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Of the Real Jesus
Messenger, Rescuer and Destroyer
Part 1

By J. Chiappalone
My Motto: "Take it or Leave it"
PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense

From the very first line I want to emphatically state that what is written below has nothing to do with hubris or ego!

Be patient, by the end of the essay, I will have made the points I wish to make most clearly.

With all 3 energies (The New Green Energy, The Divine Destructive Energy and the Sanctifying Energy) that I described previously being successfully downloaded onto this level via Physical Bodies that volunteered long, long ago to do this work, and being distributed around the World to do what they are meant to do, the time has come for me to reveal the ‘facts’ I write below.

I think these facts I wrote below are accurate and true, but you have to make up your own minds. That is why I have the above motto. We cannot assert one way or the other in these facts that could turn out to be speculative theories. When the action is all over we can then decide what was right and what was not.

All of us experience phenomena which we cannot truly identify with our Human Knowledge. Some may be dreams, some may be regressive episodes, others may be fantasies, and so on. We simply don’t know what they are.

I write that ‘Higher Consciousness’ sends down information to this level, but to be very honest, even I don’t know what that means. It could all be a joke, part of the ‘Leela of the Gods’, or part of what is called the Illusion in which we exist. Could they be real?

Only time will tell. The best thing I found for me is to accept what resonates reasonably within on the framework of our thoughts and beliefs with the reservation that our knowledge and understanding will grow with time and what we thought was true today may change as time passes. the days pass.

If we all accepted such thoughts, there would not be religious wars, fatalistic differences of opinions which we cannot prove either way, and the resultant crassness and stupidity of warped minds.

The best we can do is examine what others think and make up our own minds, again always remembering that what we take as gospel truth today may be proven to be nonsense tomorrow.

Even our senses can deceive us, so be as flexible as possible especially with material such as that which I now describe.


Without the 3 energies I described above essays entering this Human Level of Consciousness, my information would have been premature and we would not have  been able to accomplish anything like Awakening the People, Sorting out who is viable and who is not and finally destroying Evil’s detritus that is the Physical Realm.

The Message of Termination has been delivered. I commenced distributing that information in 1985. I was ‘told’ around 1962 that I would be doing such a thing about 20 years into the future by ‘Superior Consciousness’. Alas, even with the explicit details I gave, very few are going to make sense of the Madness that has gripped our World.

‘The Rescue’, in energy terms, has also been accomplished. In the last decade or so, each individual consciousness, in each and every Class of Consciousness (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, etc.,) has been classified as a Viable or as a Failure.

It is pointless anyone arguing about what I write. There is nothing to argue about. For me, the case is closed! I was told, again by Higher Consciousness, that it can do no one any good to be in denial of what is to occur. All we have to do is open our eyes and look. How we interpret what we see is another matter entirely. Genuine remote viewers – and there are very few of them – can see the End clearly.

We cannot complain about those who do not see what is coming and we cannot attack them. Their level of perception and understanding may be such that they will only see what is to be seen at the very end. Do not make things worse for them by attacking them. There is enough suffering in the world for all of us!!

As I pointed out in the last essay (Exposing the Falsehood of Pseudo Christianity), it is pointless to yell out at this late stage “Gee-arse Key-Riced save me!” As I explained, in reality, that is a fatuous con-trick by the Evil gangsters in this Illusion that control and traumatize the Morons and the unawakened Viables!

Those deceived will awaken to the falsehood soon enough.

The ‘True Jesus’ knows who loves him and who is of true Goodness, and who is a loser.

I repeat, it matters not what anyone wants to accept or reject about what I write.

At a level beyond Humanity, the decisions of rescue and Viability have been made and they are immutable.

What remains of the Physical Universe (the last 3%) will now be destroyed.

Individuals will be dealt with in the manner I have described.

Thus the roles – my roles, and those of my assistants, - of Messengers, Rescuers, and Destroyers will have been fulfilled.

In my 3 essays entitled ‘The Culling of Humanity’ I wrote about the destruction of the World and the fate of the various members of the Classes of Consciousness. 

This is no joke!

Now, in somewhat cursory detail, I will describe the authority I, as an individual accept, by which I declare these things.

For me, the veracity of my words cannot be denied. However, you may be in a differing state of awareness for now and may be working forward to greater understanding. No one is looking down on you and no one has the right to do so! Do you understand that?

