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The October 2017 Fires In California

By Jim Kiran


The situation on the ground in the Wine Country Fires, October 18, 2017

According to the San Francisco Chronicle

Since that time the reporting on these fires and many others has been very spotty. When it comes to property destroyed, the various sources have tried to be honest, but when it comes to the human death toll ­ the state, the feds and all those responsible for fighting these fires have lied across the board.

For instance every official has been very reluctant to report this as the blatant attack that it clearly was. And there seems to be no overview of the total amount of damage, the numbers of buildings obliterated, much less so the numbers of both the missing and dead across the entire area ­ which screams ”COVER-UP”

The Wine Country, Santa Rosa, and at least two other fires, when taken together should have forced the feds and the State of California to Declare a NATIONAL DISASTER for the entire area. None of this has been done; instead each fire is being treated as a separate instance, and virtually none of the agencies involved have even hinted at the truth which involves Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) wherein the fires of the trees that were burned CAME FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Here is some of what was not covered by the “mainstream”, over the last two days alone:

THE TRUTH About The Apocalyptic California Wildfires!

32min VIDEO

There Is Something Strange About California

11min 43sec VIDEO


14min 58sec VIDEO

The supposed coverage of these fires massively-failed when it comes to how these fires were started, what the targets of these flames were, not to mention the theft of the private-property that was destroyed, in order to build totally new structures according to AGENA 2130 specifications, on land that had been held privately for generations in the places where DEW was used to start these decimating fires that left the cities looking like some kind of science experiment—rather than the result of a forest fire.

Please watch what you can of the above videos, decide for yourself how much of what they contain needs to be seen and understood by the rest of the planet and if you agree that this information is critical, as to what's been happening for some time now ­ then send this viral.

The alternative media seems to be obsessed with what happened in Las Vegas. But at the end of the day, I think you'll find that many more people have died throughout these fires, which are now over a hundred miles wide, than were killed in Las Vegas. And as much of the incinerated properties along with a great many of the people that were simply vaporized ­ we may never know the true numbers of the dead or wounded.

But we have to start somewhere to SOUND THE ALARM, because this amounts to the beginning of a total WAR that's obviously been declared on us by the Deep-State, Israel & FEMA; which we must respond to as human beings, being attacked by our own military and civilian forces...