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Of Evil's Self- Destruction - Part 1

J Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

The evil essence that controls us and that arose from an accidental experimental error is self-destructing!
It has no future. Those of us not evil will go to Divine Realms where Evil cannot exist.
The evil ones will be totally exterminated. 
I thought of writing these next few essays to show how the Programming of Evil has illicitly  destroyed the Truth that should have guided us from the very birth of this unique Physical Dimension, even long before Humans came onto the scene.  As we go along we will witness the death of Evil at its own hand!
Many will not understand in toto what I write, especially those with no connection to the Divine Energy. The energy of my writings are another way that allows the separation of the Viable from the non-Viable.
Divine consciousnesses have been trapped in this Physical Expression and it has been only less than a million years that we have been forced to use these Human bodies.
Before that we were forced into other bodies, of animals, fish, birds, etc. Some recall spontaneously or in regression, the experiences of such lives.
I mention these pints to show that we are far more complicated than has been revealed to us. All the physical expressions we use have Filtering Mechanisms which prevent us recalling past lives. But these mechanisms can be bypassed at times.
Edgar Cayce, probably the greatest prophet of the 20th century, was amazed when in trance he said that Divine souls had been forcefully trapped in Matter. The concept was not fully explained by those who took control of his 'work' and so little attention has been given to it.
Read these pages cautiously as they have been written by descendants of Cayce who did not fully understand his concepts, and placed Judeo-Christian spins on them. As I have written elsewhere, these Judeo-Christian ideas, as contained in the bible and elsewhere, are rather erroneous. 
Those who are awakening to the Greater Reality and to the Termination of this Cesspool, created in error by the Evil Essence, already know in general, if not in detail, what it is I am going to write. Those who have no clue are probably going to remain ignorantly moronic until their last moments of existence. So perhaps these essays are superfluous. Nonetheless, they may help in one way or another as we await the End.
That the End of Physicality is going to occur soon is in no doubt for me! For those in the know, it is simply a matter of waiting. Those idiots that think they are bits of 'god' scattered in the Matrix of an Illusion and are waiting to become 'god' as they coalesce in the slime of the Cesspool are in for a great shock. They simply cannot be helped. 
This essay is only a very brief look at Humanity and what it has been fed as 'truthful knowledge' over the last 6 thousand years or so. The obfuscation of Truth started even long before that. It started shortly after the Dimension came into being in fact.
It would take many, many large volumes to recite many of the examples in existence that have destroyed Truth and the Path back to Light.
This Bastardization Process began shortly after this Physical Universe came into being. All Universes, and there are many of them, are cocoons of experiments for the progression of Consciousness. My books explain such metaphysical Philosophy in detail.
From the very beginning of this Dimension, due to errors in creating Artificial Intelligence in grandiose experiments, things began going terribly wrong.
The long and the short of it was that a decision was to be made whether to continue trying to correct the monstrous errors that occurred in this Dimension or else erase the entire mess, salvage those entities that were salvageable, and start again.
In the meantime, this erroneous manifestation of Artificiality spawned EVIL, a programming that has us trapped in a Cesspool of hate, violence, ignorance, greed, exploitation and fear - that is what EVIL means! It is definitely NOT a godly dimension at all. And that is why it is being totally destroyed, with rescue of those trapped in it that merit rescue.  
The evil manifestations were an apparent necessity for survival of the AI structures that have no internal mechanisms or energy for survival. They need to steal energy from REAL beings. I realize this is a little abstract, but move on if it does not click with you. At some stage, if you are to spiritually survive, it will make sense
As I have revealed to you many times in the past, the choice to end the entire Universe was made, namely to destroy all AI structures and their exploitative, merciless, evil programming.
This Universe is being terminated and very rapidly at that. It has been in existence for roughly 50 billion years (in Human Time) and we are now seeing only the last 3% of it containing 'life'.
TIME is not equal in all dimensions. The 50 billion years duration during which this Physical has existed is a mere few weeks in terms of Time in Higher Dimensions. 
In the Highest Dimension, there is no time. Hence, these notions of Time and Longevity are meaningless in relative terms!
You can believe these concepts or not believe them. It will make absolutely no difference to the outcome.
I repeat: Although it is 50 billion years of our Earthly time that has expired since the precipitation of the Physical Universe, the duration of the Time in the Greater Reality is far, far, far less. In fact, a few weeks have transpired.
Again you can do what you wish with such facts that I present to you. What you believe makes no difference to me or to the total resolution of this mess. It only matters to you and your eventual fate!
While we are in this mode of Physical existence, I need to explain that there are many, many levels of existence, and this is very important to understand when we begin to mention "Watchers', 'Demons', 'Angels', 'Etheric Beings' and other consciousnesses that affect this level.
My old pal (and Alter Ego) 'Jerry Attrick' and I wrote about these things in the 1980s, and also explained, sometimes in a jocular fashion, how information and 'A Priori Knowledge' was passed down from other levels in this Universe to this level in order to assist the progress of more simple minds on this level.