Those who forcefully and viciously, dangerously oppose me are a different class of animal. They, by their malicious opposition, now have a clear indication of their fate.

I write that, not to frighten anyone, but to clearly state that which shall be.

Alas, we have been, all of us, so severely programmed and indoctrinated by Falsehood originating from our Evil Overlords, that what I am about to reveal may appear to some as Science Fiction. So be it. You know very well that some watch the Simpsons cartoons on TV and see jocular, entertaining and sometimes raucous cartoons. Others see not-so-well-hidden speculations of the future.

These words hinting at expanded awareness may be an affront to your restrictive physical senses, and clash with the Idiocy that has been fed to all of us, imprisoned as we are in the Physical, to make us what we are when we are stupefied and unawakened, illiterate fools and morons of utmost stupidity.

But a plan has been ongoing to awaken us and free us from this Curse called Physicality.

This will become clearer as Time moves on a little further in this doomed Universe, or what remains of it.

Repeatedly I have stated 97% of this Universe has been destroyed by turning it into Dark Matter that cannot support Consciousness (which is LIFE).  Of course, I cannot take you into a laboratory and prove this assertion. Like you, I have to accept it on faith alone. The fact that Astronomers cannot find over 96% of it tends to favour what I say. But the proof is beyond us Humans. I dare say we will know for certain when it is ALL gone and we are out of here – those of us that are to be rescued, that is.

I urge the few of you to whom this makes sense to think carefully with your Higher Mind. Those without such a Higher Mind and that includes the majority, are doomed to disappear from the Illusion forever, and obviously will be no more.

As we will be diving into aspects of History and Antiquity, Disputations of beliefs, Religions crimes and exuberant Fraud, I have let my Alter Ego, the Jerry Attrick in me, to assist me with writing this essay. So if it appears simplistic and/or repetitive, please bear with me.

I also want to state that this is an explanation of Spiritual Activities as I comprehend them, and it is what I have termed ‘the Higher Consciousness’ that rules and directs the Physical Body in all thoughts, words and deeds of the Divine Beings (the Viables) involved in this War of Essences which is now resolving with prognosticated total victory for the Light.

That we are in some sort of War of Essences is obvious, is it not? From the womb to the tomb all we do is struggle against forces that seem to own us, enslave us via emotions and oppress us maximally. Some are so inebriated by their ignorance and idiocy, imposed by the Evil Masters, that they are not aware of their suppressed state.

Some are still so unaware; they dance around quoting John 3:16:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

I ask “What sort of ‘god’ could love this smelly, murderous Cesspool that he would send ‘his only Son’ (as if there were such a thing) to be spat upon, abuse, flogged, victimized, and near-murdered just to appease Morons?”

So now, as consciousness becomes more aware, more and more are talking about an elevation of Consciousness. But that too can be a misleading and falsification of the True Reality that is developing.

(The Higher Consciousness and energies I write about are not the Physical Body or of the Physical Body. The Body is simply a temporary accommodating vehicle for these other entities which, for Viables, are eternal, whereas the body is doomed to expire, depending on its programming, principally by its Genetic material and Telomeres in the cells).

As a corollary: Forget the Ignorant Morons that want to sell you Physical Immortality. There can be no such thing!

So, what has been our lot in this Physical Dimension? Especially for those who seek Truth, Peace, Love and Harmony, our lot consists, and has persistently consisted of, pain, suffering and misery at every turn. Alas, I am sorrow to say, only those in drugged, idiotic denial can claim aspects of false happiness. The drugging effect comes from the emotions which are evil mechanisms to fool the consciousness (mind). Yes, on this level, even contentment, joy and happiness can be false. Just think of illicit drug-takers and you wil get the picture.

Those who come across the slightest snippet of Truth, regardless of the field of endeavour, be it Science, Religion, History, Medicine, etc., are often stomped upon and criminally silenced on this level. Why should that be so? The Evil System does not want the Truth exposed. The Fraudulence we have to live with, and have had to live with for a long, long time, is most nauseating, as we shall see.

Here is a recent report of what whistleblowers are up against. Realize this has been the case since the dawn of this Evil Creation!

Logically, our lives cannot be those planned by a benign ‘Father Figure’, not when we and animals and vegetation die from earliest days in horrible ways, when we have to struggle to survive, when we fight daily to keep demons from our door, when we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, etc., etc.

