you: Don’t make the stupid mistake of judging what I write in ignorance, and don’t attack me and what I represent. If you do so it means you have self-diagnosed your own fate: you will surely be liquidated in due course.

If you are confused, and I expect most of you will be, go away and try to contact your Higher Self (if you have one) and the energy I spoke about in the radio show with Jeff Rense in July. That show is posted in these essays.

If you feel a sense of DOOM, you have to know that it is you who brought it on yourself in the time you have been in existence.  All have had innumerable chances to go to the Light.

It’s valueless at this late stage to scream “I love you Jesus, save me!”

As I said above, ‘We’ have classified every individual consciousness in all the classes: Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Angelic, and Galactic, into Good or Evil.

The Evil Ones will be destroyed on the next level. That is where my next phase of my work will be.

The Viables will be rescued, some physically by crafts, some will transition into the spiritual state even as they stand in their living rooms and gardens, at work, at play, during sleep, etc.

It is all over folks!

I don’t need your recognition or praise.

BTW, don’t send me any bread or fish to multiply. As I explained in my book “Death of an Evil God” all the miracles therein were borrowed from other texts and cultures and were BS in the main, and so they would be today.

Sai Baba paid a heavy price just to bring a bit of dust (vibhuti) and jewelry from other levels onto this one.

If you have to depend on such tricks, you are already a loser.

I have all but finished my work on this level as a Messenger …. And this information is to tell you just that.

You can expect the implosion and process of destruction of this Earth, Solar System and Galaxy to severely accelerate any day now. I will write about that in the next essay.

The horror and terror will haunt the failures forevermore.

It’s pointless for the moronic fools to argue. The results are immutable!

I could not divulge this information until ‘we’ had brought down all 3 energies that I have described above.

Timing is everything.

As we progress, the Viable will laugh and rejoice as they see the visions of Elysium and its everlasting Joy, Peace and Love.


To be continued……..