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Nothing Lasts Forever!

From Jim Kirwan

Especially Not Israel…


Press TV: “Israel has bombarded the Gaza Strip for 12 days now and at the time of this broadcast more than 342 people have been killed and more than 2500 others have been wounded. Palestinians have killed six Israeli soldiers, while Israel has confirmed three of its soldiers being dead. As the onslaught continues some say this is about ‘gas’, natural gas which is right off the shore of Gaza and others say that’s its about grabbing more Palestinian land…

Rallies have also been held in support of Palestinians in many other countries including: France, Italy, Romania, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. (Also Venezuela). Reports from the besieged territories suggest that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating as Israeli forces continue to pound and shell residents from air and land. Hospital officials say they’re running out of medicine and equipment to treat the large number of injured people.”

kirwan: And since Israel is targeting hospitals, there may soon no longer be any medical help inside Gaza for long.

Civilians who have been forced to leave their homes have been living in dire humanitarian conditions. This while international humanitarian organizations, such as the UN and the Red Cross (both of whom are in lockstep with Israel) say they are unable to provide them with assistance.

In such time there is “no aid” and this is a crisis that is happening in Gaza?

Many analysts say that the Israeli invasion is in fact part of its land-grab policy: In eradicating the Palestinian population in the besieged territory. (Genocide) They believe the ground invasion was pre-planned and part of its expansionist policies.

There is no morality in blowing up children. And in the death toll that we’ve seen over 80% are civilians, half of which are children, I cannot possibly imagine that this is not a deliberate case of starving and killing and murdering the population of Gaza. As the Palestinian death toll continues to rise the basic question that remains is: Why has the international community failed to hold Israel accountable and impose International Law over its attacks on Gaza.”

kirwan: The answer is because there is no international law that has any affect upon war-crimes committed by USI or Israel, anywhere in the world, where those horrific crimes are committed every minute of every day and night.

It is the terror state of Israel that is benefitting from additional support from various countries. But hey, ‘Nothing lasts forever’ and that we know for a fact!”

Press TV: “Mr. Weise, do you think that Israel’s original excuse for this onslaught is getting more and more flimsy?

Washington: “No I think neither side sought this conflict at this time. I think that because of what happened with the three Israeli youngsters and then what happened with the Palestinian boy, that exchange escalated and now we end up with this conflict. I think that both sides were prepared for a conflict, as we’ve seen with their robust capabilities of both sides but I don’t think either one saw a conflict at this time.

Press TV: “What about, you say that you don’t think it has become more flimsy, but do you not think that it is sort of important that with the killing of the three Israeli settlers ­ that nothing was ever proven that the Hamas was involved in that to begin with and then let’s say that even if they had found out that Hamas was involved, which of course they have not: Why the suffering of the Palestinian civilians of Gaza?

Washington: “I think that in any conflict the Gaza civilians are going to suffer tremendously, I mean they’re already in a very deprived condition: low income, boycott…

Press TV: “Open air prison, also would you describe it?

Washington: “Embargo, embargo and a ­ I don’t know if I’d use that word. But in any case it is a, you know a very strained situation. I mean you add on a conflict, be it an air bombardment: be it now a ground attack ­ it’s going to make it a lot worse, very densely populated so it’s hard to avoid hitting civilian targets, so I will not contest with you civilians are suffering terribly in this conflict.”

Press TV: “Does it appear that this time around, from your perspective that the hypocrisy from the international community is becoming a bit more obvious; whether we’re talking from political circles or the mass-media that represents them?

New York, Miss Nasser: “Absolutely…

Yes the media continues to repeat, like parrots, the Zionist narrative which we all know is not accurate or true—it has never been accurate or true. It is difficult for those of us who are advocating and fighting and trying to bring attention to what’s going on spread truth: Where people are doing this thru social media ­ but the media very, very slowly maybe is starting to turn, just here and there, I mean we had that NBC reporter who was obviously reporting the truth about those little boys who were murdered on the beach and he was immediately pulled out!

I read earlier today that he might be sent back, but that act alone was enough to tell us that the corporate media isn’t interested in what’s really going on: They just want the narrative, they just want the talking points that Zionists offer the media every day.”

Press TV: And of course we saw that not only the NBC reporter but also we saw the CNN reporter, because of a tweet. Because of a tweet was reassigned. Why the bias Mr. Weise, in your perspective; we look at one the mainstream media, that is covering, two, the way reporters are being punished, when they report what they see. And three even regular people. We have athletes who have actually been punished for tweets and saying what a tragedy that’s taking place in Gaza—but at the same time other athletes who are pro-Zionist or pro Israel and saying ­ ‘blow them up’ that’s not a problem? Why the difference in your opinion ­ if this isn’t a bias?”

