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Obama-Hillary Allies Bear Responsibility
For Las Vegas Massacre

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Why should anyone be surprised at the terrorist attack on the Harvest Festival? How can someone be shocked, just shocked, when ISIS promised 16 months ago on a widely publicized video that their followers would strike at The Strip in Las Vegas?

In that video of June 27, 2016, the gun-toting narrator praised Omar Mateen for the attack on an Orlando nightclub. It is well known to anti-terror experts that Islamic State does not make idle threats.
As for Hillary Clinton’s opportunistic and insensitive gun-control response to the gunshot deaths following the Vegas shootings, her supporters like Bay Area Congresswomen Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi should take note that the same ISIS video released in June 2016 mentioned San Francisco as well, with the site-specific targets being the Golden Gate Bridge and the city’s Financial District.  Kamala, you'd better be packing when they come for you.  See Video Here
When a planned attack has been publicly announced more than a year in advance, who should bear the blame for facilitating this mass murder, which was easily preventable with security scanners at the Mandalay Bay and other casino hotels?
The FBI and the CIA have a massive presence in Las Vegas, which is focused on entrapping Asian high-rollers like the Macau-Malaysian Paul Puah. That eavesdropping scheme had nothing to do with stopping Islamic terrorism and was all about blackmailing the Malaysian government to oppose China’s claims in the Spratley Islands. Thank you, CIA and State Department spooks, for your negligence that enable mass murder in Las Vegas.
Wild Goose Chase Instead of Gum-Shoe Investigation
The greatest portion of blame for the security derailment that led to the Vegas shootings goes, however, to Barack Obama, the Democratic Party leadership, then-FBI director James Comey and John Brennan of the CIA. Why? Because they diverted the nation’s law enforcement system away from terrorism onto a wild goose chase called Russiagate, which has come up with nothing substantial or of national security importance to the United States. Instead of strengthening immigration restrictions, their inane open-door policy has allowed ISIS to set up sleeper cells across the USA unhindered. Meanwhile, they jammed open easy entry for illegal border-crossers, allowing ISIS and Qaeda to pour inside the gates.
Obama, Hillary the then candidate, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Comey and Brennan now have blood of Americans on their hands for this heinous outrage, the second biggest attack involving Muslim radicals since the World Trade Center demolition on September 11, 2001.
Dead on Arrival
The chief suspect so far, though there are many other Muslims involved in the planning and execution, is the suddenly famous gambler Paul Paddock who had no criminal record despite or because his father was a psychotic bank robber on the FBI’s most wanted list. The 32nd floor room at the Mandalay where his body (emphasized on corpse and whodunit to him) discovered by a SWAT team was booked in the name of his lover Marylou Danley, a Filipina with Australian citizenship. (Australia is a center of military-intelligence cooperation with Islamic radicals since the 2001 bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which involved a team of Aussie Special Air Services commandos and the KLA, or Kosovo Liberation Army.)
The couple reputedly spent many quiet hours in their apartment, according to neighbors in Mesquite, Nevada, possibly in prayer and study of the Koran. Whether she is a Muslim is yet to be answered (at this very moment, the ISIS stronghold in Mindanao’s Marawi town remains occupied by ISIS militiamen despite heavy bombardment by the Philippine Army’s artillery and helicopter gunships).
ISIS claims that Paddock converted to Islam “several months ago”, sufficient time for weapons purchases and training in the desert by battle-hardened jihadists or foreign military personnel.
“You are all going to die”
Just an hour prior to the gunfire, witnesses say two “Hispanic-looking people”, probably Arabs or Pakistanis or Israelis, harangued the crowd at the Harvest Festival with the warning “You are all going to die tonight”. Americans are by now so dumbed-down by the Obama politically correct propaganda that they cannot comprehend the hatred directed against them through the cross-hairs. Americans suffer the fatal illusion that the Pentagon can kill thousands of civilians on foreign soil, and nobody over there is going to come over to retaliate.
That warning to the crowd, probably based on overhearing the suspects speaking in a foreign language, indicates more than one gunman was involved. A calculation of rounds per-minute from an AK-47, which has a 30-bullet clip that needs replacement, shows that a single shooter could not have felled more than 550 victims in four minutes or less. Due to clip reloads, the fastest output is about 100 bullets per minute. Initial eyewitness reports indicated only a minute of gunfire occurred, which was later quadrupled by the police probably to craft a plausible lone-gunman theory.
Either another gunman was firing from a belt-loaded heavy machine gun from another room, or that several shooters were involved as in the Paris concert hall attack. The official cover-up will continue, since the responsibility for heavily armed Islamist terrorists infiltrating across the nation’s borders reaches the highest levels of the Obama administration and his Congressional allies in both political parties.  And yes, it could have alternatively been done by the Israelis to implicate Palestinians and other Muslim. The probe has hardly begun yet.

Fast and Furious

As for Hillary Clinton's asinine comments on gun control, terrorists can easily purchase automatic weapons across the border in Mexico, thanks to Eric Holder's Fast and Furious program. Vegas was was a soft target because it was packed with tourists. Had there been more realistic Nevada natives or western ranchers present, those Americans would have been firing back at the gunmen. saving a lot of lives of unarmed innocent civilians. Gun violence doesn't just come from terrorists, it's a fact of daily life in America when drug dealers and gang members are packing. So a loaded gun in the possession of an honest citizen is necessary insurance when the police are not in the vicinity or called off by their political bosses from interfering with a state-sponsored massacre. Wake up, Calamity Jane, it's still the Wild West.
The warnings were there alright, and so let’s hope that on the next time around some of the Friends of ISIS like Hillary, Obama, Pelosi and Kamala are there when the bombs hit San Francisco, because they need to see the end-result of their political nihilism. Russiagate, my asp. The real national security issue is ISISgate, Made in America by and for Americans. .Obama-Hillary Allies Bear Responsibility For Las Vegas Massacre