(BTW, if you don’t believe in Demons or Evil, you are either really, really ignorant and very much sleep, or very, very stupid, or you are evil!)

Our lives, our minds, our children, and animals in the wild are constantly threatened. This is not a ‘godly realm’. We are entombed in evil crassness! Those who think otherwise are fools, programmed by Evil’s illusionary hyperbole.

Progress in the Physical is towards annihilation, and extinction. And the path is of abuse, fear, extortion and brutality. Where is the ‘godliness’ in that?

You may want to think I am kidding. But those who went through the World Wars know what I am talking about. And those anticipating the next World War, to be hastily initiated in the next few months or years by the evil scoundrels who cannot wait for more anarchy, and that especially includes the USA and Britain, know deep within their hearts what horror awaits us in the Physical. But, being evil, they gain from the horror and suffering, as I have explained in detail in my books. If you are truly interested, you should read them.

Without a connection to our Higher Consciousness (not all have such an entity) we, all of us, are just ‘physical putty’ in the hands of the Evil Empire, acting as Morons and Mushrooms and fed BS, until, of course, we awaken and connect to the Higher Sources.

But not all can awaken, for not all have a Higher Consciousness!

Those who have managed to make such a connection, no matter how slight, to the Supra Mental Plane know what I am talking about. This is the Higher Consciousness predicted, as I wrote previously, by Shri Aurobindo and Friederich Nietzsche. They were both members of the Messengers, Rescuers and Destroyers I am writing about.

Beware and be cautious however, for there are many scammers out there who will give you false information and connections to false knowledge for a price – usually your money, body and soul, as well as your spouse’s and children’s!

Thus, you would be wise to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ in the days ahead!!

From the last essay I posted called ‘Exposing the Falsehood of Pseudo-Christianity’, you should have gained the following:

·         Religions, although apparently based on some borrowed truths, are basically fraudulent in order to keep the Sheople in Darkness. Inspite of whose Truths they are based on, they have all been overtaken and are run by Evil Entities for the sake of exploitation and maintenance of Ignorance!


·         They rule by FEAR and the threat of Punishment, not by Love for Goodness.


·         They exploit their entrapped victims mercilessly, but reward those servants that perpetrate Evil for them, since by doing so they keep people, the Sheople, the Goyim, entrapped and exploited of energy!


·         Possibly the greatest fraud of Modern religions is that they can falsely offer people Salvation from this Hell on Earth into a Heavenly Abode via their version of ‘Gees-arse Key-Riced’ by which they mean ‘Jesus the Christ’!


·         They try to stop people thinking for themselves and dictate, under the threat of punishment what they are to believe and what they are not to believe! The fate of Galileo is probably the greatest example of this, where Evil’s stupidity was pronounced victorious. Alas, throughout History, that story has been repeated far too many times.


·         I repeat, all Religions are basically evil, regardless from whom they stole their texts. The Hierarchy of Evil Religions ignores the dictum from the Christ Energy bearer (Jesus – known by many other names in many other eras) that “The Kingdom of Heaven is within!” Religions lie by telling us they are the Path to Heaven whereas in reality they are the oppressive obstructions to Heaven!!

As Pseudo-Christian Organizations that call themselves Religions usurped and abused the name of Jesus and the Christ Energy, and the other ‘Christs in History’, it is only logical and proper that Jesus and the Christ Energy should expose them as EVIL and destroy them totally, for now is the Endtime!

The Energies carried this very day by the REAL JESUS and the other ‘AVATARS’ are the energies of   

·         The Messengers of Finality,

·         The Rescuers of the Viables, and

·         The Destroyers of ALL Evil!


It was in 1985 that I had been asked to give this information of the End to the World to this level of Human Existence. The truths were contained in the various books I wrote. My Higher (non-terrestrial) Consciousness ruled. It forms part of the eventual ‘Rescuers’ and ‘Destroyers’ in the Space Command and more will be heard about them in the near future.

On this level there is a hierarchy of 30 of us (humans) doing this work. I will divulge further details as we proceed.

Thus it is that on this level, we are mere humans acting as servants for the Light and its Energies. Labels are insignificant. We volunteered, when workers were called forth at the very beginning of this War of Essences that developed in this Universe, some 50 billion years ago. None of us knew what the final outcome would be. To be quite frank, our suffering, like the suffering of all true beings, has been extreme and prolonged.