Washington: “Ah I’m going to have to punt on this question because I’m really not an expert on following the media issues per say. I’ve been following the political-military developments so…

Press TV: Then let’s switch over to the political aspects of it then, let’s look at the political reactions then. Sir, we see yesterday when we saw a minute of silence, when the United Nations for the almost 300 people killed on the Malaysian airliner that was shot down over Ukraine? Total condemnation, UN gathering, special session? When is that going to happen for ­ now we have over 300 people being killed in Gaza? Why don’t we see “a minute of silence” from the United Nations, for the children at least, that are being killed in Gaza?

Washington: That’s another question that I don’t know precisely the answer to. There definitely are protests here in Washington and various events a - marking a sympathy for ‘suffering on all sides”… Why the UN itself hasn’t done that I don’t know. Maybe they need a certain number of countries to sign on to that and some are resisting, but I don’t know precisely why that’s not occurring…

Press TV: “Why do you think we see the difference Miss Nasser?

It’s not only the United Nations, we could look at the United States we could look at the United Kingdom we could look at Australia, we could look at so many places actually that there hasn’t been condemnation, or if it has come it’s been basically that they gave the right for Israel to “defend itself” and said that “both parties should be careful”. What exactly is going on here ­ Why do we see this situation ­ especially out of Western capitals?

New York: “Clearly being in the United States and being an American, you know it is shameful that ‘my president and my congress and senate’ (there is no such thing ­ those offices are now owned by Israel) and condemned what is going on here which is a genocide, a slow moving genocide but a genocide.

Clearly, additionally, I’ve come to the point that I realize that not only is Palestine occupied, but so is the U.S. government.

People are silent because they’re bought and paid for. AIPAC continues to take our representatives overseas to show them what they want them to see, not the reality of it. They don’t take them into the West Bank; they don’t take them into Gaza. They show them only what they want them to see so that they have a myopic vision which is not an accurate or a true vision.”

kirwan: And this cannot in any way pass any kind of authenticity test, which clearly means that those being paraded thru the scene of these crimes, while not being shown the bodies or the places where the crimes are committed - have to KNOW that they are complicit in the massive Genocidal War Crimes that Israel has been continuing with for the last 66 years.

Press TV:Do you think that there is problem with perspective in general our guest in New York said: ‘not only is there a problem, for example with not only what the Israeli’s are doing but your own country, United States, has been taken over by Zionist interests ­ that Zionists interests actually is a priority, before American interests themselves because you are correct if we look throughout the country from Los Angeles to New York; we see demonstration after demonstration being held to condemn what Tel Aviv is doing. But that’s a difference from official Washington. Why the schism, why the difference?

Washington: “I suspect it has to do with … I mean the Zionist don’t control this government but there are pro-Israeli voters in key states that have a lot of electoral votes ­ New York, California and so on. So it can be politically risky to take an anti-Israeli stand and I would point out that when the Obama Administration came in, it felt comfortable, Hillary Clinton on down taking a very strong stance against the settlements; on the argument that this is actually hurting Israel’s security. So you can take a pro-Israel stand and say that Israel should not pursue the settlements it should not engage in the Gaza war. You could take an opposite position but as long as you frame it as pro-Israel ­ you could probably get away with it.”

kirwan: - None of that last paragraph matters at all because all American Elections are fixed and have been since 2000. On top of that, everything that might have been said ‘way back when’ is also totally meaningless, because no actions of any kind have ever been taken against Israel ­ ever! Or rather, not since 1948 when Israel began her war upon the entire planet.

One other craftily created lie is that Israel is somehow involved with being a religion: Nothing could be further from the truth—Israel is Apartheid, fascist army that is not a state at all. Israel is a political monster headed by psychopathic murderers and terrorists and always has been since long before the Breton Woods agreement. And as for the Biblical justifications for anything to do with being related to any mythically created “right” to the lands of Israel, try this on for size, then get back to me!

Oh and those “pro-Israeli voters” and the corporate powers they represent need to be publicly responsible for what they vote for and if it’s for Israel then they need to be stripped of all assets under the RICO laws of the United States and then deported as penniless stateless criminals they always have been …

Press TV: “Okay you say that Zionist do not control ­ Once again I go back to how people are punished and I use that word specifically, for taking stances against: Maybe we won’t even say anti-Israeli’s stance, an anti-humanitarian stance, just making comments on what they are actually seeing: They are punished and punished brutally. So much so that they either have to go back and apologize or they will lose their jobs. Your take Miss Nasser?”

How much do you really think that Zionists control American politics and also the decisions by the United States, in dealing with outside entities; especially in dealing with Israel?”

