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The Odyssey Part 3

By Jim Kirwan


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This series took thirteen months to create. Part one above, was started during the Watergate Hearings.

This was my first international publication which was illegally copied and produced in Europe; my then publisher refused to prosecute that theft. It was very popular from Australia and Canada throughout Europe as well as in the US. Unfortunately nothing major came from the Watergate hearings politically, hence the nightmare above which unfortunately came true in the new millennium.

The walls, the prisons of all types, the gold and the global explosions that drive everything now were all visible during this early warning event, which was intended to become clear, in the impeachment of Richard Nixon which did not happen. Nixon escaped because he blackmailed the congress with total exposure if they proceeded with impeaching him at that time. Things have continued to worsen from those days to the present. That failure led to the Citadel of Broken Dreams, which was the lead image in a 1980 Calendar that featured the problems and futility for humanity. going forward. That point was also missed ­ but the calendar was a major hit.

People just did not see the politics inherent in the image above or in the bulk of the calendar.

In the world of today, things have become much clearer, yet the public still has not chosen to connect the dots.

An under-examined facet of this broader trend is how “active shooter drills” have become massively federalized in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Alongside the militarization of police under the Pentagon’s 1033 Program, which provides high-powered weaponry and armored vehicles to state and local law enforcement agencies, officers are receiving military-style training funded and supervised by the US DOJ and government subcontractors.

Since 2002 “active shooter training” has been conducted by a project called ALERRT—Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training—housed at Texas State University in San Marcos. Over 60,000 police have been instructed by ALERRT-trained personnel, and over the past 12 years the entity has received over $30 million of funding from the DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Violence Against Law Enforcement and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability program “VALOR”), Texas’ Office of the Governor, and the Department of Homeland Security. [1]

The money for such training is merely a small portion of almost $290 million in DOJ munificence distributed to 56 states (?) and territories, and over 1,000 local jurisdictions in 2014 alone. “These resources are helping to spur innovation and drive evidence-based policing in countless communities,” Attorney General Eric Holder recently remarked. [2]

In March 2013 the FBI sent 100 of its agents to receive instructor training at ALERRT’s Texas State headquarters. In June of that year Vice President Joe Biden recognized ALERRT “as a primary source for national law enforcement training and response to active shooter events.” [3]

Within weeks of Biden’s announcement FBI personnel fanned out across the US to conduct ALERRT-approved training to local law enforcement officers. In August 2013 drills were taking place in seemingly every police jurisdiction throughout the US.”

The Militarization of Police in America:

If there were any active terrorist activities inside the United States, then that means that those who are conducting these fake attacks have completely failed in their primary purpose; which was to protect the public from invasion or attack, regardless of where such an attack might originate.

Of course the Tarnished House and Obamanation are ‘responsible’ but so are all the others who have been directing this attack for the last fifteen years!

To conduct live fire raids on schools and elsewhere in this country, using fake military units that were created to intimidate the public at large, is an ongoing crime against the republic and everyone who lives here. Watch the videos and ask yourself how we came to be in this situation when this nation has NOT been attacked ­ Yet!

The ‘forces’ participating in these “live-fire-drills” are not the same people that were supposed to be here to protect us from invasion, from terrorism or from torture or death: This entire public episode is nothing but more false-flag attacks upon the one nation that “trusts” its own troops not to attack their own families or communities…

The United States has NOT declared war, and the so-called president is not the Commander and Chief because only the Congress can declare war. Without a specific “declaration of war” there cannot be a “Commander-in-Chief” ­ and because of that fact there has not been a Commander in Chief in the White House since WWII. So why has this government created this alternate military force and armed it with tens of billions of bullets, enough military hardware to fight off a whole division of foreign troops? Instead these creatures are being used to kick down doors, trashing homes and apartments “looking for evidence” that is never found; while they conduct public strip searches of ordinary people, around the nation?

If this continues then in a very short time the public will begin to make some house calls of their own, as they should. These government outlaws need to be made examples of, in their homes, on their jobs, and wherever they feel that they are still safe today. They need to be treated exactly as they have been treating us for the last fifteen years.

All of that must begin with the cops and their superiors, being jailed, without bail, for everything they continue to do to ordinary people throughout the United States ­ until and unless ‘justice’ can be restored to protect ordinary people from the filthy-rich and the entirely criminal just-us department nationwide.

Obviously, most people will not be holding their breath while we wait for this to happen!

Meanwhile the head of the FBI, Eric Holder the US Attorney General, and the current head of the CIA should all be under arrest for treason—because that is who spent tens of billions to arm train and direct the same mercenary forces who continue to attack America ­ across the nation. No one from the Department of Offense is willing to answer any questions as to “Why” these mock attacks are still taking place at all.

Swat teams are routinely now shutting down parts of whole cities to find supposed criminals. Frequently governments now require that entire city populations be held hostage, in their homes, while over-protected thugs wearing thousands of dollars of weapons search for isolated “suspects”. Meanwhile, people are routinely tortured or shot by the police over things so minor that before all this bogus terror began the things people are now arrested for were never ever criminal.

Now “constitutionalists” are being blamed as the reason for all the over-the-top firepower being used to respond to ordinary crime.

U.S. is Preparing for Something Big: 12min 13 sec Video

The first instance that could wake up the public will happen when Homeland Security or ICE is at the wrong school, in the wrong geographical area and the ‘right American people’ will respond.

“America” has never been attacked from within especially not by anything as sophisticated as an entire wing of helicopter attack ships, or by anything like nuclear weapons in any of our major cities.

IF THE UNITED STATES MILITIARY WAS DOING ITS’ JOB THEY WOULD KNOW IMMEDIATELY ABOUT ANY IMPENDING ATTACK UPON THIS COUNTRY, JUST AS THEY DID ABOUT 911 ­ But which the government failed to act upon, except as the traitors who collaborated with those attacks did.

Dick Cheney was the one who insisted that the Air Force stand down in the face of five identical war games that were on-going at the time and then lied about it to the entire world. There was also the covered up fact that the responsibility for shooting down the attacking planes had been shifted from the president to the Secretary of Defense, long before 911 even took place. That was something that the 911 commission did not want us to know about.

Grossly Illegal Contradictions

The lone FBI agent that knew all about the impending attack had been fired. He was in charge of security for the World Trade Center and died in that attack. The Israeli’s were in charge of all the security for the New York targets and planted the thermite throughout the buildings. Israel was also in charge of security for the airports from which the supposed aircraft took off.


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