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The Odyssey Part 2

By Jim Kirwan


When people prowl through the book of their lives and let those pages come to life; sometimes the goals we were seeking become much clearer as we contemplate how little we ‘know’ when compared to where we thought we might be going…

So it’s a rare thing indeed when someone manages to find their star amid the quadrillions of the stars in just this universe…

After the Second World War, the levels of intensively subtle societal war began to show. By the early fifties the barren corporation types began their mindless climb, toward profits unending, in the empty universe reserved for “privatized Business ONLY”. While the rest of us were left to drift among the fallen leaves left over from the Autumn of our Dreams that had by then been marked for death.

One of the most brazen casualties of that second global war was the continued stagnation of women in Western Society, as well in the rest of the world.

What is utterly amazing is that no one on this planet would be here if it had not been for each of the women that gave birth to every one of us. Neither the War on Nature nor the War on Women has gone as predicted—that’s part of why this Odyssey is coming to an abrupt end—because the whole idea of this society has been nothing but lies, arrogance and a global greed that cannot be sustained.

There was another promise that everyone seems to have forgotten. In the 1950’s when “television” was introduced it was heralded as ‘the most innovative and creative addition to education and knowledge ever bequeathed to the human race.’ ‘TV’ was supposed to enhance global education, art and theater; not to mention science and technology along with the discoveries that were to come from the ocean’s depths, all the way to the farthest stars. Along with “everything else” in between. Television compared itself to the printing of the Guttenberg Bible, as the innovation of the age in the early 1950’s, but it soon became another corporate captive to be dominated. It quickly invaded the society to own the same people that television was supposed to liberate and it’s all been downhill from there.

There were exceptions like Carl Sagan and NOVA, Richard Boone with his theater, Rod Serling with the Twilight Zone and of course some writers, producers and directors that tried to keep thought and imagination alive. There were people like Patrick McGoohan with “the Prisoner” and Ray Bradbury with Fahrenheit 451. I worked with him for five years on “Something Wicked This Way Comes” but by the late 1980’s the damage had been done. The “ARTS” had been already been universally nuked, long before and the survivors that are now few and far between will soon be gone.

The novel “1984” was published in 1948, to show the unenlightened world how television might be used once the new Global-Fascism began taking over ­ which it did, but that happened much later than it was planned for, thanks to the GI Bill, which ‘educated millions to the truth that was too quickly forgotten.

The semi-hidden hell that we’ve all been living through since the 50’s grew exponentially throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as prelude to the opening of the gates of Hell that arrived with GHW Bush and “his introduction” to the New World Order, which has still not quite arrived. That particular criminal, Bush senior is on his death-bed now and it’s very satisfying that he won’t live long enough to see his plan succeed. But on the flip side, that evil-incarnate which he and his outlaws created is still “Not dead yet”.

Almost everyone except “Nature” has forgotten what we’ve done to the universe. Nature will survive but the current population probably will not. Listen to “Nature Is Speaking” it’s one minute 58 seconds.

We have been living like children on a permanent summer vacation. Blissfully ignorant children that have completely ignored the coming of the planetary winter. There are about to be consequences unlimited for each and every thing that we’ve allowed these global bandits to do to all of us as well as the planet.

The reasons behind WWI & WWII were rooted in eliminating millions of those that could and would have not stood for this global invasion. So generations of the best among us died. But not all of them were buried in France or in Arlington, millions of them lived on in the half-light of imitation peace, while the people that lived, because of all that death, proceeded to fail to notice how the world was really constructed.

For part of my part in the aftermath of living in the remains of the Scorched Earth policies of the New Millennium, I came up with something in 1980 that after three versions is still not complete. It’s called BARE BONES Universe.




The point of BARE*BONES universe is simply this:

There are two great powers that have been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over furiously between those who want us to know and those who want us to obey and to be humble and to submit.”

Taken from The Golden Compass Pg. 283, by Philip Pullman ­ from the first book of his trilogy: Dark Materials

This new project involved parts of many previous efforts, and this is only the outline for some of what BARE*BONES will contain.

The visual concept came unexpectedly from the 2003 film “Pay It Forward” in which the keys to discovery (in the film) come to the protagonist by “working backwards.” I simply did the same thing here ­ to find out

what it was that had eluded me for the virtual length of my very long & stormy career.

Given that we come into the world ‘knowing’ everything from the beginning through intuition and self-knowledge and that life consists mainly of just remembering what we need to know—

BARE*BONES universe was intended to provide some images that might assist people with their own problems that we each must face, daily.”

In the grand scheme of things a hundred years is almost nothing at all. But in the last hundred and one year’s our global-future has been cast along with the destruction of most of the planet, so we can’t deny what we’ve done to everything and to most of the people who still survive here.

Global-Criminality at that level will end up devouring itself—on that there has never been a question. All that remains to be determined, is whether or not there will be a rebalance, from Russia and the East, in time to save parts of this place from the unrelenting slaughter that’s on the way…


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