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Not Everything's
For Sale!

By Jim Kirwan


While its’ true “that everything has a price”, it’s equally true,

That not everything’s for sale!”

The truth of what caused the scene above cannot withstand

The light of day…

There are no longer any real Elections,

There are No Candidates - No Political Parties

So there are no enforceable laws!

There is No longer any Government”

The sooner you come to understand this

The sooner you will get to the place where you realize

That to end this we must get our hands dirty

We cannot take prisoners,

Because no one will be coming to save anyone here

Any longer!

This task is up to each and every one of us

And if we fail to defend our freedoms

The penalty for that failure

Is a very ugly Death!

If you disagree then show the world anything which backs up your position: Because everything I’ve seen for the past thirteen years, beginning with 12-12-2000, says otherwise.

Don’t bother with abstract comments about political-parties or candidates or politicians as such—do this and save yourself endless hours of circular-lies and purposeful-confusion that’s designed to keep you and I paralyzed by arbitrary and false delays, political-indecisions and the ever-increasing costs of all the pretenders and all their avowed polices which, by-the-way, never come true.

Just try and point to any political-promise made to the population that has ever come true in the last thirteen years? Explain how the last two presidents who promised to fix these problems: Created by their lies which resulted only in hundreds of broken-promises have still not been fixed. They have morphed into new nightmares that cause the initial problems to appear almost insignificant by comparison.

The Banks get the Cash ­ the Public gets the Bills.

This twisted-stunt alone has resulted in this place being-well over $17 Trillion in the hole and that’s just on the old-questions surrounding our “stolen-money” situation. That figure doesn’t include the Quadrillions that were created by the Money-Changers and their defenders in the government at all levels ­ which they are now demanding that the public pay for: Meanwhile the presses at the FED are working 28 hours a day: creating through all those illegal-dollars printed, out of thin air, just that much more DEBT that we have to pay for.

Paul Craig Roberts thinks the Fed has backed itself into corner. A rise in interest rates would strengthen the dollar, give the dollar new life as world reserve currency, and halt the movement into gold, but a rise in rates would collapse the bond and stock markets and reduce the value of derivatives on the banks’ balance sheets. I asked Dr. Roberts if the Fed would sacrifice the dollar in order to save the banks and what the effect would be on Washington’s power vis-a-vis the rest of the world. His answers to these three questions suggest that Washington’s days of financial hegemony and world leadership are numbered.” (1)

When the public still can’t figure out that this is where the DEBT comes from; then that’s a major problem. This DEBT, created by the FED & the Banks exceeds the GDP of the entire world. Meanwhile the public that has already lost most of the decent jobs and are barely able to feed themselves and yet we are the ones being given these bills to be paid to the same banks that are about to start stealing their money! The police-state-government wants to round us all up and either kill us or put us in FEMA camps? How can people be willing to ignore all that and just try to vote them out? GET REAL!

The Troglodytes will never leave; they will fight us to the last!

They can’t be coerced into resigning

They refuse to change course—no matter how bad it gets

But the cowards in Amerika still believe

That thousands of criminals can be convinced

To just 'Do the Right Thing'!

Because too many still refuse to lift a finger

To change anything

And yet many still wonder

Why we only have about a week or so left

To pretend to live a real life?

All of this is just Amerika-at-home. Overseas Amerika is fading fast and as we have already lost our imperial-position, it’s only a matter of time until all of that posturing will come crashing down upon us ­ and we shall deserve it 1,000 times over, because again we didn’t even bother to find out what the hell we were doing to millions of people the world over… (2)

At least when this happens most of the really-self-satisfied will be among the first to go and without the computer or communications the survivors won’t have to bother with their childish-antics any more…

  1. Press TV: An Interview with Paul Craig Roberts

2) Blackmail ­ No substitute for Diplomacy



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