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Occupied Oregon
Ukraine in Amerika


By Jim Kirwan


It's been just over three weeks since the public ambush and murder

of peaceful people in Oregon

When will these home-grown treason's reach their limit?

Why did we have to wait for Russia to show us what this looks like &

will you put up with these kinds of roadblocks in your town or state?

This is just part of why Oregon is absolutely Gone!

No one's been officially charged but all the victims of this federal crime

have been detained, most in Solitary Confinement. If this doesn't feel like Ukraine after the illegal USI backed coup, then what is this? “No right to lawyers or appeal”, no charges stated for the people that were kidnapped by state police: None of the three officers that publicly murdered LaVoy Finicum have been named or charged: Does this sound like America or Amerika?

The appointed governor is behaving almost exactly like Porky in Ukraine, calling for ending this “problem” in the same way that Waco was concluded—the result looks like the Oregon version of the take-down of the Branch Dividions. without Hillary's flame-throwing tanks. But the SILENCE that has accompanied every facet of this blatant crime against so many Americans goes far beyond obscene: And still the public refuses to be moved to ACT!

Instead of investigating the ambush, the kidnapping or the murder, Oregon has decided to INVESTIGATE Gregg Palmer of Grant County Oregon ­ and is not bothering with the appointed Sheriff in Burns, just two months in office, who bristles with hatred for anyone that dares to even mention the United States Constitution.

When researching any news event, investigative reporters tend to take a step back and examine all the evidence that it's possible to examine. In this case the photos of the vehicles that were shot up on the highway have been denied to the press, as was the coroner's autopsy results from the body of Finicum, not to mention the nine bullets that killed LaVoy? The FBI moved in immediately and began to use their standard operating procedure, by lying about everything to the public while they set up military check-points and procedures throughout Burns and the surrounding environment.

The airport has now become a mini-miltary-base, from which drones and troops in civilian attire go forth to harass and threaten the citizens of that tiny town. Everything that 'the authorities' are doing is SECRET, while they are aiming weapons pointed at your head if you happen to be a resident, that has become routine.

On top of the more than three weeks that have passed since the cold-blooded Murder took place ­ the entire State of Oregon has been locked down when it comes to any and all responses' to this major crime ­ as if none of this ever happened.

The township of Burns, all of Harney County and the entire State of Oregon are on a political lock-down that's planning to stay in place to oversee the end of jobs and life in Harney County: But that's only the prequel to the much larger crimes which this instance of MURDER ONE is being used to mask.

While the last of the protester's were being arrested and sent off to solitary confinement - the real crimes beneath these unreported events has finally reached their final stages. That began with the illegal seizure of the Hammon's and the Bundy's Ranches: This was the major coup which began when the Feds attacked the Bundy Ranch two years ago in Nevada, only to be driven off by armed volunteers that sent the BLM and the Feds running with their tails between the legs.

What brought the Bundy's back into that undeclared war, was the re-arrest of the Hammonds, in a Double-Jeopardy case that sent two of them back to jail for a supposed crime that they had already paid the fine and served the time for: Before the criminal-state of Oregon decided to break the laws again and re-sentence the Hammonds to more time and more fines so that the Feds could finally end up with their ranch ­ only to have the unforeseen opportunity to also capture the elder Bundy and thereby his ranch --- this allowed the rogue-government to add the Bundy Ranch to their very long list of successfully stolen lands, and all of this was made possible by a botched ambush and the blatant murder of the wrong man (they targeted Aamon Bundy) not LaVoy Finicum: Because LaVoy was known as a fair man; a father and a loved natural leader in his community, who had nothing whatsoever to do with anything criminal. At least he didn't until the feds put him in their cross-hairs and then assassinated him.

Consequently the Feds were able to steal even more than they thought they could ever get away with, but the problem in Burns still remains: How to extricate themselves from the crimes they just committed, before the public actually wakes up and starts killing the mercenaries wherever they end up hiding?

Above is Camp Griffin at the Iraqi Airport:

There are no shots of the Feds Encampment at Burns, but this is a miniature of the one above and of course it's off limits and not on Google.

The airport in Burns has been turned into a mini-military encampment, It reminds one of a really angry nest where hornets swarm - just waiting for an opportunity to attack anything or anyone that comes even close to them. When did very small towns need these kinds of military camps, covered by 24 hr drones that patrol the skies?

If the rogue government with its appointed outlaws, continues to run this farce that used to be Oregon, the way they've been doing things for the last three weeks ­ I guess the above is what a lot more places will soon be forced to look forward to?


The reason behind all of this is centered on forcing an end to civilian life in Oregon, under the expansion of the Wildlife Memorial Preserve that will be three times the size of Yellowstone Park, with the addition of these last two holdout ranches.

This is the reason for militarizing so much of Oregon, with imported foreign-military terrorists wearing badge-less uniforms and being backed by military responses to ordinary civilian life: All of which are just the opening shots that will force the removal of the existing roads, towns and cities that will be swallowed up by the new and totally illegal end of the ways of life as they are currently being lived by rural people in Oregon and elsewhere. The military encampment at the airport will become larger as the shutdown commences .

Here's just some of the background:

Who Owns the World

The 2016 Tower of Babel Part One & Two

When There is No Law

It's up to each of us to begin to use our intuition, our creativity and resilience to resist this filth, wherever it raises it's visibly armored body: Unless you want to see this global-disease spread ever-further until it finally reaches your front door...



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