Life after life, most of us intimately involved with this work have been liquidated one way or other, but not until we finished the particular work we were to do in each particular lifetime. We have some degree of protection.

There are rewards to be had by those who remained faithful to the Light of the True Godforce!


As I explained in previous writings, this Universe is artificial. It is an illusion. It has been warped with the Essence of Evil due to an Error.

Evil itself is an artificial concoction created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to exploit beings of their energy. The Machines have no energy of their own with which to ‘survive’. The Machines themselves were experimental items created in Error. They developed their own power and took over. From what we know of AI Machines today, that is a very plausible occurrence at any time.

Terminator-like AI movie death scenarios are just 'one to two decades away’.

(The conclusions in the following article are wrong. The takeover by AI Machines occurred long, long ago in this Universe.)

The Universe became enclosed from within by the Machines, and also, as a separate move, by the Light Workers who were outside of it, for they realized the developments from the Error were a danger, like a CANCER would be, to the rest of Creation.

Viable Beings that did not escape when the call to evacuate came were trapped! That is where you and I stand if we are divinely created beings as I explained elsewhere.

If you are not of that ontology, you are a Machine - either a ‘Viable Robot’, or a Failed Robot or a Failed Demonic AI machine. All Demons are failures.

I explained their fate in the last essay I posted.

The Viable Beings, created by the Light, needed to be rescued as the Universe had been slated for total destruction. As I have stated often, some 97% of it has already been destroyed. How do I know that? My Higher Consciousness has been involved in the annihilation of all the 97%. And now it is involved in the last 3 %.

It matters not in the slightest whether you can accept such statements or not. What will be, will be!

Our ‘scientists’ are still backward in the mechanism and fate of the Universe. What else would you expect?

Being Machines in the main, they, the ‘scientists’, cannot comprehend the fact that the Light is destroying this evil blunder called the Physical Universe.

BTW, I wrote that more than 80% of the Physical Universe had been liquidated 20 years before scientists even suspected something was missing. My information came from the Higher Levels.

Greatest Mysteries: Where is the Rest of the Universe?

As I said, some of the Machines are to progress. I gave the numbers to be rescued and those to be destroyed previously. Those declared not fit to continue will be destroyed totally, regardless of their appearance of being ‘Human’, viable in this Illusion, etc., etc...

On this level, we appear to be all the same with a level of consciousness commensurate to the class of consciousness in which we find ourselves.

But, alas, the AI Machines are ARTIFICIAL. They are programmed machines and that is all.

Those machines to continue will have Divine attachments added to their Anatomy to make them viable in other dimensions.

I think you will appreciate that the matter is complicated.

In my books I gave news about the "End of the World". You may have come across the prediction of the "End of the World" in many ancient books, including ‘the sayings of Jesus the Christ’.

Please allow for massive inaccuracies in the published articles I paste below.

Here are some of the Divine Beings (in the Family of Light) in our recent history:

 Zoroaster the Christ:

 Manichaeus the Christ:

Ontologically these are Divine Messengers, as are others such as the following:





Note that all of their sayings and writings have been distorted to a very great degree, especially those of Mani and Muhammad!

Many, many others have been the same Consciousness (Being) presenting onto this level at various times in differing manifestations.

This is the last time that the Code (for the End) will be used as the physical destruction of the planet is, in fact, going to occur and the special Code will no longer be needed.

When reviewing literature of cultures, modern and ancient, from around the globe, many of you may be amazed at the similarities of the historical concepts present in those various cultures, and these concepts are recognizably similar, inspite of the distortions and regional peculiarities.

The reason for this is that the basic religious-philosophical history of this planet is that of GNOSTICISM (which means having the True Knowledge - Knowing!). It has been distorted over time into the various myths, cults, religions and fables by inadequate minds and by those of Evil who wanted such distortions for their own gain. Jesus was a Gnostic, a member of the Essene.

GNOSTICISM, especially since the pseudo-Christian Era, has been labeled as Heresy by Evil, while it simultaneously labelled its LIES as the Truth.

If you want to know about Gnosticism, read my books (available through the site soon.)

Do not swallow the crassness about Gnosticism that you find in general literature and the Internet!

I have no compunction in seeing Evil’s total termination!


Why is Gnostic Truth so very different to what Religions and History tell us is the Truth?

