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The New World Order Revealed


By Jim Kirwan


Way back in the mists of time when ”The New World Order” was dreaming up this concoction, their “manifesto” called for the creation of an entirely New World Order.

The problem for them was that in order to create this utopia, the existing world would have to be destroyed, in order to create this impossible paradise that would replace the ancient world that had far too many flaws to function, in their “New World Order”. Roughly speaking these creatures want to see 6 billion, 800 million people removed from the earth, in the coming year.

To establish the N.W.O. the elimination of 95% of the existing population of the world at that time was called for. That was hundreds of years removed from today’s current populations, but they have not altered their percentages which means they decided that we had to be massively reduced in number: In order to make their “paradise” possible.

There are currently 233 nations in the world with a current global population of 7, 288, 809,102 people as of yesterday. For the New World Order to reach their goal, only 5% of that number of people can be allowed to live: After the current world is taken over by the special-people that have taken over this attack on all the rest of us.

Given the levels of technology today and the global size of the industries that we have developed thus far, the idea of such a drastic reduction in the global population would render the remaining five percent virtually helpless when it comes to being able to survive.

Part of their problem is that most of those who have already stolen most of the wealth on this planet, could never begin to maintain any of the things they have assumed they would enjoy, once the 95% have been eliminated. All the technology, the assembly lines and the vast communication and transportation services would almost immediately cease to exist.

Because everything must be maintained and because without all the slaves needed just to keep critical services in a state of repair would literally be impossible—never mind maintaining all the infrastructure needed to keep the basics of a wealth-driven world where sheer luxury becomes the first and only criteria that must be maintained, in a world without threats, from all the slaves that would have do all the work.

“They” want the population to be reduced so that they can control the number of human-drones they’ll need to continue. Their problem comes from the fact that none of them know anything about how anything actually works in the real world. On top of that; without the huge numbers of worker-slaves who create the crops and maintain the water supply as well as everything else from the general infrastructure and maintenance of the roads, the ships and planes and of course the weapons, not to mention all the technologically specialized systems that keep the rich protected: Their “lives of luxury” would be almost immediately and completely be destroyed—without an entire world full of the totally subservient slaves which they still want to slaughter.

With so few people alive, there would actually be very few sex-slaves to play with, or drug-dealers to create their favorite illusions, never mind the numbers of the adoring crowds to applaud their every thought or mood.

In other words their “paradise” would very quickly collapse into the back-waters of excess which they believe they can maintain forever without any of the creatures alive that are necessary to keep them happy.

Also 95% of them have one foot in the grave already.

The New World Order has been loath to explain all this to ordinary people because since almost all of them will no longer be here, they don’t see the relevance: But because they don’t want to so obviously threaten so many of those who are already approaching starvation and privation, (Look at Athens today) even at this stage of their grand-plan, for the takeover of the entire world—On the off chance that enough of us will fight them furiously over this, to create a real problem for their genociding of the entire planet.

The numbers have been out there for the last fifteen years, yet very few people have even tried to envision what this New World Order would look like, given how much of this life will be destroyed once they begin their wholesale slaughter of the planet.

You might want to try and envision what you think the N.W.O. will look like for you and yours, if you want to play around with your own version of what might be left of the planet unless millions of us begin to act against this nightmare…


And if you really want to drive yourself crazy try figuring out exactly how many people will need to be removed in order to meet the new requirements of the New Masters of their New World.


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