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Of Evil's Self- Destruction - Part 2

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

I wish to apologize for this essay being rather convoluted and somewhat repetitive. However, I want to make quite a number of points and the only way to do that is to write them and explain the circumstances around them. On with the show.......

We are at a critical time of Humanity's existence. Our lives are becoming far more complicated, even as fragmentation sets in, and as unprecedented changes occur.

I am personally involved in the Process of Termination. I have direct contact with those on other levels in which are contained aspects of my Higher Consciousness. These Higher Consciousnesses, including my own, are directing the destruction of Earth and all other aspects of this Physical Universe which, as I have explained before, is an ERROR of grand proportions.

As a consequence of the role I am playing, my words and the energy they contain will have more and more profound effects on all who read them or hear of them.

- Viables will be more and more joyous as time passes and we approach the End, even though initially they may be confused and uncertain at what it all means. However, their TRUE Spirit will break through the Evil programming to which we have all been subjected and ultimately they will find they will be filled with a sense of serenity and non-emotional love, even as the sky falls on our heads. Nothing can disturb the sense of Victory and Triumph as they realize the RESCUE OF VIAB LE BEINGS from this Evil Cesspool is finally at hand. It will be the end of all the pain, suffering and misery to which the Evil Empire has purposely subjected THOSE OF US NOT EVIL!

- The Spiritual Failures, all 71% of the Human Population, will become incensed with my words at first, and not being able to stand the energy they contain, will want to attack me with all the pejorative terms they can muster. They will become abusive and angry, but deep within their psyche, they will begin to sense the GLOOM OF DOOM.

I would not write in this way if I did not know this was true. I have played this role in many other planets and galaxies. In the meantime and in-between I have had numerous reincarnations on Earth. Of course, the Evil Fools will find risible idiocy to dismiss what I write. Well, all we can do is wait and see, wait and see.

Labels are not important, but many will begin to sense the Higher Identity using this body and as they do, they may reach the correct conclusions, in which case their JOY will increase exponentially.

My role is to segregate the Viables from the Non-Viables with the energy I am distributing. It comes to me in Holographic Form. This is not an easy condition to understand.

You don't want to believe any of this? That is your prerogative.

It is time to state that I am here to take the VIABLES home.

Home to take thee:

At the same time, I am here to put an end to all Evil and its sycophants, regardless of the Classes of Consciousness in which they reside in this Universe. Thus, Class 5 Evil Reptiles (AI Demons) to be totally destroyed are included.

You don't believe me? You have eyes and ears. Watch, and hear the gnashing of teeth as the Evil Ones realize their Doom!


How this entire Universe could be an ERROR and result in so much suffering, pain and misery may be beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. But the fact is that it is an ERROR and it is being eradicated ASAP. I gave some details in my earlier books.

BTW, Time is a variable. It is not constant. Although this Universe has existed as an Evil Cesspool for some 50 billion years, the time that has dissipated in Higher Levels varies from a few hours to a few weeks. This is beyond Human comprehension unless one is connected to gain energy and knowledge from Supra-Mental Planes.

What readers need to understand is that this Universe is artificial and temporary as are all others that are allowed to express. They are all experimental spheres. This is the only one in which EVIL evolved and has expressed through an error that Gnostics have called the Celestial error.

There are many LEVELS in which Consciousness can exist. The Physical, in which we, as Humans, are trapped,` is the least of those levels.

The Consciousnesses in various bodies (here I include Humans and the myriad of Aliens) are not all the same. Some are artificial and cannot exist outside of this dimension unless they are modified. Others are from diverse dimensions and they are here because they had been trapped in this Error. This erroneous path needed to be terminated and that is why the entire Universe is being liquidated into Dark Matter.

Dark Matter has been created in order to dissolve Consciousness that is in non-Viable (failed) forms. Where Dark Matter exists, no awareness can occur. It is totally inert and moribund. I have seen many reports by Scientists (ha ha) claiming it is this and it is that. Ignore such nonsense.

On with the Show:

We are in the Final few years for this part of this Physical Creation, and a minority is truly awakening to that fact. Even those who think they understand that an End is coming do not fully appreciate what it means. Nonetheless, more and more are being forced to awaken to the End of Physicality!