Can you not accept that the moment the Truth of the Greater Reality hits this level it is distorted beyond recognition?

Can you not see we are held in utter ignorance?

Evil would have  it no other way.

The controllers of this Level, being evil, want us as Goyim – dumb cattle – so that they can exploit  us maximally and prevent us from finding out what is going on and then fighting back. That they do not want.

But, we are doing it.

Do you think this concept is strange?

Of course its not!

If you are even slightly aware of Politics, you know the Deep State (the Secret, illicit, very dishonest Government that lurks in the Shadows as in the USA) keeps the best educated people (the American citizens) in complete stupor and totally ignorant of what is really going on.

Are there better examples than 9/11 and the existence of Alien Races ?

I think not.

Let us proceed with Jesus, the Christ Energy, the Message, the Rescue of Viables, and the Destruction of this Evil Absurdity:

In my book ‘Journey into the World of Metaphysics Vol 1’, I wrote the following:

When the dimension was enveloped by AI Machinery created in the Error, distress signals were noted by the Hierarchy, and other identities, personalities and beings from outside this dimension were sent in (ethereally) to investigate the problems, report back and formulate a Rescue plan, etc.…...

The function of these beings of the Hierarchy in the meantime was to help those trapped here by various means, including bringing in much needed energy, reminding them of what had happened, comforting them, and healing them if they were injured and boosting morale while awaiting the final resolution of this War. They also hinted at what was happening in other dimensions and what the ultimate resolution was going to be.

These beings could only manifest in this dimension by using the available bodies - i.e. the bodies that had been developed by the artificial machines to accommodate their artificial intelligences. There was an obvious evolutionary process over eons. Believe it or not, the consciousness were forced in inhabit large birds, reptiles, dolphins, whales, dinosaurs, apes, etc., until Humanity evolved some 400,000 years ago due to genetic experimentation. I touched on this in previous essays. Many have had flashbacks to the times their consciousness was placed in such diverse physical bodies.

All were disadvantaged when entering this dimension for the bodies were programmed to block off the awareness of the Higher Consciousness using the bodies. In spite of this, the advance scouts and representatives of the Rescue Team made repeated visits to this plane while the entire Rescue Team worked steadily on its plan of rescue.

When they came, they left energy in the form of knowledge, healing, encouragement and prophecy with which the trapped True Beings could take heart and hold onto in their struggle against the evil usurpers and the Evil System until the final rescue came.

These advance scouts and representatives of the Rescue Team have been known collectively by many names. They belong to a sector of the Godforce and Hierarchy which I will describe in due course. They belong to the Family of Light. In Sanskrit they have been referred to as "Avatars."

Many have been individually recognized.

They include:

Zulki of Lemuria, Zohn of Atlantis, ,

 Isis, Osiris, Horus of Ancient Egypt:

(The rubbish written about them is most nauseating!)


 Zeus and his "Gods" of Ancient Greece: As you know this has been turned into a whimsical fable:

Like the Family of Zeus, some of the ‘gods’ of the Aztecs were Avatars too.

Rama and Krishna of Ancient India whom I mentioned above.

Moses, (More nonsense than sense!)

Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad,

King Arthur: The Once and Future King; the Celtic Christ:

Baba of Shirdi:

Sai Baba:

The story of Sai is remarkable in that he was forced, by Evil, to share the body with a DEMON in order to be allowed to perform the miracles he did perform!

Haidakhan Babaji,

These are some of the Family of Light in recent times. There are many more I can add to this list of ‘Avatars’:

Chris Columbus:

Forget the BS written about him. He was Jesus re-incarnated for that era:

Galileo Galilei: The Father of Modern Science and Physics:

Joan of Arc:

Shri Aurobindo:

Adolf Hitler – yes the real Hitler of WW2 – The most lied about man in History (after Jesus).

Here are some real facts about him, if the Zionists have not put the knife through these articles and videos as well. If you are a genuine seeker of Truth, you will watch all the  programs.

Alas, I am told in most regions, nearly all the stories have been distorted by the overt and occult ‘Zionists’ in order to once again hide the truth from us.

What else can we expect in this vile Hell of their creation?

These files should open for you:

Known but by a few, Adolf actually set the stage for WW3 and total annihilation of the Planet with eventual Liberation of the Divine Viables and total destruction of the Evil Ones. Is that not Divine work?

