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Nothing Will END Tomorrow

By Jim Kirwan


The 45th 'President' of the United States?

The theoretical “end” of “the selection process” will only be the beginning of WWIII in verbal form. During the period immediately following the fixed-election many of the continuing international problems will begin, based directly on how-exactly the criminally-flawed American Election ends...

NATO puts 300,000 troops on HIGH ALERT amid fears of all out confrontation with Russia and the United States

Nato puts 300,000 troops on ‘HIGH ALERT’ amid fears of all out confrontation with Russia and the United States

If Hillary's theft is successful then America will go from a Republic with a constitution to a Demonic-sadistic state-cult without end. There will be no law of any kind within the criminally crafted Clinton administration ­ a construct that began with the supposed-fact that 650,000 highly illicit emails can be thoroughly vetted in just a week. It will also mean that the FBI, the department of Just-Us, & the completely criminal “LGBTQ Supreme Court “ will preside over the stripping down of the now dead Constitution, and the disarmament of the public (that will never accede to that crime). In fact, what the Clinton theft of this election will mean is the total destruction of what once was The Republic of the United States of America.

Instead of a country we will be forced to live in a sewer built upon Evil, the desecration of the morals our children, amid massive amounts of pedophilia and pornography that will substitute for society, Formal religions will be banned, except for Islam & Shari Law that will end the U.S Constitution, permanently. There will be no need for political parties since both of them have clearly surrendered to all the Evils that Hillary has so publicly embraced ­ but none of this will matter because Martial Law has always been her chosen form of implementation, for what will pass for life, in H.R. Giger's New American Neocronomicon:


Google: Necronomicon H. R. Giger

To see what Hilary's friends are so excited about being literally part of.

For those unfamiliar with the term: This was a 1977 “work” that gave rise to Hollywood's film-series “Alien”, in 1979, from which the current infatuation with all things “evil” is enjoying center stage in the current Clinton Camp of blood and torture - based on sex with children, as an expansion upon their blood sacrifices that have been keeping pace with what passes for fun & entertainment in the sickest world of all, This human-garbage is probably going to become a new feature of the new political leadership here, in which pedophilia, sexual-slavery and the murder and perversion of children will all become prominent.


Hillary Rodham Clinton has always stood for this:

Anyone that votes for her will definitely be directly responsible

for everything that comes after her completely evil coronation.

Aren't you glad to be a New-Clinton-Amerikan?


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Nato puts 300,000 troops on ‘HIGH ALERT’ amid fears of
all out confrontation with Russia and the United States



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