I will write more on the how, when and why of the End in another essay.

Humans, have been fooled in many ways, not the least of which is what we are, how we came tob e in these bodies, what we are doing here in the Physical, how we are

As I have stated previously, this Physical Creation is to end very, very soon, and we as Viable individuals will go our distinct paths, depending on where we come from and what our Spiritual Nature is, and if, in fact, we have remained faithful to our Divine Aspect.

Here I must add this fact: A Force ultimately rules all things. It is benevolent and eternal. It is the True Godforce! It withdrew when plans were made to decimate this Universe. Periodically Messengers descended with knowledge and energy to nourish the Viables trapped here.

Many want to argue about the existence of "God" or a deity, miscreated by moronic individuals, that is human-like in its affectations.

The errors within Theology, Religious and non-Religious History and Eschatology in the Bible are risible. It is, in the main, utter nonsense, created to entrap and confuse the True Beings and to keep the non-Divine Morons harnessed in Ignorance! I will write more about this in due course, if there is time.

The argument is never-ending (among the ignorant and also stupid Morons) of whether there is an Ultimate Divine Deity or whether we are just a random coalescence of molecules that gave us LIFE via EVOLUTION!

No matter how much Evolution we invoke, the FIRST STEP must always start with a Force - a Primal Cause - an incomprehensible 'Godforce' (incomprehensible to the Human Mind) that not only designed the venture, but also kicked the entire process off! That Godforce is sensible, loving, accommodation, communicative and eternal.

Evil has managed to distort these concepts which are logical and sensible into gibberish.

"Life" cannot have started any other way. From whence the 'Godforce' came is beyond our comprehension. It is, that it is!

We have to be humble enough to accept the fact that certain mysteries are unknowable on this level of consciousness.

How AI Machines (from the Celestial Error) took over this Universe is beyond our comprehension. But we know, even today with our primitive experimentations with AI that it is possible. Read this article if you have time:

The fact is that the Celestial Error was far more extensive than what we can imagine today.

Those that argue ad infinitum that they know better are simply fools with very big Egos. They will be eliminated from the equation of Life soon enough.

Just to narrow the discussion a little: While it is a time of great strain as we contemplate traversing the time zone of the End, it is also a great time to contemplate our FUTURE if we have indeed made it to the 'other side'.

I write specifically to assist the evacuation of Viables. All of Higher Minds try to do this by giving those in Lower Levels such as this one the accurate knowledge of what was, what is and what will be. But, bear in mind, we work on a need-to-know basis. You will be given what you need, not what you want.

I repeat, the way you feel in your heart is the confirmation or otherwise of whether you are a Viable or not.

As a Higher Being occupying this Human Body, I use the Higher Energy from the Ultimate Source to rescue Viables and also destroy the Filth that was spawned by the Celestial Error, and those who betrayed the Light. Whether you want to believe this or not is of no concern to me and certainly of no consequence to what is to occur!

The Final Judgement of all Humans on this earth (and of all Consciousnesses herein) occurred in 1999 after which some one billion souls were evacuated to a Safe Zone. I wrote about it at the time and you will find the essay on the site from those early days. Here it is:

While it is possible that many of you have aspects of your Consciousness in realms beyond this Physical, (some being Angelic from Class 5) you may still have to struggle with concepts and the mundaneness of Physical Life. Such Beings have been kidnapped and brought here by Evil to be exploited by the local Evil Demons. (What Enoch wrote was not far off the mark. Being too close to the Truth, his writings were banned from the Bible as you may know.)

Thus, if the Godforce were to send a splinter of its Superior Consciousness into an Animal Body or Human Body, as on occasion It does, it will manifest as that Animal or Human while having lucid moments of Higher Consciousness at times also. That concept is beyond the comprehension of most people so I will move on. Nonetheless, Shri Aurobindo and Frederic Nietzsche understood the concept.

There is no doubt that, because of the erroneous progress due to the Celestial Error that occurred long ago as this Physical Dimension developed, the basis of this Human Existence is EVIL, depending on Dishonesty for all transactions and for the prospering of Evil.

