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By Jim Kirwan


Impotence ~ Power

Real Power is the ability to “let-go’

Just as Impotence is consumed by ‘hanging on” to every cent

While ignoring the whole point of living well.

We are in the end of things, in this world of massive facades, false-flags and fake creatures that have no rudder in life except to cling to their twisted views of power which is demanding the reduction of the planet to just 5% of the current population.

Full-Spectrum-Dominance’ is not and has never been an option.

All the while leaving the earth to die in global nuclear contamination topped-off by poisoned food water and air, in this place where nature has been under attack 24-7 for the last few decades…

The world can no longer tolerate this murderous obsession!

Because we’ve treated ‘language’ in the same way we’ve treated everything else, we can no longer communicate with each other. The world is made up of competing fascistic-demands and militaristic-orders that have no meaning in this world any longer. When everything and almost all of the visible creatures are all corrupted:

Then ‘What is living worth’?

The so called ‘powers that want to be meaningful’ are nothing but the scum of fecal-waste upon the soles of your shoes, which must be scraped off and discarded each and every day of your life if you want to live again.

When ordinary conversations were part of everyday life, with total strangers as well as with long-time friends, people knew who they were and for the most part what they wanted from their often difficult but definitely interesting lives. Today we’re nothing any longer but long gray lines of prisoner’s lining up each day to be abused in every way possible, 24-7. We no longer see life as living-beings engaged in the mysteries and possibilities which every life routinely offered to so many, in that now dead past.

Today’s world is hideous because it’s no longer alive.

We’ve elevated the scum of this world to heights that had never been permitted to exist before. Criminality, debauchery, torture, slavery and mass murder are what compose the world today: Thanks to the multi-national power-surge in contemptible global corporations under the evil shadows of fake empires and twisted goals that can never be satisfied…

Israel is in the process of playing out her own form of the end-game. It’s rumored that the reason for closing all her embassies and consulates worldwide is to conceal the nuclear weapons she’s been storing in those ‘secure locations’ all over the planet which Israel plans to use to bring humanity down to just 5% of the current global population. (1)

Ironically the permanent-contamination and destruction needed to accomplish this crime will kill anything and everyone that ‘survives’ this global-disaster: All because the world refuses to brand Israel as the bestial-raving-savage that she’s always been which needs to be immediately castigated from the community of nations.

In the U.S. the Outlaws at the top of our political, financial and military nightmares are almost all Zionists in direct support of Israel. They are traitors to this nation and the world of human-beings which they still seek to slaughter in the billions. Unfortunately that’s nothing new: It’s been going on now for thousands of years…

What is new is that Israel’s current victims in the U.S. have become cowards to the core, refusing to even think about what’s being done, not just to us, but to all the future generations that were supposed to follow us. This is true: Because if we allow this to continue there won’t be a “next generation” there will be only devastation, chaos and unending death until everything and everyone alive today is gone.

Here’s just one more piece in the global-war over money, power and global-criminality…

I’m calling for a Nationalist Convention on Monetary Reform.

The world money system is coming unglued and will be replaced by something worse or something better.

What system do we need to create our own money and make us prosperous again?

Let’s look at history for countries with spectacular success. Keep in mind if the Jews hate a country you know it’s doing something right.

Now, who do Jews vilify most? Hitler’s Germany. So let’s start there.

From 1934 to ‘39 under Gottfried Feder’s monetary program, Germany pulled off an economic miracle. Feder convinced Hitler to bypass international Jewish finance and have public works funded by state-created money. This gave Germany a huge economic advantage because they didn’t need to get capital from the Jews and pay them interest.

The Jews decided Germany was a threat to their financial racket and had to be stopped. The rest is history.

The Japanese did the same in the early 1930’s. They broke the shackles of interest via the money-creating power of the government. They increased manufacturing by 140% and their GDP by 250% in the middle of the Great Depression.

You couldn’t get a clearer contrast between the right system and the miserable system the Jews impose on us. Japan had to be taken out.

So Roosevelt—surrounded by Jewish advisers—provoked Pearl Harbor and sacrificed thousands of Americans so Jewish bankers could destroy the evidence of Japan’s financial success.

After the war, the Japanese pretended to follow the western model. But secretly, as Ellen Brown points out in her “The Public Bank Solution,” they instituted state-guided money creation.

Today, you’ll hear ‘financial experts’ claiming that Japan is in ‘big trouble’ because they have the highest Debt-to-GDP ratio in the world and are stagnating.

Don’t believe it. It’s just a cover. Japan wants to LOOK unsuccessful to come in under the radar. Japan is increasing its exports. It’s one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Why? Because they’re nationalists, that’s why.

Yes, they have debt. But it’s to themselves, not to the Jews. Their economy is sound and ours is not.

So how do we get debt-free money here?

End the Fed.

We get rid of the debt the Jews of the Federal Reserve gouge us with and go back to having our own government…issue our own national money…debt-free…as the Constitution says.

We can become a strong and free nation once again.” (2)

How can we get out from under these crushing ‘obsessions’? It’s simple. All we have to do is ‘Remember who we were”, before this place stopped being a nation and became nothing but a bunch of prisoners to be used and abused by the Jewish Banks and Israel.

The way out of this is not by “organizing” in any of the traditional ways because all of that’s been totally corrupted beyond belief. NO! The way out of this is to go back to being people again: Individuals that can and will think for themselves can do it and they’ll need all the help they can get. Become part of that invisible force. Join us!

When things get bad enough people ‘think’ they will rebel: The problem is that things are beyond that point now, yet we still haven’t acted to kick these freaks in the face and drag them from their podiums in every place where public gatherings are held. If we had some backbone, we would have done that long ago. So the question remains, will you listen to that siren call that demands that we turn this nightmare around?

We are the answer we’ve been waiting for”

Have you heard the call yet?


1) Israel Shut Embassies to store nukes: Gordon Duff

2) Nationalist Solution to Money ­ 3min 04 sec VIDEO

3) Having it Both Ways

Obama's Kill List



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