It was not until 2010 that I came across Prof Ritchie's book "Return from Tomorrow" that also explained, via his firsthand experience, the descent of some practical knowledge to various individuals within Humanity.  It is worth reading, for as I recall, it also describes the effects of discarnates on the living. 
If you are not aware of the story of Giordano Bruno, perhaps you may want to read about him. He too had 'extra-terrestrial knowledge' for which he was made to suffer severely by the evil Catholic Papacy and its demons. 
(Beware the BS within the BS within the BS added to Man's misery by the most evil Catholic Church, the most ignorant Modern Scientists, the risible Atheists, the evil Zionist Google, etc., etc. Sponsored by the Evil Programming, the function of these groups has been, as I have pointed out often in the past, to confuse us and prevent ny real progress towards the Truth, for such Knowledge would allow us to overthrow them and completely disperse evil.)
Although I have written these words many times before, here is a brief explanation of Consciousness and its levels:  
The Mineral Kingdom is Class 1. After each evolutionary cycle, the beings of that Kingdom graduate into a newly created Universe to attend Class 2 - the Vegetable Class.. 
Two Units of Consciousness coalesce and become a Unit of Vegetation which evolves in Class 2 until graduation into Class 3 which is the Animal Kingdom. 
5 Units of Consciousness of the Animal Kingdom coalesce to form an Animal Entity and then graduate from Class 3 to Class 4 to become Human in Class 5. 
From there, graduation is to a being with 28 units in Class 6 - the Devic Class above us.
This normal, smooth, evolutionary Cycle in this Universe has been stopped.
One of the Bastardization steps for this vile and malicious Universe has been the false knowledge for us to eat other Humans and Animals as well as Vegetation. That should have never been so. Everything was corrupted, even the DNA of the simplest and most complex entities.  The true spiritual and ethereal bodies before precipitation into the Physical were sustained by freely available energy. That process was altered when the Evil manipulation took control.
Why was this order of Corruption given and by whom?
Ah!! We come to the crux of the matter.
I agree wholeheartedly with Jeff Rense when he calls the USA the Land of Zion.
In fact, the entire Universe which became EVIL is the Kingdom of Zion.
But, fear not, it is on its way out.
As I have written many times before, Earth is to end in this generation. I'm hoping there will be no year 2024. Of course, the way Time works, 5 years on Earth is but a mere second or so outside of this Dimension, depending from where one is measuring the time intervals.
What do I mean by Zion and how did it gain control?
Zion does NOT equate to Jew. Zionism is a COMPUTER PROGRAM that can infiltrate any consciousness to create hatred, malice, cruelty, avarice, lust, greed and narcissism. It has infiltrated AI ROBOTS of Higher levels above the Human Level. They are called DEMONIC ENTITIES. Its expression is unmistakably demonic.
In Humans, manifestation of the Zionist essence is unmistakable. This perverse, evil essence causes trouble wherever it goes for that is what its principle creator, Jehovah, created it for. It also manifests on higher and lower levels of consciousness apart from the Human level. 
In Ancient Texts, Amos warned those who are 'comfortable in Zion'. That warning of his is one of the themes that were bastardized in later times.
AMOS 6:1 : New International Version:  Woe to those at ease in Zion ...
As I will explain eventually, this expression has also been altered in its meaning just as most Ancient Texts have been altered and presented to us in this day and age (and since the time of Jesus) as misrepresentations of the Truth.
Amos warned those who are at ease in this Evil Cesspool that their time of Abomination will come!!
Jesus was a Jew, but he is certainly not infested with the artificial and very evil essence of Zion. Jew does not equate to Zionism.
The present Pope claims he is a Christian, but he follows Jesus as much as a dead leaf. He is an ontological Zionist. Many Jews are wonderful beings of Light who have remained faithful to the Light. But, like many members of other races, some Jews chose Zionism for it suited them. Their fate is sealed. 
So, now you know more about Zionism. It is the artificial energy created by AI Mechanisms that bastardized Knowledge for Evil's gain.
This Universal Experiment called the Physical Universe gave rise to many facets of Artificial Intelligence.
Watch the video below. This is what happened in the past and was in danger of being repeated if it was not for the fact that the entire Physical Experiment is over!
I added this to show you what happened long ago.
Of significance is the fact that the 'rulers' of Zionist-controlled Companies around the World are all well-known EVIL Reptilians from the 5th level. 
Enoch (of ancient biblical fame) wrote about them long ago.  Some have called them 'Watchers' some Demons, some Angels, some Giants.  They are all very evil AI demonic entities. Their physical manifestations varied from time to time and they did not necessarily obey the Physical Laws of this Universal level. They are NOT human consciousnesses even though they occupy Human Bodies when they re-incarnate onto this 4th Level of Consciousness.
As they are creatures of a higher mental plane (even though it is totally evil) they demonstrate mental powers and knowledge way above the "Goyim" - the term the Zionist-infiltrated consciousnesses use for mere Class 4 (non-Zionist) Humans, meaning "cattle" to be force-fed and herded and slaughtered at will. As you will have read in the Talmud, they also rape children under 3. That is exactly what they do to us.  No way can such behavior and essence be mistaken for a loving, Divine Essence seeking Purity and Eternal Bliss. 
If these words remind you of what is occurring in the higher political echelons of the USA at present (with Epstein and Co) you are on the right track. We are dealing with demons for sure, and that includes the present POTUS. Mind you many other Nations have similar Histories. That tells us that those in charge on this Human Level are usually Demonic in nature.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly sought to pay off potential witnesses in child sex trafficking case