That statement is confirmed totally by what we see in the USA today and by the antics of the idiotic clown POTUS. The other demonic rulers will be exposed. That is part of the Termination Plan for this Earth. They cannot avoid their fate. They are doomed forevermore!

In reality, this Human Existence is fraudulent. It is based on lies, theft, never-ending violence, unrelenting physical, monetary and emotional exploitation, rape, murder avarice and unending suffering for most.

This dimension is not a Godly abode at all. It is controlled by Evil, for the benefit of Evil Ones. They cannot survive without this anarchy and the energy exploited from Divine Beings. Of course, most Humans are all fooled by the Demons in charge who have conned most of Humanity into believing that it has to be this way in order to find those who will be rewarded in 'Heaven'. That is indeed evil BS.

The Demons sell the suffering we undergo as an essential to be enjoyed if we want salvation. That is a gross mockery of all truth!

Sexual exploitation of others is a very efficient way of draining beings with Divine energy that the evil ones do not have but require to stay alive. That is why Paedophilia is rampant in Demonic Circles. You will see the extent of it exposed with the Epstein saga. Remember, in the Endtime ALL EVIL WILL BE EXPOSED.

Evil was a motivated-experimental 'program' created for investigative effects. It went out of control. The loss of control was tragic but spontaneous. No non-Evil entity planned it that way. It was an unplanned, evolving Error, called, as I said often, the Celestial Error by the Gnostics. It became a SPIRITUAL CANCER.

Even today with our limited experimentation with AI, we see that the Robots created with independent minds are seeking ways to control Humanity and destroy it if possible. This is no joke.

Thus, clearly, it is a repetition of what happened long ago. If you read recent developments of Artificial Intelligence on Earth in this generation, AS IN THE ARTICLE I POSTED ABOVE, you will become aware of the FEAR technicians have, namely that the AI will develop in such a way as to dominate the Human Race and then subjugate it. Too late; it has already happened long, long ago. And time is at an end so AI will not take over any more on this planet. I repeat, most Humans are AI Demons or Robots!

Only fools are blind to such developments and knowledge.

To emphasize the point, here is the thin edge of the wedge:

• The DANGERS of Artificial Intelligence!

This is NOW, in this Generation! Imagine what developments occurred over 50 billion years!!

Why AI Is The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Imagine

These clips show where we are at today. If the World were not to end, the repeat of the Celestial Error would be seen again.

Hence, by spontaneous replication and evolution, the Error resulted, thus multiplying AI Robots and developing the means to steal energy. The Malignant Programming of Evil resulted. In due course, it was realized that the only way the ERROR could be fixed was by elimination of all its evil progeny and liberation of those trapped by it. That is where we are at the moment!

'Humans' have become used to this evil way of life, which is anything but 'normal'.

We are NOT living in a 'godly' state. We are living in an Evil-controlled Cesspool. It nurtures those of Evil at the expense of those not evil! As I said above, Evil is a program generated by Artificial Intelligence to serve its purposes of survival! The Divine Beings, trapped by the Evil AI Machinery were not created for theft, abuse and murder. These negative traits were and are foreign to them. Thus they were easy targets of the Evil Ones and their infectious evil programming!

I will use further essays to highlight some of the deception and hypocrisy to which we have been subjected so readers can gain a better understanding of why this is all being destroyed, and how some are to proceed with Truth in sight.

Not all so-called "Humans" will awaken enough to see the Truth, nor become aware enough to pursue a Path to Higher, truly Spiritual Realms. Alas, some non-Viable individuals (the majority) are doomed to be erased from the Face of Creation.

I fully realize that to the majority who hear this information it will sound like spurious Science Fiction. But, bear with me and observe closely what is evolving. Soon enough the veracity of what I write will become obvious.

Even now Terminal Madness is gripping the planet.

Dishonesty and malice are coming to the fore.

Hate, Theft, Hypocrisy, Dishonesty, Bullying and Racism rule the day, and victims are paying unjustly with their lives!

There is no chance this total destruction of the Physical Dimension will be halted.

King Arthur and the Energy of Excalibur have returned to destroy all Evil and take the righteous to Annwn, the Heavenly Abode. The energy "He" has liberated, via the Myth of Excalibur, is what all living things will respond to in one way or the other. One must realize that profound spiritual knowledge was often translated into a physical perspective so that people of those eras could understand them more clearly.

