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Obama The 'Christian'

By Rick Bennett


For quite some time before Obama first took office and then all through his first and second terms as President, there had been something there that was seriously bothering me and until very recently, I just couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was.

But, now I know what it was about him and about what he said and it was right there in front of every single one of us all along and we just didn't put it together.

Now, take a moment to think back. Do you recall that on several occasions during Obama's campaigning for his first and second Presidential terms,  Barack Obama scrunched up his face into his (now I'm being serious facial expression) and stated for the record and for all of the World to hear, that although he had been raised as a Muslim and had spent the early part of his life as a Muslim, he had left Islam, had converted and for the record he was "now a Christian."  

Well, let's face it. It's totally understandable how a young child could be indoctrinated into Islam or for that matter into any other religion. It happens every day in every Country on Earth and with every religion on Earth so there's nothing there that's unusual.

Except, when it involves Islam. Because Islam is not like any other religion on Earth.

With Islam, from an extremely early age, children are indoctrinated (brain washed) into believing and to unquestionably accepting the writings within the Quran. It's pounded into them over and over again, for hours at a time every day for years, until they have memorized every word on every page of the Quran and the teachings within this book are the most hateful, brutal and barbaric, imaginable.

Most people aware of how barbaric and cruel Islam is and anyone with a speck of common sense can easily understand how someone would want to leave a religion like that as soon as they possibly could, but that's exactly the problem regarding Islam and regarding Obama that all of us somehow missed.

One of the main teachings and requirements within the Quran is that once someone has become a Muslim they must be a Muslim forever. No one is permitted to leave Islam once they have joined it and once joined, if someone then rejects Islam or tries to leave Islam, they MUST BE KILLED.

It is considered the REQUIRED DUTY of ALL Muslims to KILL anyone and everyone who leaves, attempts to leave or who even considers leaving the cult known as Islam. This duty is not something that a Muslim can choose to honor or not, but is instead a sworn obligation that all Muslims are "Honor Bound" to perform.

Considering that it is a FACT that Muslims take their obligations to follow and perform Islamic rules and requirements to the letter and that laws and teachings of Islam require that any Muslim who even so much as attempts to leave or reject Islam (a transgressor) MUST BE KILLED and when you include the fact that Obama has openly proclaimed that he was a Muslim but had then stated that he had officially left Islam and stated that was now a Christian, and then consider that it is the Honor Bound duty that ALL Muslims MUST do everything within their power to kill anyone who has done such a thing, then why haven't there been attempts by a crap load of Muslims to kill him?

If Muslims believed that Obama had in fact rejected Islam and become a Christian then every stinkin Muslim on the planet would be standin in line to kill him so they could go to the front of the line to get into Heaven and get their prize of Virgins.

The Quran teaches that it is not wrong, but totally acceptable and that it's actually a good thing for Muslims to lie to non-Muslims, especially if the lie is told to benefit or promote Islam.

Muslims world wide knew that Obama never renounced Islam. They know for a fact that his stating that he had left Islam was a lie and that he did it simply to get himself elected to a political position where he could harm the United States ("The Great Satan") from within while at the same time doing anything and everything he could to promote Islam (this is known as taqiyah which is a principle in Islam that says itís "OK to lie to outsiders to protect Islam"). Creating as much havoc as possible while bringing as many other Muslims into the U.S. to help upset the balance of power Muslims had politically.

Obama is not a Christian and he never was.

He's nothing more than another lying Muslim who made every effort while in office to destroy our Nation and he's still trying to destroy our Nation from outside of Office. He's doing everything he can to prevent his predecessor from rebuilding our Nation back into what we know it should and can be and the damage he has caused and is still causing is something that we'll have to live with while we're working to correct his destruction as we go along, until we're once again back on track again.

Obama was and still is a Muslim and he hates and wants to destroy us simply because we are not.

Rick Bennett