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Once Upon An Oath?

By Jim Kirwan


When global MEMORIES become global REGRETS

Once upon a time in the fantasy world where right and wrong supposedly existed: Most people understood the basics beneath the so-called leaders who supposedly were responsible individuals that had to meet some minimum requirements to keep their positions.

Even the minimum requirements for any position of power has now

been obliterated, at least inside this police-state we call the USA.

For the last week the public has been shown an entire series of lies , in detail, which make up the ugliness we’ve been living with for the last six years inside this Tarnished Nation. The world now knows that ‘the First Family’ of USI is nothing but as series of congenital lies.

Barry Soweto is not who he has claimed to be, since he entered national politics. Likewise his ‘wife’ is not what he or she has claimed to be either. A simple medical physical exam could prove what she is. Their daughters are too young to be stained by all of this, yet they are innocent by the accident of birth and circumstance just the same.

The real victims in this nationwide scandal are the people of this place who have massively failed to question any of the political-lies which enabled this situation to have survived for six long years of global-slaughter and crimes against humanity.

This is by far the larger crime beneath the gossip that rules over the ruins of the death of this country.

Inside USI this former nation has been taken over by imposters beginning with the occupants of the Tarnished House. Obama is an imposter and a fool who’s married to a Drag-Queen who is still pretending to be the First Lady: Yet none of this seems to bother most Amerikans, or maybe the truth of this has yet to register with the various herds that are being bled dry by Israel and the International bankers in these final hours of this Once Upon a Time Republic, that has become a compounded global criminal-fraud.

If’ we cared about any of the current-scandals, the outrage would have made itself known by now. But since that’s not happening, it must be because the country doesn’t care about the basic-dishonesty beneath the lies that supposedly justify the ‘criminal family’ who are living in luxury at our expense in our Tarnished House?

The “First Lady”, our drag-queen, has spent untold millions on gluttonous vacations while she continues to insult the world with her hatreds of whites and politics the world over: While Obama has spent over $20 million on Golf Trips alone. Do Amerikans even care!

The reason there are no formal investigations of the ill-legitimacy throughout the White House, is because that would lead directly to who approved of these imposters—not just initially but throughout the whole first term and up to the present moment. That “approval” came from both major political parties, each for their own reasons, who chose not to know anything about these two imposters who both the Dims and the Retards put forward, as legitimate political-choices: While KNOWING that everyone in power is coning the public into believing that their petty-political lives are real.

Since the public has no voice, there’s no public outcry—especially since the nation is now being run by the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community from the lowest to the highest offices throughout this ruined place which includes all the traitors throughout the congress.

How can anyone believe anything that is put forward by the lying Tarnished House? Global-policies, global-wars, secret spying, global terrorism, mass executions, NDAA, global-torture, rape, pillage and plundering worldwide: All of that came directly from the NSC, the NSA and the Tarnished House for the last thirteen years plus: How can the illegitimacy of this “president” and his other half not be a major-factor beneath everything the USI is funding, whether here at home or worldwide?

The administration is smearing other leaders in the world with slanders unending; especially Putin, Syria and Iran ­ yet all the while this place is being run by congenital-liars about the most basic facts of life and everything else that the rest of us must always deal with?

Given this: What does this behavior indicate about what OATHS anyone in the Tarnished House has supposedly taken?

Clearly the presidential Oath of Office has been desecrated

And Barry along with his administration must resign.

But that could only happen in a nation

That still had values:

Real values must be enforced.

Our “solution” will probably be to just invalidate the need to have anyone take any “oaths” at all ­ that’s how the Outlaw world has always dealt with this problem. Why should we make waves over this completely disgraced ‘presidency’ now, since we’ve all been lying to ourselves for over thirteen years already—what’s the difference if the fake-president has also chosen to continue to lie to the general public and the world today?

It begins to look like there might be CONSEQUENCES for most of our crimes after all ­ what do you think?



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