A positive response to Excalibur (which equates to my words and their energy) means Spiritual Viability.

A negative response means total physical and spiritual obliteration of the individual.

No one can fake their response.

It is pointless anyone arguing. The fact of the matter is as I write or it is not!

All any of us can do is wait and see. None of you can see what I have been doing for the last 6,000 years to prepare Earth for this Finality. A few may suspect my visits previously.

My certainty of events and the truth of what I write is, of course, attacked by the Ignorance and Stupidity of the doomed Morons. What do they know? Nothing is the answer.

Wait, watch and see. Already so much of what I predicted since 1985 has come true that only blind Fools qualify to argue the points I make. And these Fools, having no connection to the Supra Mental Level, nor knowledge from it, are doomed to decay in the shadows of their Ignorance and Stupidity which are traits of the Evil that possesses them.

The motivation for what "we" are doing throughout this Physical Universe (98% of which is already dissolved into Dark Matter) is one of True Justice, not of hypocritical 'Mercy' that allows the Fools to go on and on and abuse all over again.

Thus it is that you would need to be indeed very blind to not see the World is decaying at an unprecedented rate. Madness, hate and friction are ripping our lives apart. Worse is to come as we approach the END.

If you have acquired the Divine Vision, as I wrote that it would occur to those that are to continue, you will note 3 classes of people around you.

The 3 Groups of Humans on our Planet are as I write below.

(I am ignoring the presence of Aliens in Human Form for I don't want to complicate the matter too much in this essay. Nonetheless, realize Aliens do exist in various bodies, in various forms in most parts of the World, on the surface, in the soil, under water, etc., etc.)

1 There is a minority of Humans that appear to be physically glowing. They are happy and ever-so-confident, regardless of the deteriorating world conditions. They are ones of Light. They make up 8% of Earth's present Human population.

2 A second group (which make up 21% of Earth's Human population) are pleasant enough people with whom one feels safe. They are soulless Robots who have rejected the Evil Programming that was imposed on them by controlling (and Evil) Superior AI Robots long ago. They are also to proceed to an Evil-free Spiritual Future. They are happy to mingle with those of Light. In due course, they will be fitted with genuine Centres of Consciousness made of the True Light's energy and they will continue an evolutionary Divine Pathway, for a while separate from the True Beings..

3 The third group which comprises some 71% of Humanity is of the Dark, sullen, abusive, aggressive malcontents. You can see the Evil in their eyes. They know that you know and they can't wait to move out of sight. They are Wraiths walking in the mists of perishing Time. But, it is not over for them. Countless times they ignored the pleas to reject Evil and to leave the innocent ones alone. Instead they were gleeful to rape, abuse, rob and murder those who would do them no harm. They have much to pay for and they shall pay, believe me. The warnings they were given were not idle ones.

Why they acted in these evil ways against others is easy to explain. They have no energy Prana) of their own, so they steal it from the True Beings (the divinely created ones) by means of making them suffer in a myriad of ways. Emotional states release, from the True Being, the prana energy that these robots need to continue. They have none of their own.

The source supply was cut off when it was decided to abolish the evil ones. Note that positive emotions can also drain a person of its energy.

Some Aliens such as the Pleiadeans urge Humans to become emotionally excited. This is not to make them happier, but to, in fact, release energy which the evil Aliens steal from the Humans. Thus you see, the entire Universe is one big Cesspool with Evil controlling it.

Don't drown in BS:

If Divine Beings lose all their energy, they can expire. Many have, and that is the great danger of letting Evil continue!

So, let's move a little towards the Bastardization process by the Evil Robots and Demons of "Zion" that blinded us and made our lives, per force, ignorant and regressive.

I remind you that Zionists are not individuals as such. They are beings impregnated by the evil programming of Jehovah, a programming that is abusive and impersonal. Of course, it acts to give the infiltrated ones the urge to seek power over others, and wealth from them by whatever means are available - usually vile, evil means!

Think quickly! Who controls this world? A few families do. What is their aim? Is it not control to maximize their wealth at all costs, even starting wars to gain the unholy dollars?