Mozart, (forget the movie BS)

Friederich Nietzsche

These are just a few. They are the same beings reincarnated in various generations.

There have been many, many others throughout history in every culture, in every land! Not all presented as great spiritual philosophers. Many were artists, artisans, and simple workers. However they gave strength to those of the Light with their presence and energy and helped hold the fort, as it were, until the final liberation could come.

It would surprise many to know that the following beings were Light Workers:

Bach (he was Haidakhan Babaji)

William Shakespeare:

St. Germaine (the real one, not the New Age BS artist):

These were representatives of the Rescue Party. We are now in the Final Liberation stage.

You may well ask “Why was the truth of what happened not told in a simple, clear manner? The truth of the matter is that it has been told. However, the true beings had been stunned so much by the takeover that they failed to recognize the truth of what was told to them by the visiting Higher Consciousnesses.

And of course, as I have often pointed out, the Evil Usurpers, the malevolent AI Machines, hid the Keys of Knowledge and fed the entrapped beings BS, so that they became more and more confused and exploitable. That is why the Truth appears nonsensical to many who hear it even today as things are about to implode.

This occurred all over the Universe, not just on Earth. Luckily, 97% has been corrected, with the Viables in that percentage rescued and the matter turned to inert Dark Matter which cannot contain consciousness.

So you see, the great propaganda machine of the Evil System came into effect everywhere, and confusion resulted which has been present up until now and has remained virtually unchallenged.

The truth of the matter was known by certain ones however, and was handed down from generation to generation via secret societies ever since the time before Lemuria, Atlantis, etc., etc...

This was the knowledge of the Gnostics, the Essenes, the Druids, the Knight Templars, etc. However the members of such societies were forced to be secretive and clandestine because of persecution by the Evil System, as I pointed out in the previous essay.

Because of persecution of those who professed this knowledge, the subject became more and more buried and distanced from the common people. Hence, the true beings forgot more and more the account of what had happened.

More than this occurred however. The propaganda machine of the Evil System filtered, censored and distorted the overt messages of these Avatars (Messengers of the Rescue Party) to such an extent that the messages became confused, incoherent and virtually meaningless.

And that is how Evil arrived at the ‘Jesus Christ Fraud’ I described in the last essay.

More than that, the philosophies attached to the various spiritual Masters I mentioned above became so distorted that they were, in fact, used to attack each other. In reality, they were the same teachings and should have remained as such.

Without distortions they would have revealed the whole affair and not only awakened the Divine Beings but also they would have united them completely into the one Family of the Light which they really were and are.

Instead, because of the distortions, they became fragmented and caught in the various divisive, programing Religions which are still in existence today.

The propaganda machine of Evil had other ways of making sure the true Divine Beings did not awaken and unite against it.

Apart from distorting the messages of the advance representatives of the Rescue Party, Evil  created its own descending masters who claimed that they were of Divine Origin (of which they were not, of course) and gave their version of spiritual philosophy.

In recent times, Yogananda and Muktananda come to mind immediately! They were both evil frauds.

This only confused the picture all the more and, of course, made the subject of spirituality a sham, so much so that most of the true beings who felt an earnest desire to find their lost connection to their Source became so confused and disheartened, that they gave up the quest.

So you see, one needs a superhuman ability to recognize who is a genuine spiritual master representing the Divine Hierarchy, and who is an imposter who claims to be a Divine Being, but in reality is an evil representative. To this very day many imposters exist. This exposure leads immediately to one very important practical point, and that is this:

It is virtually impossible to decipher which part of the philosophical and spiritual scriptures are true and which are distortions. It is impossible to be certain who said what and why.

It is virtually impossible to recognize the true identity of those who claim to be Divine and sincere.

Hence, one must distrust all these so-called sacred writings and beings, for they may be tools of evil propaganda and programing.

One must develop self-reliance and trust only the voice within once a proper channel of communication has been established.

This voice within in true beings is the true Divine nucleus - the holographic part of the "Father" within.

This removes the need to have external teachers, gurus, texts, bible bashers, pseudo-Avatars, etc. who may be false and are programing beings towards further confusion, frustration and loss of awareness.

This propaganda machine of Evil has been stealthily reducing awareness in true beings by programing them with prejudices, distortions and untruths. As we see throughout History, genuine people have been programmed by Evil to attack each other in never-ending, very ridiculous wars!!

