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By Jim Kirwan


Dave Ward & Judge Grasty are joined at the hip

Allegedly Dave, who was appointed, is related to Grasty by marriage.

And because of the demonstration today


Dave Ward & Judge Grasty are joined at the hip

Allegedly Dave, who was appointed, is related to Grasty by marriage.

And because of the demonstration today


These two criminals chose to hide from the demonstrators behind the windows of their offices in the County Courthouse ­ while laughing at the demonstrators down below where their so-called workers', from the building, had joined the demonstration on their lunch-hour.

While these two sipped on red-coffee, in full view of the crowd, it did not escape the demonstrators that these 'community leaders' were hiding out: Using their employees as their own paid human shields to “protect them” from the agitated crowds outside.

No one could have missed the fact that these two OATH-BREAKERS, refused to come down and face the crowd, or to even try to answer any of the questions that brought on this protest. But this act of minuscule-defiance only marks the beginning of the end for these two traitors to the people of Burns, Harney County and Oregon. Their days are definitely numbered.

Of course that 'end' won't need to come from any of those outside: Far from it - it will be coming from the others in their collection of bottom-feeding, blood-suckers in their inner-circle. The reason for this is clear. Their deaths will no doubt come from any of those they've been working with, because neither of these troglodytes has the strength to hold-their tongues: And everybody knows that one or both of them will talk, to save themselves' when the time comes to 'cut a deal'.

Everyone knows that Dave has yet to achieve an eighth grade level of intelligence, and McNasty is so deep in self-worship that he can't see the forest for the trees: Which of course makes each of them - a real threat to the other. The only question now is who will be the first to turn state's evidence. Now that makes for a very uncomfortable future for either of these two third-rate criminals.

During the demonstration a reporter filming the audience, happened upon a woman in a turquoise colored pullover, who was bragging about being one of the volunteers that had worked inside the buildings, on the refuge that she had chosen not returned to, after the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom had arrived.

The reporter (possibly “Deb”) began asking the woman about being a volunteer. The mystery woman proudly responded about her “work” there. Whereupon the reporter questioned whether or not she was one of those who had received part of the $91,000.00 plus which the Wildlife Preserve had paid to their “supposed volunteers”.

The information in question here, came from Pete Santilli, in his interview with Jeff Rense, before Pete was arrested.

The reporter then began to focus and began asking probing and accusatory QUESTIONS - damning questions, that very soon began to scare the hell out of the woman in the turquoise pullover. Maybe a minute went by and the camera moved to the reporter. When the camera turned back to the rattled-woman, a few seconds later, she had on what looked like a black-velvet hood, which entirely covered her head.

I tried to think of how many people I have ever known who went to a public demonstration, equipped with a totally black hood ­ but that was the case this time and somewhere in the U-Tube's of this lengthy demonstration these moments have probably been captured.

For those who are unaware the “volunteers”, in the case of the Wildlife Refuge are supposedly working for the Refuge for free—that's why they called them volunteers. And the money that was paid illegally, was kept track of, in the copious files that were found inside the Wildlife Reserve, unlocked and available for anyone to see.

These creatures will be going down!

I guess it won't be long before the lady in the turquoise pullover, that will soon be exchanging that outfit for an orange jumpsuit and will soon have lots of time to think about the possible “slip of her forked-tongue”.

Personally I'll be waiting to see who dies first, the Sheriff Dave or Grasty, or maybe they won't be the only weak links, once the truth becomes blatantly apparent about the mega-graft in that section of this pathetic little rip-off of the public ­ yet again.



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