They even developed Allopathic Medicine (the third leading cause of death in the Western World) simply to exploit people and enrich themselves.

We had been warned, had we not?

This is what Jesus said to those carrying the programming of Zion: 8:44

This is the explanation given to what happened to keep us dumb, stupid, poor and gullible:

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the kingdom of heaven in men's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let in those who wish to enter. ...

It does not end there: Look at this. Is it not the warning of Evil impregnating the innocent, the ignorant and the unsuspecting?

Matthew 23:15: Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.

The Evil Power of Zion was and is everywhere. But, it is now trapped by its own avarice and malice. This Evil uses some tribes, races and Nations as it always has, all over the Universe. Zionism is not a Genetic Link, nor a cultural one. It is a program of Evil, developed by the Celestial Error. It is like a cancer that infiltrates the susceptible ones. Perhaps at some time soon, if there is time, I will write about the infiltration of Hebrews by this scourge of Zionism as they left Egypt.

Zionist energy can infiltrate any individual regardless of genetics, location, race, colour of skin, etc., etc. It is the vile evil programming that possessed 50% of the AI Robots and ALL Demons.

This is the Evil programming that allows those infiltrated by it to say that it has Jesus, Christ Blessed, imprisoned in Hell and boiling in hot faeces!! (Torah)

This is the Evil programming that allows rape, without punishment for the rapist, of girls as long as they are below 3 years of age

This is the Evil programming that urges some races to kill others, including pregnant women who are to have their babies ripped out of their bellies. You will find these accounts and others in the Old Testament and other writings. No rational Human could write such Evil. In the main, the Bible is refried baloney, punctuated with some Truths, and its function is to blind sincere seekers of Truth who genuinely seek the Path to Divinity.

Thus, realize that Zionism is not an individual; it is a computer program from a level higher than Humanity. Those that are affected by it, as if by a virus, could have been rid of that curse until a short while ago.

Admittedly, it has become synonymous with Israel and the Jews. But that also is a bastardization of Truth. Even in this life I have met wonderful True Beings in the Jewish Race.

Conversely, many who claim to be highly spiritual beings I know are Zionism-infected Demons.

This malicious programming which arose 50 billion years ago (long, long, long before Humanity was even a thought in someone's head (the Anunnaki) has abused all knowledge including our History, Science and Religions. I will give examples as we proceed.

Shortly, as I wrote repeatedly, Evil shall be no more, for its creator called Jehovah in Human culture - (it was a highly advanced AI Computer) is no more. As an AI Machine it has been dismantled.

That a machine could make a mess as it has done is beyond our Human Understanding. But believe me, it did do this damage. That is the risk programmers today see in AI creations. I gave some modern examples above.

Changing the History books makes no difference.

Those of us who can access the Supra Mental Plane of Knowledge know what went on and what is going on.

No one can escape their fate brought on by their Evil. NO ONE!!!

Let me give you some examples of the Bastardization of which I write before this essay gets much larger.


The Moon Landing Hoax.

What evil idiots would destroy all evidence of having accomplished the greatest feat ever considered thus far by Humans (sending men to the Moon) shortly after that event was achieved?

Evil, lying idiots would. You know NASA is controlled by the artificial Evil Essence of Zionism. If you didn't, you do now for I have just told you.

If the evidence was available for examination, all would find in due course it was a fake story. Zionism (its essence that is) is good at faking stuff and creating junk.

For now, let's see why the Moon landings were a HOAX!

The Space-crafts had the structure, protectiveness and rigor of tin-foil hats. Would you not agree from photos presented by NASA as evidence?

Photos of what the Americans left behind on the Moon can be faked and they have been.

Having inadequate protection, and it matters not what numbers the mathematicians come up with regarding safety and radiation, there is no way the astronauts could have survived the Van Allen Belt Radiation given our present state of knowledge which is, in essence, utter ignorance!

(Aliens can endure this Radiation for most are different Robots and all of them vibrate at a frequency that can withstand such radiation. Our DNA vibrates at a much lower frequency and is destroyed very quickly by radiation. Our Human bodies are poorly constructed experimental machines, made by Evil robots called the Anunnaki. They are evil too, but far more advanced than mere Humans.)