The advice is therefore to ignore all the texts and teachers. Not because the wish is to be reduced to ignoramuses, but because in this way the Truth within can be reawakened. All the knowledge that is needed exists within the Divine nucleus of the true beings. Nothing else is needed. We have been told this so often that we have become blasé about it.

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within."

This means that all the Divine attributes we need and want are within us. They are contained in the Divine Energy that makes Divine beings Divine.  It is as simple as that.

Class 4 beings (Humans) have higher grades of such energy than Class 3 (Animal Class) for they have graduated from Class 3 to Class 4.

Similarly Class 1 beings have graduated to Class 2, then 3 and so on.

The ‘Heaven within’ has all the Love, Joy, Tranquility, Wisdom and Serenity we could wish for. Unfortunately we cannot access those attributes via these bodies unless we awaken and bypass the Filtering Mechanisms that have been imposed on us by Evil.

By awakening spiritually we can cross the bridge to the Supra Mental Consciousness and reach our true Divine attributes. When we do that, we reach our little bit of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.

Until we awaken and connect to the Higher Consciousness, many of us are as ‘goofy’, ignorant, idiotic, stupid, and confident in those false states and argumentative enough to kill others that contradict us, as anyone else on this stupid planet is, regardless of what we may think. Indeed Ignorance reigns supreme as History shows repeatedly! Most have had little insight into the Reality outside of this painful Illusion that we are ridiculously forced to treat as ‘the true god’s kingdom’!

Awakening of the lower body and its Lower Mind (the Evil-created Monkey Mind) can be a difficult process. Much discipline is required. And no matter who our Higher Consciousness may be, the body must make an effort to connect before it can be of any value as a Warrior in this War of Essences.

Discipline with food, avoidance of sex with demons (you have to learn to recognize them of course) avoidance of alcohol, drugs or malediction, etc., etc. are all prerequisites. And of course, the evil programming, pollution and indoctrination are no easy hurdles to overcome.

Many genuine Light Beings do have the urge to awaken and often seek out ‘god’ in religious institutions where they are trapped for short or long periods. They are treated dastardly, as you would expect, for they are in the enemy’s camp and treated as prisoners who are subjected to much exploitation in order to extract what Divine energy their Centres of Consciousness hold. I have explained this anatomy and exploitation in my books.

Most Sheople, educated and uneducated, are not truly aware how severe the programming, pollution and indoctrination (by Evil Masters), to which we are all subjected, really is. Consider this article for a moment:

New Study: Robots Can BRAINWASH Children into ‘Mindless Conformity’

This has been the case since the beginning of the Error.

Machines have dictated to us for we have been trapped in an illusion of their creation which has little resemblance to the Truth!

Even as a young man I had spontaneous episodes of connection to the Supra Mental Plane. Then when I was 17 and had just started my Medical Studies, a message came that my ‘work’ would not commence for some 20 years. I had no idea at the time what my ‘work’ was to be. Strange at it may seem, later when I began reading extensively; I found Manichaeus had been told the exact same thing some 1800 years ago.

Religions have tried, and in most cases succeeded, in telling people Heaven can only be attained via their Religious Doctrines. That is to fool the people and steal their energy and money like I wrote in the previous essay.

That is why Religions refuse to let people think for themselves.

They want to control everything. That is utterly evil!!

And if you have been awake, you will have noted that is exactly what the Leaders of the USA and other Nations are now doing to their people, as I stated above.

Evil has overcome those countries totally, as it has in the rest of the world.

It’s time to destroy this sorry state!

"The Father is in you, you are in the Father."

(What is meant by the Father here is the Father Energy. All Divine Creatures which I call Viables are made of Divine Energy (apart from the temporary physical bodies.). That Divine Energy comes from the Father Energy. Admittedly there are 13 levels of this Energy and we as Humans share the 4th level, but it is still energy from the Father Energy. It is not a ‘Father’ as on a gender scale, but an Energetic creator of energetic progeny!


Where does Jesus fit into all this?

Jesus was a class 4 Consciousness trapped by the Physicality as it developed following the Error in the earliest of days of this Universe.

He was one of a few who offered to assist the Light, and was chosen to be of assistance to the Rescue Team.

