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Obama Surrenders

By Jim Kirwan

You may not know where places like Baghdad, Aleppo, Tehran or Fallujah are: But if you don’t think what happens there matters to you - you’re wrong! And I don’t care if you live in Beaumont, Texas, New York City or Anaconda Montana: You need to be afraid. Because of his feckless foreign policy (CEO) Obama, is a man with no foreign policy experience, who doesn’t learn a thing from his foreign policy blunders, a man who prefers to surround himself with political operatives: Our nation once the world’s super power, has been minimized on the world’s stage and is neither respected nor feared.

Obama has proven to Russia’s Putin, to Syria’s Assad, to Iran’s Ayatollah and Afghanistan’s Karzai, they can cross any line that he draws, with impunity…”

“…our ‘commander-in-chief has literally replenished the enemy in a time of war. And today another example of Obama’s ineptitude. American’s summarily evacuated from Baghdad as a band of the worst barbaric terrorists driving from the north on toward Baghdad to reclaim Iraq. They release prisoners and they’ve added thousands of fighters to their ranks as they move through the country and they are the richest terror group in existence.

500,000 citizens have fled Mosul in fear of them. And as they continue their drive, the US continues and moves an array of Aircraft carriers and destroyers into the north Arabian Sea, in the Persian Gulf. (k - Which puts those ships in the crosshairs of 300 nuclear missile sites armed with Onyx and Sunburn nuclear tipped shore to surface missiles, any one of which can destroy an aircraft carrier with one missile).

We spent one trillion dollars and the blood of 4500 American men and women killed (k- Plus another 72,000 Americans that died in Iraq plus another massive number of wounded in Iraq War 1, in 1991) and 32,000 of us injured in Iraq. Yet Barack Obama left Iraq contrary to the advice of military leaders and those like Senator John McCain who said he left too early…

“…And as the nation of Iraq teeters on the brink of total destruction there is no question that the drive will inevitably continue toward the West and the United States…

as a movie, the march of the Sunni militants along with ISIS troops deemed even by Al Qaeda to be too militant are letting criminals out of jail to add to their ranks, burning churches, beheading, crucifying, stoning and shooting police and military: Even civilians from the Maliki government. ISIS is dedicated to building an Islamic state dedicated to the slaughter and the massacre of the Infidels…”

And get this although there were only 800 ISIS soldiers against 12,000 Iraqi’s “trained” by the United States; the Iraqi’s were so fearful - they dropped their weapons, they dropped their uniforms and they even left the bank open for plunder and now ISIS has a half a billion dollars in its hands. The bottom line is that the country of Iraq is another burning cauldron in the Middle East, being overrun by those who seek to create an Islamic caliphate that considers us “Infidels”, and is dedicated to non-believers and our destruction. Yes indeed you need to be worried.”

Some comments that elucidate what’s really going on behind the scenes:

This is 'Obama's Big Score', he gets the Takfiri Mercenaries to invade Iraq, steal all sorts of advanced weapons, they then go back to Syria to attack S.A.N.A. with their new weapons, he never would have been allowed to give them, like Tanks, and.... then Obama doubles up on his luck, when he has to replace all that stuff for The Iraqi Army to fight the Takfiri's who are really fighting for Obama. And who pays this huge bill for all these weapons? You, the American Taxpayer does! And you'll pay for Obama to do a little bombing in Iraq to make it look like he's not really supporting these Takfiri's invading Iraq, that's why he's saying, 'No boots on the ground'. The last thing Obama wants is for these Takfiri's to lose, they are his little puppets and he loves them, regardless of the Lies he'll tell in public.”

Way back when the CEO was running for resident in the Oval Office, he refused to wear an American Flag on his lapel. He has since said “that was because he didn’t want to appear to be biased.” With his actions of late you need to picture Obama on his face, on the ground with his ass in the air, five times a day. That is what is occupying the Oval Office as your CEO! That’s the same CEO who just surrendered America to global barbarians.

Obama and Co cannot be called human beings because there is nothing human about them. They are funding both sides. It is genocide, part of their plan to wipe out the men of these countries, depopulate the area, displace the remaining population, carve up Middle East and make way for greater Israel. These are really sick people, who care nothing for humanity.”

It’s clear that Obamanation does not represent this country in any sense of that term: So how long will it take us to dethrone him from the office he has never belonged in!


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