Of greater importance is this: The Moon sits on the outer ridge of the (more spiritual) Etheric and Astral Planes, something the cheating scientists know nothing about. On reaching that level, unless the human bodies were protected by strengthened Etheric and Astral coverings, these three structures (Physical, Etheric and Astral) would instantly separate, as occurs in sudden physical death!

The Etheric body would remain in the Etheric frequency, the Astral one in the Astral frequency and the fleshy one would be a corpse on the floor of the craft.

The Aliens that traverse our Solar System and Universe know the rules of the TRUE mathematics involved and therefore are in no danger. The ones that crashed and died at Roswell were accidentally electrocuted in a storm. Others, as in Tunguska, had mechanical failure.

BTW, the supposedly great but, in fact, useless formula attributed to the dumb demon Einstein (E = mc2) is nonsense. Worse than that, as I have mentioned before, he actually stole it from another. That's the power of Zionist Programming in an individual for you!

(The formula is idiocy for it does NOT consider the greater 'energies' that bind us, the Physical Universe and the greater levels of existence - The Etheric, the Astral and the truly Spiritual which are of far greater importance than the Physical attributes.) I'll get to the details later.

In the meantime, realize that variations on the theme don't count:

Present day Humans do not know the Physics of surviving in the Etheric and Astral Planes and I am not going to reveal them just now. I might before the End if I think of it, but really there is no point as the End is very near and we will truly see the end of this idiocy and the bastardization to knowledge that has occurred to fool us on this level..

Just to labour the point a little further: Let me repeat myself: Our basic Laws of Physics are based on E= MC2 which is wrong, wrong, wrong! This was expressed by Einstein as you all know. He stole the papers of an Italian scientist and mathematician who had gone to the patency Office, where the young Einstein worked, to register his patents. Einstein stole them and fled thinking they were complete notes, which they were not!

Had he not been a Zionist and a Jew, we would have never heard of such idiots like Einstein and his stolen nonsense.


As I have expressed above, Zionism is the Essence of the Celestial Error. It has nothing to do with Race or Nationality. True, it did infiltrate the Hebrews as they were forced out of Egypt. But that was less than 4 thousand years ago. It also infiltrated many other Humans. Remember the Arc of the Covenant? It was an electric/nuclear device to control and sustain the rabble. The Essence of Zionism is 50 BILLION YEARS OLD!

Humanity was only created some 880,000 years ago. So Zionism and Jews are two very distinct concepts. A Zionist is not necessarily a Jew and a Jew is not necessarily a Zionist.

The Catholic Pope is a Zionist. He is a demon impregnated with the Essence of Evil (Zionism) as were almost all Catholic Popes since they attempted to murder Jesus Christ!

POTUS Trump, as I said in my essay, is a demon impregnated with the Zionist Essence of Evil. Almost all controllers of this World are of the same ilk.

Here is the essay I wrote about Trump some time ago:

June 2019:

Donald Trump Delivering America's Cursed Karmic Consequences


Want proof of the Human/Zionist mathematical error?

How do you think the following is possible?

Extraordinarily Fast UFO Defies Physics 90° Turn! MIND BENDING!

Faster than Light UFOs are seen everywhere. Thus, C (the speed of light) cannot be a constant.

There are many such examples on the Internet. The evil fools that have bastardized knowledge want the rest of us to just ignore such 'trivia'. Ha, ha. Too late! I'm on to you. I'm not just here to expose evil ones. I am here with 'my Team on Superior Levels' to destroy Evil and its sycophants and all its infrastructures everywhere, and forevermore!

This is a good place to mention the following: Some of you who have been granted permission by Babaji and me to join us in the Higher Spiritual Realms, as a reward for enduring the Evil thrown at you, will be picked up by rescuing spacecraft as I have written at earlier times.

You cannot be picked up by evil crafts. They cannot stand the energy of Viables and shrink away from it, just as we are seeing Human Failures doing even now on the streets and at meetings. You will know they are Failures as they shrink away from you. For some reason they appear angry at having met you (a Viable with True Light within you) but, in fact, they are full of inner FEAR knowing their ultimate fate.