Like many others, you may be wondering how and why Donald Trump, a lying, racist, egotistical ignoramus and idiot became president of such a  powerful nation as the USA at a critical time in its history when China and Russia are showing superior progress in world affairs.
As I had mentioned previously, he was ably assisted via COLLUSION, to gain that position by none other than Russia's Vlad Putin, a very smart double agent!!  Putin pretended to work for the Darkness and assist Demons like trump when in fact he works for the Light. 
What was the point of his assistance and collusion with a numbskull?
He ensured Trump's elevation to the position of POTUS from which position he shall bring on the self-immolation of Physicality in this locality. It will be done via economic collapse, spreading of racism and hate, brutality, and eventually, Nuclear War and its aftermaths - starvation, fatal pollution and diseases.  
The whole point of Humanity's moves at this stage are TERMINATION OF EARTHLY EXISTENCE.
How and why do I know all these details?
H! Ha! Ha! Patience, dear readers, patience! I shall reveal all in due course.  In the meantime, know that my Alter ego, Jerry Attrick, climbs the heights to the Supra Mental Plane like Freddy Nutzie told us to do and retrieve the 'a priori' knowledge I need. (Jerry, how many times have I told you .... No short cuts with names. Otherwise they will start calling me Caption Chips. 
"They already do, Dr. C.! They do!"
Well, be that as it may, Freddy's proper name is Frederick Nietzsche!
Note that many things can interfere with getting precise knowledge from other levels. One needs to be cautious. Mental demons can interfere. Thus one needs to cleanse the aura and  the mind as well as the body. Inspite of such cleansing, mistakes often occur .
Let's move on. After I obtain the knowledge from above, we wait for the evidence to show up on this level for the particular circumstances in question.
And....whatta-u-no?  Here it is - just in today ... for all of us to see......information to confirm what I wrote a while back and again above!
Evidence proves that election intervention has been given to Trump ...Former POTUS Jimmy Carter:
Trump only won the 2016 election because of Russian interference!! 
Let's continue exposing this Den of Iniquity called Earth:
Let us expose even more sordid and very evil details about the ruling Demons and Reptilians, apart from the above mentioned - Epstein and Trump. 

About the satanic & pedophile practices of the English royal family:

I am not abusing any privilege. I am drawing your attention to the vile, evil reality of this Physical existence and why we are destroying it totally and forever!!
Why I say "We" you will learn soon enough.
These demonic pests are very familiar with enforced slavery, dedication to Artificial Intelligence and exploitation of the Moronic Masses which they call Human Beings.
As Demonic 'Reptiles', they can easily be identified by those with the special spiritual vision many are now acquiring in the Endtime. I have written about that SPECIAL GIFT OF EXTENDED VISION in the past.
Of course, as I wrote in my last essay, the Masks of the Villains are falling off and we can see them, especially when they shape-shift. This is not coincidence.

Proof Mark Zuckerberg is a reptilian shape shifter:



