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Obama's Kill List

By Jim Kirwan


The most cowardly rag in American Journalism, the New York Times, is trying to quietly-free America’s most notorious spy

In recent history.

That would be Jonathon Pollard the convicted Israeli Spy

Who escaped the mandatory death sentence,

When a deal was cut with Israel.

Simultaneously with today’s attempt to surreptitiously free Pollard, as part of the ongoing farce called the Palestinian Peace Process: There is a real opportunity here for Obamanation “to do the right thing” to vindicate his self-determined dictatorial powers over life & death; while at the same time breaking his own chains to Israel as shown above.

Politically Obama has a real problem with convincing the public and the world that he actually has the powers he continues to claim to have. Most of his convolutions devolve around murdering people with drones around the planet, because Obama decides that certain individuals must die—no proof is required, no arrests take place, there are no trials, they’re just murdered by drones or firing squads supposedly at the convenience of the fake-leader of the USSA. It’s all in the NDAA.

However, Obama’s latest attempt to suck-up to the psychopathic-insanity of Israel by freeing the most famously convicted-Israeli-spy in American history provides us with an opportunity that could serve to finally-clarify whether or not Obama has the balls to be the global-dictator that he keeps trying to claim he is.

All Barry needs to do is call a press-conference and tell the world.

The Constitution of the United States is officially dead.

Private Corporate Law & the UN now rule this land.

The U.S. Bill of Rights no longer exists.

Neither the Supreme Court nor the Congress or the Media

Are needed any longer.

I’m dissolving all current political parties.

I’ve replaced everything with my dictatorial-authority.

This is the United States Incorporated

And I decide everything.

There will no longer be any questions on any subject

And anyone who objects will be shot.”

Today, April first, two-thousand and fourteen, I have ordered that the convicted Israel-spy, Jonathon Pollard, be taken from prison to the Mall in Washington D.C. and publicly executed on national-television by a military firing-squad on my orders. This should end any further questions about my capacity or legitimacy to serve as Global-Dictator over the planet.

Any nation that objects to my leadership will be nuked.’

Before anyone goes off half-cocked on this you should all know that everything above is true: Every word of this is exactly what is being covered up each and every day. All that remains to be done is that Barry needs to make it all official by holding a nationally televised press conference, because that’s apparently the only thing that any Amerikan still believes in.

It’s been said that “The truth takes time to finally be revealed”. This particular truth has passed its use-by-date. America needs to demand that this press conference be held, with questions being taken from the nationwide audience, if the media and the general public want to have a future…


If Obama were to have this news conference and he still refuses to take any questions, then we could all get on with Marital Law and the slaughter of “his government” that will no doubt ensue.

This is where this country is today, on April 1, 2014.

Will you ever choose to make any demands on your own

Of this unindicted war-criminal and global-traitor…



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