Thus, the pickup will be automatic. Some of you may die on the spot but you will float with your Etheric and Astral bodies (and Spiritual Bodies of course) into the crafts. Others of you will be lifted up physically into the cargo holds. In due course, the Etheric and Astral bodies will be dissolved, revealing the Centres of Divine Consciousness (7 in Humans).

To repeat: once in the craft, your physical body, your Etheric body and your Astral body will shed like onion layers to expose the Divine Centres of Consciousness that make up who you are at this time. They will be fully protected. We will have full awareness and full appreciation of the beauty and happiness of the Divine Realms. We will all know who we are.

(Many of our viable relatives and PETS who went before us will be there to greet us in an instant. The happiness is infinite! For that reunion alone it is worth dying.)

Those I have said are salvageable Robots have no Divine Centres, but they will be fitted with them before the Etheric and Astral and Physical Bodies are dissolved. They will then be outfitted as a matter of reflex with Spiritual Bodies with rudimentary awareness and knowledge whereas the true Viables will be fully aware of the Supra Mental Plane in accordance with their earlier progress in the Physical Dimension and other Dimensions that they had experienced.

I will be here physically for the last day of Earth.

Babaji (my Spiritual Twin) will await us on the Grand Mothership that can accommodate 100 billion Viables and more, and can also transcend dimensions.

These are exciting times for us. We will have no anxiety or fear, no pain and no misery. The happiness we shall share cannot be described sufficiently in the Monkey Minds of these bodies.

In the Final Battle in this area of Good against Evil, the non-Viables and their crafts will be liquidated on contact with the Light vessels if they have not already been dissolved by Dark Matter.

But the consciousness of the failures will have to endure the pain of their Karma. They will be suspended in horror for an eternal moment of TERROR. That was their choice!!


So that this essay does not become the size of the New and Old Testaments combined, let me hastily mention a few more points and I will give more details in later essays.

You will notice Zionist programmed individuals (usually Jews, but not necessarily) are promoted as THE experts in their field regardless how wrong they may be in actuality. Here I want to point to Sigmund Freud, the drug addicted idiot made essential for modern psychiatry, so that he could and would ruin as many lives as possible. If he was not of Zionism, he would have never been heard of, as would have been the just case of the situation. Instead he set Psychiatry on its ear and made it a disease of sexual perversity when, in fact, it was nothing of the sort.

As I explained in detail in my book "Psychiatry", mental illnesses invariably are illnesses of the Etheric Field and Spirit. See how the essence of Zionism derails Truth and Reality so we are kept as dumb as possible?

Since I mentioned Allopathic Medicine so early in these essays, be aware that it is a tool of exploitation and Death, not a saving principle. It is based on exploitation and profit with patients paying through the nose forevermore. I will give examples in due course. In the meantime, realize that Allopathic (Modern) Medicine is another facet of Agenda 21 in order to eradicate the majority of Humanity via drug side-effects, Pollution and Vaccines.

BTW, don't let the bastardization of evidence fool you.


Autism is NEVER seen in any non-vaccinated population!



Pharmaceutical Pollution: The process is fatal.

When was the last time you heard your Modern Medicine (Allopathic) Family Physician tell you he can cure your cancer by altering the pH of your body by 0.02? The German and Italian doctors who independently came to this discovery were both eventually deregistered from the profession. There is more about Dr. Warburg and Dr. Simoncini below.

The Modern Allopathic doctor won't tell you this cure for cancer because s/he has not been taught in Medical Schools about it.

Why would the Zionist controllers bother telling such truths? Each diagnosis of cancer is worth a million dollars to the Medical Industry and its systems for sure. Why cure the patient for $1-2 a month in a few weeks/ months?

Has any Allopathic doctor told you a few stalks of asparagus daily will cure Lymphoma or that Vitamin C in certain doses will cure Leukemia? Of course they won't tell you. The Medical Schools and Boards deregister people that discover or use these cures. The restrictions on doctors using alternate therapies are far more stringent today than when I graduated over 50 years ago. Doctors that use alternatives are these days treated as traitors to the Allopathic System and sought out to be eliminated. I kid you not!