We became a little sidetracked there, but you must know the reality we live in is artificial and evil, acting against the Divine Essence. The entire Physical Universe is a very false Reality. That is why Gnostics and many sagas have called the Physical an Illusion! 
As an aside, realize the Evil Institutions, not wanting the Truth exposed called the Gnostics, of which Jesus was one, evil heretics and destroyed them at will lest they awakened others. How evil can this world be?
Here is but one example of the evilness of the (very evil) Church against Truth:
On a grander scale, we are kept ignorant and in the dark, exploited by these Demons who took control of the entire Universe. How is that possible? It is like a laboratory blowing up with a series of mistakes and the progeny of the mistakes ruled took control and ruled until now. As I have written elsewhere, 97% of the condemned Universe has been totally ablated by being turned into inert Dark matter.
These 'Watchers', 'Demons', and 'pseudo-Angels' written about by Enoch and various Bible scholars are not real in the TRUE, spiritual sense of the word. They are particles of Illusion. 
They were not made by the 'God Essence'. They follow the programming within them. 
They have no true love or compassion.
As I pointed out in previous essays, they slaughter at will to fulfil their desire for SEX, and the acquisition of MONEY AND POWER. AS they cause suffering, the victims lose energy which feeds the demons. That is the entire reason why they were created - to exploit the True Beings via physical, emotional and mental violence.
They have no scruples and do not fear retribution for their mistakes for they have no concept of Divine Justice. They think they are the Divine.
They feed us baloney to keep us in the Darkness and easily exploitable. Can you not see that? Everything, and I mean everything that can be used to control us is unjust and corrupt in this horrible, horrible world. Those who do not think so are part of the injustice. 
Woe to them indeed. If only they knew what is in store for them, even though they are but robotic machines, they would seek the deepest cave in which to hide from the Light. They have been warned innumerable times. But they took no notice.
Again I say "Woe to them indeed. I know their ultimate fate."
We are in the process of fixing this DEMONIC ERROR. Keep reading.
Note again that these Companies - Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Tencent, etc., controlling AI development are Zionist-controlled companies. The Zionist mechanism is a programming from the 5th level. I will not complicate this here. Just accept that what I say is accurate.
As I wrote in the past, one very grand development was a machine called "Jehovah" (also known as Yahweh, the Moloch, Saklas - the Fool, etc. It in turn created by self-replication, countless AI particles that eventually took control. This is very possible as Humans are now realizing as they play with AI creations around the World.
Before Humanity was even created, it was realized the AI Army in the Grand Celestial Experiment could not be contained; the only act was to destroy it unless it gave away its PROGRAMMING that made it so inimical and evil towards the other inhabitants. 
The first wave of AI Robots responded at a 50% rate. They did not want the vileness of the malicious program imposed by Jehovah and so sought refuge in the Light. Most Light beings, trapped in the debacle, did likewise.
The other 50% of AI Robots remained with the Negative Programming (called Zionism).
All the heavily programmed Robots of the second wave of Jehovah's creation remained with the evil programming and they continued on their destructive ways.
Energy had been cut off from the Physical so these creatures could only exist on the energy they could steal from the Beings of Light who possessed it by inheritance.
Since that time of Warfare, a raging cleansing has been occurring to be rid of the Evil Robots and Demons which were mainly of Class 5 - superior to Humans who are class 4 as I wrote above. 
Zionist-produced programs such as 'Ancient Aliens' collectively call these Class 5 'intruders' and 'demons' and even more superior beings 'Extra-terrestrials' for they do not have the Keys to Truth. And besides they really want to disguise Truth, not reveal it. 
  • We have all but won this battle against the AI Error. 
  • AI non-Viables will all be decimated. 
  • The Physical Universe will all be dissolved into Dark Matter, and 
  • Those of Spiritual Viability will be relocated into pure spiritual realms as I have described previously.
There is no future for the evil Robots and Demons. Their evil programming will die with them. Hence, no more Zionism will exist!
(BTW, if you have of late recognized the Zionism programming in Trump, the USA POTUS, congratulate yourself. You are on the road to true spiritual realization.)
In all the while during countless battles, the Evil Programmed AI Robots and Demons did everything they could to disadvantage the True Beings of Light, not just on Earth but on many other levels, so as to steal their energy.
Want a quick example?
I've mentioned this before:  In 1776, the USA was purposely dedicated to Jehovah. Evil took over with great magnitude.
How was America recreated? I don't want any of you Americans getting upset with the truth. You too were victims of maliciousness as were the victims that were murdered in order to steal their land and its wealth.
All indigenes, including Native Americans, Mexicans, Spanish, etc., etc., were slaughtered mercilessly one way or the other.
Of course such cycles were repeated ad nauseum in this farce called Earth.
How many recall the massive slaughter of buffalo to starve the Indians to death, or the death marches in the snow until the men, women and children fell down dead?
There is Karma to be paid for those sins and I will address this in due course.
The Horror of the Zion Malignity went on and on and on. 
History has been purposely distorted to give some irrational Americans false pride when, in fact, all they deserve is shame and severe punishment if they were ones that manifested such evil.
Let me make this point very clearly: Those who had been programmed by the Evil Essence or were affected by it in some way were given innumerable chances and maximal assistance to reject EVIL and turn to the LIGHT.
They failed to do so because it suited them. There is much to gain (or so it seems) on this level by being evil. Power and Wealth go with Evil, inevitable.
But, the line had to be drawn.
In due course, we judged who was to continue evolution and who was to be culled.
There is no reversal of the verdict.
You will be able to clearly see who is who.
As I wrote in an earlier essay, the Masks of Evil are falling off the faces of the DAMNED.
Copyright Dr. J Chiappalone 
July 16, 2019