New York: “Well as far as the government goes: Was it a couple of years ago when Netanyahu came here and he got numerous ‘stranding ovations’ in Congress—something our own president doesn’t get and I’ve never seen that happen before? There’s clearly a connection, there’s clearly information being given to

our representatives that lead them to believe that some people who I think are having hunches are remaining silent at this point. And it’s very clear. I mean it’s not a secret! It’s not a secret. And If I may get back to the situation in Gaza, earlier today you mentioned something about an ‘open air prison’ and the other guest wouldn’t agree with that.

I have actually been to Gaza and I have seen it for myself. And I will tell you, without hesitation, that Gaza is a combination of the Warsaw Ghetto and the concentration camps: It’s beyond an open-air prison. And I am particularly dismayed that the people in this country, the people in power in this country, are not coming out. If we in fact are a country that stands up for human rights: Then where are the voices standing up for human rights, in my government? Why isn’t Obama speaking out? Why isn’t the UN doing something? I have the same questions that many other people have and it is frustrating and it is shameful!”

Press TV: Mr. Weiss what about you? Do you think your government is acting as it should be? Reacting and dealing with the situation that is taking place in Gaza?

Washington: “I understand their policy, I think their stance is part of the standard US policy which is that you try and reassure Israel that the U.S. will defend Israel from external threats, such as possibly from Iran or internal threats such as “Palestinian Terrorists” and in that ­ if you make them “assured” then they’ll feel more comfortable…

Press TV: “…Even if those officials… Sir, even if Israel decides that a Palestinian “Terrorist” is three months old, or six months old or nine months old; but Israel, Tel Aviv will always have the right and Washington will always back Israel ­ is that what you’re telling me?

Washington: “No, I was speaking of general strategies. I mentioned the Obama administration disagreed with Israel’s tactics on the settlements, but nothing very vocal on the current war itself…

Press TV: “I have to disagree. Let’s look at the whole political thing. We know that there are many political polices; so we have to look at “Actions speak louder than words”. They may have said verbally that dealing with the settlements was ‘not correct’, however what repercussions did Israel face? Did they face any repercussions—the reality is the Obama administration, as prior administrations have done nothing to reprimand Israel. And now my point is ‘How long will this go on”? How many Palestinians have to die, before the United States which says “it supports human rights of all people” what will it take before Washington stands up for the Palestinian people?”

Washington: “I think the administration is trying to end the conflict for the reasons you gave that ‘it’s killing a lot of innocent people. The end state’s not really clear ­ I mean Israel’s not gonna wipe out Hamas so they’re gonna have to do that ­ it’s not - at some point the conflict is gonna have to end at some point short of total victory: And they’re working to do that.

I suspect they’re doing this more in private though since to publicly attack Israel, you would have the same problem you had when they publicly attacked the settlement policy: Netanyahu’s popularity went up ­ he stood up to Obama and then made him seem like David standing up to Goliath and so on: So it backfired! I think they’re trying to avoid another open confrontation again.”

kirwan: But this is not about a bunch of paid for flacks moving to Israel for the freebies: This is about the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people that once lived in Palestine that is being stolen from beneath them each and every hour. This is about GENOCIDE and this clearly goes against every aspect of human-rights on every possible scale… If the leaders of the West will not speak to this, then it is clear that Washington the EU and the rest of the broken West are as guilty as Israel for everything behind this wholesale slaughter now.

Press TV: “Excuse me sir it sounds very callous when you say “an outright victory because we see civilians dying every day, but Miss Nasser your perspective… There are many that say that all of this is related to controlling the natural gas that has been found off the shores of Gaza that Tel Aviv wants to control - your take?”

New York: “Absolutely I agree that it has a lot to do with that. It might not be 100% bad, but it is a large percentage of that. In fact I was in the West Bank when those settler’s went missing and I watched Netanyahu and the Israeli government whip the public into a frenzy: Repeating the word Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas every news report, every show on television, Hamas, Hamas.

So, this is not a war against Hamas, even though that’s how these Zionists are ‘framing it’. This is truly a war against the Palestinian people, one that began in 1948 and that has never ended between then and now.

And the fact is there’s no “victory” when you murder civilians: And they are targeting civilians. Children’s bodies are being blown up; there are pictures all over the internet. I am sick and tired of ­ you know ­ of the standard Washington response. It is time to be a moral nation! It is time to tell the truth. And we cannot watch these numbers go up and up and up. Every time I turn on the computer it’s another 50, it’s another 20, or 30. When is it going to be enough! When is it going to be enough?”

There’s another 4 minutes, in the video:

Israel pitilessly pounds Gaza with impunity

I’m out of space and time, but watch it all and judge for yourselves…

Because we have already passed the point

Where “enough is enough”

Israel must be punished and dissolved in front of the world.


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