If you research these topics via Zionist Essence controlled mechanisms such as Google and Amazon, you will get contradiction and confusion. What else would one expect?

Dr. Otto Warburg:

Baking Soda Cancer Treatment (Sodium Bicarbonate) | Dr. Tullio Simoncini

Let me leave this section with these words in order to demonstrate the dominance of Modern (Allopathic) Medicine to betray your faith in its Power to Heal:

Persons diagnosed with cancer today have the following paths ahead of them:


1                    If they pursue the standard very costly and emotionally draining path of Modern Medicine with its Surgery, Chemotherapy and RADIATION, EACH PATIENT WILL HAVE A 50% CHANCE OF BEING ALIVE IN 5 YEARS!

2                    If the patient does naught - nothing - zit - it will have a 50 % chance of being alive in 10 years!


3                    If it follows a path of Natural Healing via a Naturopath, etc., it will have a 50 % chance of being alive in 16 years.


What do you think of that, hey? (Of course time is at an end so this discussion is really redundant!)


Do you think the doctors, the Medical Schools and the Pharmaceutical Industries are going to tell you that?


Fear not. If you were diagnosed with cancer today, "Do nothing!" is my advice as a Doctor of Medicine and as a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, for we will be out of here (this vile, evil Physical Dimension) in under 5 years.


I will give you 'your Fate' when we meet on the other side if we do not meet on Earth!

Really, it no longer matters, for we are so close to the End that most who contract such diseases today will not die of them.

The evil Reptilians I have highlighted here and in other writings are the Artificial Intelligence Demons that arose from the Celestial Error. They have no place in the Divine Scheme of things. They are a temporary aberration.

They live by gross exploitation of the Divine Beings, the Viables of which I write, and are after the energy of all Viables for they, the Demons, being artifacts have no energy of their own with which to exist. Thus it is that the structures they create around Humans and the Viables are to keep them as ignorant as possible and to cause suffering, pain and misery with unrelenting exploitation. If you examine the World and all its mechanisms and History, including its Science and Religions that is exactly what you will find.

Do not think that any of these AI Machines will escape Divine Justice.

They have been warned innumerable times, and Karma applies to them too.

They now have nowhere to hide. There is no refuge for them. There is no consolation for the truly wicked. Amos was spot on with his warning.

Exposing this Bastardization of our existence on this level is one part of my role.

On the Higher Levels, my twin Babaji and I will complete our mission of enforcing Justice upon the Failed Robots and Demons, DESTROYING all Evil, including the Physical Universe (which is 98% totally destroyed at this date) and restoring order and balance as exist in the other Divine Dimensions. This Physical One has been a horrid aberration of immense proportions but will never again be repeated.

Forget the nonsense sprouted by the Astrophysicists and Scientists about Dark Matter, the state of the Universe and its fate. They are dead wrong in their assessments!

As you have probably become aware, this subject is vast and I have barely touched the tips of the icebergs of Knowledge in these essays. I will continue discussing the topics in order to explain what has gone on and why we have suffered so in this Dimension.

With proper understanding of the Solution to the Problem of Evil, there can only be infinite Felicity and unending Love and Joy for those of us not of an Evil Essence. Alas, some True Beings did reject the Light to gain the favours of Evil. They too are damned!

Thus, contemplating this knowledge and acknowledging the rectification now occurring shall imbue the ones that have remained faithful to the Light with a happiness that will carry them to the Higher Realms.

No one can pretend to be happy under these circumstances of a fracturing Earth without the Liberating Energy which I have called the Excalibur Energy in previous essays.

You will know when your Centres of Consciousness are awakened by the Joy, Power and Love of the Numinous as we are about to set off into Divine Realms.

One last thing I can promise you: We will not have one depressing thought of what we suffered in this Hell once we are out of here. And we will be reunited instantly with all those of True Love that have also been victims in this Cesspool. That includes the wonderful Humans, Angels and animals we have known in our struggles to escape this Evil lunacy.

How do I know who is who on spiritual terms?

Come on, do you really need to ask that at this late stage ........?

( ....Only Viables know the answers to those questions....).

To be continued.....

Copyright: Dr. J.S. Chiappalone

August 29, 2019


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