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An October Surprise
In November?

  By Jim Kirwan


Press TV

If this were America, then all the real jobs here would
be held by Americans, not Illegals, pretending to be Americans!


In major cities, as in San Francisco, most of the serious jobs in construction around here are done by people who can’t or won’t speak English. This includes road construction, new buildings going up, and the painting and repairs to existing structures along with very large contracts to repair and improve city streets and highways ­ yet the only American faces are found in the offices. Sometimes they can be found as supervisors ­ other than that, employees are by and largely illegals. This has to be ended.

The City, State and Federal contracts which created these “jobs” need to be audited for illegally employed people who are not Americans. The companies who have been working on these contracts must be audited by ICE, overseen by local people, to insure that the documents unearthed are real. When “illegals” are found they must be deported, and the company executives must be charged, fined and imprisoned for this criminal-act that has stripped millions of Americans of the jobs that they were supposed to have at least been offered, had the U.S. government not protected the scum-bag companies from criminal-charges, while denying Americans the opportunity to compete for the jobs that have been filled by illegals.

This entire process was skewed; beginning during the Reagan Administration - so that corporations could hire people to work for peanuts which created a massive and continuously illegal profit that breaks all of America’s immigration laws.

If corporations had to pay American minimums for real jobs they would lose a great deal in illegal profits. So those in government and outside it, decided to continue the illegal-policies with the USG turning a blind eye to all of it. This is what’s allowed up to 50 million illegals to flood into the country to kill the real American jobs that would still be here, because no one can offshore a real construction job, as those jobs have to be done on the ground inside America.

What if Americans were to put up WANTED posters on every site where illegals are employed?

Stating that “Audits are Coming” and anyone who is not an American but who is still working here, will be formerly charged on the spot with a crime, then fined and deported within the same week of their arrest.

Once upon a time we used to have a “Made in America” pride about the goods that were made here. It is now ILLEGAL to put such a notice on anything made inside America.



Has it become illegal for Americans to hold American Jobs?

If not. then why aren’t Americans hired

To do American Jobs in America?

Since the government refuses to do anything about the illegals, except to bring in more of them to take whatever remains of American jobs from Americans ­ the public needs to post signs on every construction-site and places of “business” that have replaced Americans with Illegals: As a public warning that the company or the corporations who are involved will be investigated for using illegal workers ­ by the Americans that have remained unemployed and have suffered because of these illegal practices…

It’s time for illegals and for those that employ them to begin to look over their shoulders 24-7, because ‘word’ is going out on this criminally-intolerable-act. Americans are long-past being in a DEPRESSION, we are looking personal-OBLIVION in the eye, unless this situation changes within weeks.

BTW, those are the same “weeks” during which this October-Surprise is being prepared to happen this year ­ but because it’s being done by traitors, this time it’ll happen in NOVEMBER!

Anyone out there is welcome to join-in. Do this in your town or city. Draw up a short-list of real complaints; translate it into Spanish, Chinese, or whatever nationality is being used against you in your own place of residence. Post the one page poster on sites with single-page demands that can be easily seen & understood. (1)

You might want to send them to local media, post them on buses, billboards, and the internet or anywhere else people might be able to easily read about this problem and react to it…?

If we don’t begin to fight to remain Americans, then it won’t be long, until this treasonous government will simply OUTLAW the act of Being American ­ then it really will be over, unless you keep “Being American as a viable fact”!

  1. Shadows of Invisibility




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