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Genocide And Horror In NSW Oz As 24,000 Children
Are Taken From Their Parents And Forced To Take Kill
Shots - This Is Mass Sterilization & Genocide - Video


Hi Jeff,

Watch below the two videos I've put together...

One is of the NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, announcing the coercive injection of 24,000 school children without parental consent or their being present.

The second video is of the first day of injections, where three children collapsed immediately and two are now in a coma.

They've now brought in police to ensure no further video recording of the 'adverse events' and so the injections can be carried out in secret.

This is genocide.

The three most populated Australian states account for some 15 million of the national population of 25 million. They are now in hard lockdowns and curfews. There is no leaving home except for food, and then only within a five kilometer limit.

They're extending and extending the lockdowns telling the people they'll only be released when over 80% of the population agrees to be injected. This is an open killing of a White Western Christian nation (as you've been pointing out, over and over). This could be coming to America as Australia is the testing ground of how far people can be pushed.

The only thing that would prevent a similar occurrence in the US is the Second Amendment. Australians foolishly let themselves be disarmed. Americans need to take note of what will happen if they're restricted in any way whatsoever from owning firearms or having access to ammunition. gun registration and choice of weapon laws are the thin edge of gun confiscation

What's happening in Australia is INHUMAN and beyond belief.

Sydney, Australia Olympic Park Students rounded up, Force Injected - See The Horror - Jonestown 2.0

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