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What If Obama Is SUPPOSED
To Lose Syria Vote?

By Loch Wade

What if Obama’s planned attack on Syria is not really supposed to happen? What if it is a trigger expressly designed to unleash an entirely different chain of events?
     I will present a scenario that very likely could play out, but first, I am always reminded of the Hegelian dialectic; “thesis, antithesis, synthesis”.  In other words, first they herd us into the red corral, and then they stampede us into the blue corral, and then they open the chute to the slaughterhouse.
     To set things up,  I ask two questions. One: Even a child can see that a war in Syria will unleash World War Three, so why does Obama, who if nothing else is a shrewd politician, want to set a political trap for himself that such a war will bring about? Two: Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the Constitution. Why does he suddenly think following it is a good idea, so much so that he wants to ask Congress to back this madness of a war?
     I think an entirely different plan is in the works. Here is what I think could happen, what very well may be designed to happen:
     1. Obama loses Syria vote. Only the insane would vote yes on this. So when Obama loses the vote, he is given a mortal political wound. He becomes the laughingstock of the world. Putin smirks, Assad thumbs his nose, Netanyahu vows revenge. Obama’s Democratic Party supporters desert him in droves.
     2. Congress grows a pair. Republicans, emboldened by Obama’s defeat and by Democrat defections, win a vote to de-fund Obamacare. Suddenly it is open season on Obama. The Benghazi scandal is re-opened, with new evidence from captured Syrian rebel communiqués that Obama really was behind the murder of Ambassador Stevens. Holder, Kerry, and other key Administration leaders resign, leaving Obama to hold the bag.  Fast and furious, IRS, NSA… all the scandals erupt. Finally, Congress takes a hard look at the Birth Certificate, and with stunning ease, a vote to Impeach passes the House.
     3. Obama resigns. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Obama resigns and flees to Indonesia. Biden assumes the Presidency, and his first act, upon taking office, is to pardon Obama. This is the first clue for a very small minority that the whole game has been rigged, and that the script has been followed perfectly. Biden then makes some very dramatic statements. Biden says that all troops are being pulled out of the Middle East. He appoints Rand Paul as Secretary of State.  Biden, as a good Catholic, stands with Pope Francis for peace. He makes common cause with Holy Christian Russia.
     Bond prices rise, and yields fall. The dollar strengthens and oil prices drop. Suddenly, the global economy seems to have found its feet. The threat of war is past, and people everywhere feel a sense of relief and hope. Biden is wildly popular. He scraps Obamacare and institutes a common-sense universal coverage plan that appears full-blown out of nowhere, as if it had already been crafted in advance. It passes with flying colors. Biden  supports social conservative positions while at the same time promoting social welfare policies. Mass surveillance continues, and the internal security apparatus is strengthened, but in the new era of prosperity and hope, no-one cares. Massive government projects are awarded to key corporate players, thus cementing the complete takeover of fascism in America.
     4. Israel is marginalized.  The stranglehold of AIPAC on the US political system is broken. Congress rejects, for the first time, aid to Israel, and such aid only passes with a condition that Israel enter into meaningful negotiations with the Palestinians. The tide swings fully in the opposite direction on social issues. A Constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman passes with a huge majority. The last Gay pride parades are disrupted by uniformed right-wing skinheads as police stand by. Strict immigration laws combined with full national biometric ID is implemented, and the borders are sealed. Republicans and Democrats combine to form the American Party, which is the political organ of the State, and fully backed by a new coalition of Catholic and Evangelical church leaders. Libertarians try to form an opposition party, but the key leadership is arrested and sent to prison after televised show trials.
     5. Peace and safety!  From the pulpits of the newly energized, SRO-packed Christian churches, pastors extol a new era of Godliness and prosperity. Everything seems to be looking up. However, under the surface, things are stirring. Fukushima slowly destroys the Pacific. The Israelis finalize a desperate last-stand military strategy to conquer the Middle East, and quietly begin to mobilize for a stunning blitzkrieg surprise attack. Somewhere in the vast Gwhar oilfield, a Saudi engineer writes to headquarters that almost all wells are pumping nothing but sand and water. And in the regions of space between Pluto and Uranus, a rogue, planet-sized body with a strong negative electrical charge begins to glow and develop a plasma tail as it enters the Sun’s positively charged electrical field…



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