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Numbers Always Matter

By Jim Kirwan

Analysis: United Nations Assets Will Be Deployed in USA To Resolve “International Crisis” On Border

Several weeks after the White House feigned surprise over the flood of tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien children crossing into the U.S. it was revealed that the Department of Homeland Security posted a job listing in January of 2014 seeking adult escorts for, you guessed it, about 65,000 alien children who were expected to show up at immigration offices without their parents. That “coincidence” coupled with numerous other warning signs such as videos showing brand new U.N. armored vehicles being transported on America’s highways in recent weeks suggests that something unprecedented is about to take place.”

According to this video the train bringing the children has been running for years. It identifies the number of people seeking shelter inside Mexico, in shelters, as below a hundred, but the train obviously holds several hundred people. The actual number of people being dumped on the US side of the border must be verified, especially as the train has been running for several years, uninterrupted.

In another aspect of this story there is a number which has no credibility because it is not explained. That number is the 386,000 foreign troops, purportedly created, armed and ready to be deployed inside the United States. This item appears in Part 1 of the same story.

Look at item number five in last year’s martial law preparation drills 5, Nine-week training course for UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn Urban Warfare, English, and US weapons systems beginning late July for 386,000 troops to be completed by October 1st

Please note the designation and use of the terms 386,000 troopsand, “UN Peacekeepers in CONUS to learn urban warfare”. This does not leave much to the imagination now does it?”

That number begs to be clarified. Where could 386,000 troops be quartered in this country, throughout the period of time that they have supposedly already been here, just waiting to be deployed?

386,000 foreign troops cannot be hidden from view—someone would be aware of them either because of their needs for food, entertainment, or housing, as a bar minimum. Yet no one that I’ve heard of yet, has reported this huge number of foreign people, to anyone that could have verified their existence. BTW this rumor has been going around for over ten years that I know of—and no proof has ever surfaced. The same is true of their vehicles and weapons, that’s a lot of hardware, especially if they plan on locking down America, in any meaningful way.

At various times these foreign troops have been alleged to be Chinese or Russians, or people from other countries, but no evidence of their existence on American soil yet exists. The “authority” needed to implement their physical presence might have already been arranged, but where’s the proof that these particular shadow forces really exist?

It’s clear that there have been many attempts, or just trial runs, to test the waters for conditions inside America for any of the various scenarios, that DHS, the UN or NATO might try to use to disarm Americans and institute Martial Law: Yet in each case so far, the tests were either interrupted or stopped because USI did not get the desired outcome.

In the Bundy Ranch fiasco, USI was all set with snipers to take out the resistors, in a possible re-run of Waco Texas: But then they just left the scene. In Nogales, very near the hundreds of miles of the New Mexico Border, that Barry removed the Border Patrol from patrolling, because it’s inside the newest National Park, which leaves the US border now officially un-guarded for the entire length of the Monument National Park.

A National Monument to High Treason

Meanwhile in other test runs of the weaknesses within the country there was the Explosion in Nogales NM, that could have been much, much worse if it had taken out the power plant, then the entire population of that area would have been left without power. In other places around the world similar dry runs took place that were equally damning. In Venezuela, Yemen and of course the “accident” in Ukraine that did take out the main pipeline that supplies Europe. USI is playing with the planet to see how much people will tolerate from them.

In this country the entire idea of having UN troops on the streets of America hell-bent on disarming brutalizing or killing Americans will not go down well, regardless of who is used to attempt the disarming of the public. And given the size of this nation 386,000 troops is absolutely nothing against a nation of this size and especially the number of weapons they supposedly think they can seize. This is fear-mongering at its most blatant: Because there’s no proof that such a force exists.

Beyond that the entire world is aware, or should be, of the reputation of “the Blue Helmets”. These are the dregs of society from backward places, who live off the lands of the places they are sent into. Look closely at Haiti, (any of the three times that they’ve been ordered in) at what was Rwanda or Bosnia, as well as dozens of places in Africa: The entire UN Force, regardless of how well connected their overseer’s are, are basically a totally flawed force that only adds corruption, theft and murder to whatever situation they’re called in to “fix”.

No one will be fooled into thinking that the UN will be used to protect the lives of immigrant children: The UN would only be used to grab the guns and destroy whatever’s left of the society here.

What’s astounding is that the governors of the Border States have not already chosen to act by organizing their respective National Guards to do what Barry, the CEO, won’t allow which is for the government to actually protect the U.S. Borders! Or as one reader said:

We would not have any need for the UN to put “BOOTS ON THE GROUND” on USI soil if we had our full complement of National Guard here, where they are supposed to be protecting USI soil.

The National Guard en mass, should be patrolling the boarders with other agencies to enforce our laws.

In the past I would not want them to be there all of the time but now I find that after the Presidential BUSH SHIT that has happen for $$$$$$$$$ since 2001 our boarders are very weak or nonexistent.

Besides after causing a war that has been going on for 14 years in desert countries, I think the National Guard knows how to at least patrol the southern states without the help of the UN.”

There are some very interesting parts in Article II, of the posting cited.

The corruption and ongoing criminality from the White House on down is fantastically well done.

But the threat aspect left me incredulous because it’s been years now that these same arguments get raised without explaining just exactly how these creatures could exist here without that fact becoming known to a lot of ordinary people? The same kind of problems revolve around the importation of so many illegal immigrants as well—especially given the absolute flood of so many desperate and homeless people: Yet the government will do nothing about this problem except to continue to give American jobs to them along with full benefits they have not had to pay for… with millions more scheduled to come here.

This is exactly why we have national borders, and no matter how much the current traitors refuse to acknowledge the facts: These imported people are their problem from the governors of the affected states; all the way up the broken food-chain of politics to the outlaws running this side-show which they still want us to believe is a real nation-state…

Fourteen years is one hell of a long time to wait for any country to get its act together: And in the U.S. this is particularly obscene because we still pay these bastards in each and every respect without making any demands at all of them…


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