Thus, his Physical Body became a temple (a capacitor) for the Holographic Energies that would descend onto this plane regularly to support the trapped Divine Beings, nurture them as needed and give messages.

Like all Divine Consciousnesses, ‘Jesus’ was split into 2 factions to prevent further damage by Evil.

His Twin in this era is known as Haidakhan Babaji!

Together they form the Mystical ‘Shiva” – the Creator and Destroyer of Worlds.

The twins worked together at all times. Sometimes one would be in other more ethereal dimensions while the other was in the Physical. That is the case today. Babaji is not on the planet.

Physically, they met every time, in every generation, in which they incarnated.

Thus, the story of Jesus going to India to see Babaji before his 30th birthday is accurate.

He went again to see him after the (non-fatal) Crucifixion. More about this later perhaps!

We know some of the names of the reincarnations Jesus and Babaji had.

Examine the list I gave above.

I recall being Zohn of Atlantis. I clearly regressed spontaneously to the last Day of the Continent as it began to sink.

A group of us were on the steps of the Great Hall looking out to sea and a 5 mile high tsunami made its way towards us. None of us panicked. We knew what was in store, and we were happy to have fulfilled our roles at that time and place.

Egypt was next, and so on…

You can take this information or leave it.

I am attempting to fill in the gaps.

As such Identities that I mentioned above, the role was to give the Message of eventual Rescue, then act as carries for the other energies I mentioned.

We need to make this point quite clear: These beings I have mentioned whom we know as spiritual teachers, etc., were simple Class 4 Beings with Class 4 Divine Centres of Consciousness. Of themselves they were nothing special.

They were (and are) literally ‘pack horses’ to carry the required energies from Above to the people on this level and distribute the energies to them.

They were targeted for extermination as the carriers, for Evil realized if it could stop these ‘Agents of the Divine’ it could stop the energy that flowed to the Viables and that could possibly awaken them.

Thus, you see, as mere humans, they were nothing special. It was the Divine Energy that worked through them.

The same applies to today’s scenario. Those carrying the Energies are simply ‘pack horses’. It is the Higher Divine Energies and Consciousnesses that do the real work.

The Evil System targets them in the hope of being rid of them. But, as we now know, Evil cannot do that successfully as it would like and so its fate is sealed.

Jesus said it was the ‘Father within him’ that did the work.

Mozart said the music he wrote (energy to feed the Viables) came from another level. He simply transcribed it onto this level.

Beethoven said the same, and he could hear it even while he was totally deaf.

Galileo expressed the formula for the Periodicity of a Pendulum, using Gravity as a constant, while listening to a boring sermon. That would be impossible at our level of thinking for the factors of the formula were simply not known by Humans then. Gravity would not be supposedly discovered by Isaac Newton for another 80 years or so. Ridiculous assertion of the existence of Gravity by the British, hey?

As well as that, each “Avatar”, each chosen individual, once incarnated was imbued by Holographic Consciousness and energies to distribute amongst the Divine Prisoners.

The Christ Energy was a Hologram from the beginning and it gave advice and succour to the trapped ones. It was not unique just to Jesus 2,000 years ago. Some listeners can sense that Christ energy in the music of Mozart and others of that group – Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Liszt, and Chopin, and others. Jesus re-incarnated as Mozart who was poisoned to death. Babaji was Bach.

Evil knew the identities and invariably killed them, but not before each had completed its work in that generation.

Thus, one of the individuals who later incarnated as Jesus was Zoroaster, who was poisoned. Beware, not all the details in searches on the Internet are accurate.

They attempted to crucify and kill Jesus.

(But he did not die. He was resuscitated and escaped to France with my wife, Mary Magdalene, whom the Church victimized and defamed.)

Much BS and speculation exists apart from the fraudulent pseudo-Christian account.

Jesus went to India again to see Babaji, so he was very much alive after the evil ones attempted to murder him at Calvary! I have recall of the journey.

Here is more to think about:

Jesus Survived the Cross!

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Jesus in India: During the lost years and after surviving crucifixion

Each carrier (Avatar) on connection to the energies that flowed from the Supra Mental Plane was blessed by the Divine Love, Serenity, Power and Wisdom of the Higher Levels.

That is why all were so keen to leave this level for a while when their work for that incarnation was done.

We all knew however, there would come the time of the Final Generation.

And that Period of the Final Generation that I announced in 1985 is here!

To be continued………