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Now Clearly Behind The Curve!
By Jim Kirwan

Recent SANCTIONS make it clear

That EU is definitely behind the global-curve

When it comes to adhering globally to Austerity Measures.

Europe needs to be zapped with major penalties!

This would definitely liven up the chess-board.

The IMF, World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements need to upgrade the profits they are accustomed to raking in from places like Greece and Spain, to fill in for the losses they’re having to put up with now. But this ought to be a no-brainer. Let’s just zap the Brits, the French, The Dutch, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, Luxemburg, Estonia, Denmark, Austria, and Belgium; well you know the crowd! These are the places that have largely escaped what happened to Greece, Spain and Italy. Why not just triple the taxes on luxury items and quintuple the taxes on yachts, castles, and private jets and if that’s not enough we could go after everything else in their lives—just as was done to every small nation in the world?

If “Austerity” is so GREAT for all the little countries, then it ought to be absolutely fabulous for the really well off members of this 27 member group?

If the EU fails to do this, then it’s probably time to disband the club, because the world can no longer afford the filthy-rich, no matter what they call themselves!

Oh and there’s the little matter of how NATO will pay for the huge new costs for their newly unnecessary military bases, only two percent of which will be born by the membership countries: All the rest of that will be PAID FOR by US TAXPAYERS! It seems that since NATO has no population of its own they’ve just decided to spread the obscene costs of their warmongering ways around, as if that somehow makes everything “okay” with the global public?

There’s a recent glitch to all these official cost assessments. It seems that NATO is going to have its costs included as part of the GDP of various NATO nations which will actually raise the costs of all the weapons to the countries that will be “assessed-without-permission” by this parasitic-organization - which in reality has no reason to exist!

War has always been “a Racket” but this takes everything by way of costs into the stratosphere—and of course there’s no way to op-out of paying for all these newly created “Costs”.

If your country is not at war, then you can’t pay your bills because you’re not making all those massively illegal profits from arms and munitions deals that were meant to keep the global war machine on top of the heap!

Yeah! By all means let’s spread the profits of “AUSTERITY” around to everyone on earth and then we might want to reassess whether or not anyone needs the IMF, or any of the global-banks that have used this Ponzi scheme to bankrupt the entire planet!

What do you think ­ “Austerity for the Ubber-Rich which would end the current Socialism for only the Rich ­ or a world without vultures running the entire banking and military systems of the world?

The “Party’s Over”!

It’s time to throw out the Outlaws and start hanging the so-called leadership of this corrupted world. And just to be sure we get it right we ought to start with all the traitors throughout the Mainscream



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